Is there a good reason to want this lp in your collection ,not one that i can think of. To wanting to own this lp is the sign of someone who has given up on life OR has forgotten the thrill and spirit of rock n roll or have never had it in the first place .Dark Side Of The Moon is the aural equivalent of a football team winning the title relying on a good defence but with no attacking verve this lp is Greece winning the euro cup in 2004 it is bank manager psych rock it is well played safe music safe sex without the sex.
Do not listen to your friends who insist that to get the real enjoyment from this lp you need to be stoned man ,any lp you need to be stoned to enjoy is not really doing its job ,being stoned in the biblical sense is almost preferable than having to assault your ears with this blanket blandness of professionally played but uninspired flock wall paper music .
Do you really want your intelligence insulting with the shitness of the oh so profound lyrics .there are so many examples Money alone is jam packed with lyrics that would not look out of place in a Beano comic “i’m alright Jack keep your hands off my stack” or “That geezer was cruising for a bruising” is this a episode of Eastenders we have somehow stumbled into are we going to get that late cockney seventies runaround comic actor Mike Reid shouting Wallop ,or Dick Van Dyke dressed as a chimney sweep saying “oh Mary Poppins”if only we could be that lucky no instead we are left to ponder the profound question of Us And Them “And who knows who is who and which is which” to be fare the lyrics are the best thing about “Any Colour You Like” as it is a instrumental and the only other thing it has going for it is it does not have the Earnest soulless bravado that is a Roger Waters or David Gilmour lead vocal .vocals that have the pazazz of a dried up dog turd .which i suppose keeps in line with the rest of the lp .
Dark Side Of The Moon is a prime example of a Kings new Clothes of a album .. also the art work is really crap ..honest it is..


I hate record store day

I really hate record store day it really does get on my tits ,what started out as a fine idea to help out struggling record stores has now been hi-jacked by all in sundry any cunt can have a record store day now Cafe’s are having record store days pubs/bars are having record store days pubs/bars will sell records but not pay bands for playing their music my old man’s a dustman i hear is having a record store day this year , record store days are the new psychfests remember a couple of years ago when every town had a psych fest . the Scunthorpe psych fest staring the latest primark psych band [inferior quality that fall apart after a few outings] .Record store day has started to go the same way .
Overpriced reissues of records the buyers already have but not in that paticular colour this year you can buy a South Park double lp priced at £190 what kind of fool needs a south park lp what kind of fool will pay £190 for a Southpark lp .
The major labels of course love record store say all record labels love record store day so much so that they have now started selling their record store day releases online through their band camps .which of i think sort of defeats the original idea ,i am all for record labels selling their music after all i have been on enough struggling record labels to know how much they need some cash to continue but why call it record store day .why not just call it music day , or fleece the music lover day or buy your ltd vinyl day that you will cherish but never play day or buy and then sell on ebay day or fuck Brian Bordello off day …. The bordellos will release their annual pissed off with record store download on the 13th not limited at all ,only in the number of people who will download it . available in whatever colour you wish it to be ,you will not have queue two by two to get it and you will not have to hear me sing as it is a 5 track instrumental ep . its a win win win .
released by those lucky blighters Metal Postcard Records .
And why is it not called record shop day we are not in a episode of Friends [the cofffee loving cunts].

The Bordellos – Crabs ep

The Crabs ep was originally recorded for a hopeful release on Fruits De Mer records when they were releasing their Strange Fish Series of lps , but sadly it was not for them although the 4th track
Spirals was used on Strange Fish 4 if i remember right.
They were recorded as ever over a few cold winter nights in Ants house , it was a strange thing recording instrumentals as the Bordellos are more known for their lyrics than anything else so this was a quite strange musical experience .
Track 1– Frozen Playground
Brian – guitar/ handheld Thermin/bass
Dan- acoustic guitar /Drum programming
Ant -plastic Whistle
This track we have released before under a different name in as a slightly different mix as The Teardrop exploded and is our attempt at doing a psych /Krautrock instrumental .this mix is a little colder and more playful .. hence the title.
Track 2-Moving Sideways
Brian – rhythm guitar/ bass
Dan – lead guitar/ keyboards/ drums
Ant- whispered vocals
Recorded in the sessions for the Ronco Revival sound lp that was released on Daddy Tank records as cd only in 2014 [i think] this track caught all the madness of the sessions as Ant was either drunk or on the way to be drunk so he came up with the idea of whispering things about being on the Beach for whatever reason , maybe the instrumental brought back fond memories of freezing on Rhyl beach as children , I originally came up with the main idea for this song/instrumental wanting to get the same feeling as a track that may have been used in the Kurt and Courtney documentary .
Track 3- Baggypuss
Brian -rhythm guitar/bass/ chants
Dan – lead guitar/chants/drum programming
Ant- harmonica/chants.
Written as a attempt for funky lift music .part Orange Juice part lounge core my favourite track on the ep .
Track 4- Spirals
Dan -Keyboards
this was the only track used for the Fruits de Mer Strange Fish releases and proved quite popular even getting a number of plays on Gideon Coe’s BBC 6 music show ,written and performed by Dan a song he wrote for his sound design degree when you had to write a short piece to play over a short film of starving African children .
Track 5- Whistling Through The Corpses
Brian -guitar/drum machine
Dan- guitar/drum machine
Ant- whistling
This track we recorded at our attempt to do something a bit different our attempt at stoner rock .Ant on this track proves himself to be the natural successor to Roger Whitaker that other renound wizard of the pursed lips ,
The ep will be released as our record store day with a difference release as it is download only not ltd not or ever will be on vinyl [unless some label comes in with a offer we cannot refuse][so will not ever be on vinyl] and of course not available in record shops.
it will be released on the wonderful Metal Postcard Records on Saturday the 13th of April [this month]..it is a bit of a crazy release even by the bordellos low standards..but i think a gem ..

Memories from The Bordellos pt 1- Songs For Swinging Stalkers

get asked about this lp so much , a lp i had very little to do in the making of ,true i wrote the songs and i sing the songs but apart from that i did very little . i did not even choose the tracks we recorded , i let Geoff and Vinny do that i just went along with what they wanted to do, they went through the mass of 4 tracks recordings i myself Ant and Gary had recorded when we were called Onion King and chose which they wanted to do , Geoff And Vinny did the basic backing tracks playing everything ,they produced all the tracks and mixed all the tracks i sometimes added a little guitar [which usually did not make the final mix] Gary added his bass and Ant supplied the tea .
Geoff and Vinny had built their own studio in a old barn in Burton Wood a small place that stands between St Helens and Warrington it was a fine studio and we had many a good laugh many a great argument in there , They worked so hard on the tracks for this and the lp that became Meet The Bordellos ,two lps that are many peoples favorite Bordellos lps , they were for sure the most commercial Bordellos lps and the easiest to listen to . Songs for Swinging Stalkers i have been told is considered a underground psych rock lost classic in certain psych rock circles in the USA and you occasionally see it popping up on Amazon being sold for some silly price as it has never been released on anything but cd ,not available to stream or ever released as a download and is getting harder and harder to get hold of a copy Released on the underground Washington based label that was Brutarian records a spin off from the legendary American arts magazine Brutatian Quarterly , the lp was only released after Geoff ,Vinny and drummer Mike had left the band ,originally Bomp records wanted to release it and offered us a American tour but under the condition that i put together a full touring band but i had already replaced Geoff ,Vinny and Mike with my 13 year old son Dan and liked the new direction we were heading so it was released by Brutarian who made no such condition.
i do have mixed feelings about this lp and in fact i often wonder what direction the Bordellos woud have taken if the original 6 piece had stayed together as we were a fine rock n roll band who was turning into a great live band although as often as is the case with bands internal conflict can sometimes get in the way ,as of in this case when Geoff announced he wanted to leave the band and Vinny and Mike decided to go with him . i still do not the excact reason why they left i assume they got sick of working with me and thought me a difficult annoying cunt and could do better using their production skills elsewhere.
One day i may get around to looking for a label to reissue Songs For Swinging Stalkers and on the other hand i may not , it is a great lp although i am not entirely happy with it but i do think Geoff and Vinny should get some recognition as i think it more their lp than mine
Arthur Lee from Songs For Swinging Stalkers

Adorations – 10 lps i adore – Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds is co=founder . Co-head honcho to indie record label Small Bear Records .. http://www.smallbearrecords.com/
Also one time member of Colon who recorded a session for the great John Peel a track from that session can be heard here , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCCnpHWu9cQ
He also made a lp with Tea a lp that was meant to be released in 2000 but saw the light of day in 2017 on A Turntable Friend Records . that an be bought from here . https://aturntablefriendrecords.limitedrun.com/products/586250-tea-everybody-s-happy-sometimes
he is also a record producer of some repute producing lps for the likes of The Bordellos. Vukovar, Postcode,Weirdo and many many others .
Phil now also leads his own band the excellent Phil Reynolds and The Dearly Departed ,who’s debut lp is a bit of a lost classic power pop lp that can be bought from here . https://philandthedead.bandcamp.com/releases

So here’s my Adoration. Ten albums, not necessarily all-time favourites (although a few are), but albums I adore for different reasons and listen to a lot.
Laura Mvula – Sing To The Moon
Mvulas’s first album is a fucking straight-up tour-de-force. I’ve got absolutely no idea how you’d describe it. It’s a contemporary pop record for sure, but it’s so much more. Conventional song structures are often non-existent, for a start. Maybe it’s urban-chamber-gospel? Would that do? I dunno. Her classical training shines through everywhere as melodic lines and repetition surge to the fore and then fade, subsumed by complex multi-part vocal arrangements. It’s the sound of summer and she should be massive. It’s a travesty that she’s not, but it seems there’s no place for intelligence and genuine style in the world of modern pop. When “Green Garden” starts, it could be Steve Reich, until that voice comes in. Have I mentioned her voice? Here, it’s distorted and sounds like someone surging through the ether from the 1940s. Then there are weird synth/vocoded/looped/bitcrushed harmonies. She swoops, whirls and breathes through the whole track. Background noises intrude. Jesus. One song with more imagination than most bands are able to display in a career. I think I’m gonna need a lie down. And now I’m listening to “That’s Alright”. From Cotton-club era hot jazz in the verse to ‘Tusk’ by Fleetwood Mac in the chorus. In thirty years, they’ll be teaching degree courses about this album.

Ultravox – Systems Of Romance
There’s a case to be made for any of the first five Ultravox (and Ultravox!) records, but this has always been the one for me. It’s probably the single best record ever made. Nothing really comes close. School on the Isle of Man was shit. A hope-defeating pile of pebbledashed turd designed to remove any ambition or sense of self-worth, peopled by teachers whose only interest was getting through the day and where subjects like English and maths were seen as a bit esoteric and weird. The majority of the kids were smug arseholes, too. It’s quite difficult to describe just how much I fucking hated that place, but I imagine you get the idea. In case you’re having trouble getting the picture, I’ll lay it out. I fucking hated it. With every fibre of my teenage soul. I’d enjoyed a pretty idyllic childhood, growing up in Liverpool; amazing teachers like Mr Davies, who used to show us photos of his holidays to Poland – this in the 1970s – a bit of a lefty, I reckon. Red in both of the important ways (both of which have stayed with me). Mr Ravenscroft, the deputy head, who saw something in me and who would take me out of lessons to work on ‘projects’. While all the other kids were in class. I’d be building stuff or sculpting or painting or writing. All my lifelong friends around me, weekends in Wales. Fast forward to a new life in a new town with no friends and a shit school and “Systems Of Romance” became a lifeline. I’d get home, slap it on the record player in the living room, put the headphones on and disappear. Even now, nearly forty years later, when I hear the opening damped chords to “I Can’t Stay Long”, the hairs on the back of my neck go rigid.
Every time I listen to it, I notice something new; some new texture, a new harmony; or that the part I thought was a synth was a guitar, or a fuzz bass or…I dunno. Always familiar, but endlessly different. The interplay between Robin Simon’s guitar and Billy Currie’s synths is astonishing. Simon was the only true rival to John McGeoch, but his star never seemed to rise in the same way, which is something of a shame. Back in the day, I used to think Warren Cann wasn’t a good drummer because he played simply. Now I know he’s an amazing drummer precisely because that’s how he plays. He’s a machine on this album.
Conny Plank was a perfect match for the band at this point (although I’d love to have heard what Steve Lillywhite, who helmed their first two albums, would have done with these songs – and, yes, I know Eno was credited with the first LP, but it was almost all Lillywhite who did the work), and his production work is sublime. It’s perfect. And it’s perfect that it’s the last album by this lineup. They’d gone as far as they could together. Between them, the next four albums this bunch of people put out were absolute game-changers. ‘Metamatic’, ‘Vienna’, ‘The Garden’, ‘Rage In Eden’…
n all my years of recording and working in and with bands, it’s not an album I’ve ever tried to replicate or cop ideas from. It’s outside music, outside everything. I don’t actually listen to it a lot these days. I don’t have to. It’s in my DNA. For a long time, I didn’t live on the Isle Of Man, I lived in this album.

The Jesus & Marychain – Psychocandy
Living in synth-world, I turned to John Peel to keep up with the latest cack by Drinking Electricity or Eddie and Sunshine or some other overly arch ponk like that. In bed at ten every weeknight, to listen to Peely. I’d rigged up two nasty car stereo speakers to be powered by the headphone output on my Ferguson mono. One night, as he was prone to doing, he played a single by a band I’d never heard of. All I could remember was that it had a two-word title and was by Jesus…something. A week or so later, I was in Virgin Records in Liverpool, and remembered this single. Told the clerk and he said “ah…it must be one of these”. I went back home with a copy each of “Upside Down” and “Never Understand”. Everything was now different. Everything I thought I knew about music, about songwriting, about noise. A few months later, “Psychocandy” came out and that was it, game over. Along with “The Young Ones”, I’d found my Punk Rock. Honestly, this album changed everything about music for me. Musically, it’s still part of everything I do. The 2011 release, with its plethora of extra tracks simply served to make one of the best albums ever even better. A couple of years ago, I finally got a clone of William Reid’s fuzz pedal (made by the guy who keeps William’s working). It’s unusable. I love it.

Asian Dub Foundation – Rafi’s Revenge
I first heard a live version of “Assassin” on a free CD given away with NME (I think) and was floored. The energy. The guitars. The energy…erudite, angry, funny, coruscating, educational, manic, optimistic, influences pulled in from absolutely fucking everywhere. Of course, all this counts for naught if the songs aren’t any good. And boy, are they good. “Naxalite”, “Black & White” and, of course, “Free Satpal Ram”. Yeah. Possibly the angriest thing I’ve ever heard, and justifiably so. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be an immigrant in this fucked-up idiotopia of a country, and this album feels like it’s becoming more and more relevant over time, not less. But while it does that, it still offers hope. Maybe not relevant, then. Maybe essential.
Suicide – Suicide
Of course, I’m talking about the magnificent 2-disc Blast First reissue. I mean, what’s the only way this already amazing album could be made any better?

Oh, yeah.


“Suicide” is, arguably the greatest Rock’n’Roll record ever. You may argue that, but you can’t argue with me that it has the single best album credit ever in “Martin Rev – Instrument”. Well, you could try, but you’d be wrong. This is a record that sounds utterly other every time I listen to it. Even now after years of familiarity. God alone knows what it must have sounded like in 77. Feral, distorted, beautiful, cacophonous, ridiculous, sublime. How do you describe “Suicide”?

How about “”perfect”?

Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight
Sensitive positioning in the list here, Phil. Good work (slow handclap). I only met Scott Hutchison once. He’d just played two consecutive sold-out hometown gigs. Thousands of people had paid lots of money to see him. And he introduced himself to everybody in the same way: “Hi. I’m Scott…”. I was too young to be affected by Ian Curtis’ suicide. I’m not sure I’d have particularly liked him as a person, but Scott…to lose Scott has been devastating. From first hearing “Heads Rolls Off” in 2008, FR always felt like more than a band. I can’t explain it. I hate that Scott’s gonna be remembered as the dead guy who wrote songs about killing himself all the time. That’s not what his songs were about. They were about getting through, rather than giving in.

More than any other band, Frabbits showed me that I could write songs and make my own music after being a sideman for so long. Scott showed me I could sing about what was happening in my head. He showed me it was OK to be older than most and portlier than most and still take part in this ridiculous thing that is music. He showed me it’s important, so important, to be decent and good, even when all you can see is the end. This album contains the single best three-song sequence of any record ever made in “Head Rolls Off”, “Backwards Walk” and “Keep Yourself Warm”. Subsequent records weren’t quite as visceral and bleeding-raw as this. And we were, honestly, glad. We used to joke that we’d love Scott to write another “MOF”, but that we wouldn’t want him to have to go through the things which inspired it again. I wish he hadn’t. I wish he’d been able to see another way. Sometimes you can’t. In years to come, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest Scottish songwriters and poets to have ever lived, mark my words. And that’s a bar that’s set pretty damned high
Big Black – Songs About Fucking
Another life-changer. I’d been playing in a (very, very good) indie band called Suicide Highlife (head on over to http://www.smallbearrecords.com) to find out what we sounded like, but the usual highly-strung tensions and personality clashes were pulling us apart. I wanted something new. Something without drummers. Grunge was a couple of years away yet and, though I was coming to love the sound of the UK’s nascent thrash scene (Napalm Death, Carcass, ENT and the rest of the Earache crew), I’d never have been a metalhead – couldn’t play well enough, for a start. Then my pal Mike came back from uni with a cassette. This album. It was instant. I was in love. Then I found out they’d already split up. Fuck. But Steve, Dave, Santiago and Roland had already done their work on me. This was noise, yeah, but noise with a pop structure and a purpose. And a manic glee. And no drummer. It’s not as good as “Atomizer”. How could anything be? But this is the one that changed me. Like “Psychocandy”, there’s a little bit of this in everything I play. Listening to “Colombian Necktie” right now and I’m thinking “that’s how I play bass…”. As a direct result of this, myself and a few pals formed a band called Colon who eventually went on to record a session for John Peel.

The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus – The Gift Of Tears
I was introduced to this by the unnamed drummer above. We knew nothing about the band. They were on Probe Plus, so probably Scouse, but other than that, nada. Zilch. Was the name ironic? Were they really from some weird hermetic sealed order? What was with that nine-minute opening track? I’d been searching for a copy of this album over the years and then came across Infrastition’s beautiful triple-disc reissue of this, alongside “Mirror” and “A Rumour Of Angels”. As incredible – more incredible, more wonderful – than I’d dared remember, it’s been a mainstay in this house since buying it. Stressful day? Stick “Come Holy Spirit” on and chill the fuck out on a sea of bliss. The day I received my copy of their most recent album, “Beauty Will Save The World”, I posted a message on Occultation Records’ Facebook page to say how chuffed I was. Before I’d even had a chance to play the record, I received a private message from the band’s keyboard player saying he hoped I’d enjoy it.

I did, obviously. Apparently, they’re working now on their fourth full album. It will be astonishing. Of that there can be no doubt

Rachel’s – Music For Egon Schiele
I think I bought this album because I’d heard good things about Rachel’s in a post-rock-y kind of way, and because the cover was fucking gorgeous. I have no idea what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it. Beautiful, contemplative stately music performed by piano, cello and viola (violin?). I still don’t know a lot about about Schiele, but I listen to this album often. It’s soothing, but permanently lingers on the edge of dissonance. Something’s just not-quite-right about it. There’s a tension amidst the beauty. I imagine being in Sefton Park Palm House on my own, lying on the ground staring up at the plants whilst this is playing. If I close my eyes, I’m there

Joy Division – Still
“Excercise One” starts. What the fuck is that noise? I’m fifteen. Is it a synth? I’ve never heard feedback. Don’t know what it is.

Backtrack. The night before. My brother’s bedroom. We’re discussing, over two manky cans of warm lager which both of us are pretending to enjoy, what records we want to own more than any other. My brother and I both go for the ludicrously unavailable “Still – in the hessian cover”. It’s nice to dream.

We go into town the next day. HMV in Liverpool has a copy. No. TWO copies. £4.99 each. Not for fucking long.

We run for the bus, breathless. Get back to the house. Put the record on.

My young life changes.

“Excercise One” starts…

I’d started sort of messing about with a guitar, but it was daunting. Chords were hard. Songs difficult to learn or write. But then. Even to my naive ears, it’s obvious Peter Hook’s basslines are incredibly simple. But they’re brilliant. Life-changingly brilliant. THIS is what I want to do. This is where it changes.

“Excercise One” starts. This. This three-note riff. I CAN FUCKING DO THIS!

Look, I know it’s not the best JD album, that’s “Closer”, obviously, which is the only record able to challenge “Systems Of Romance” in the perfection stakes, but it’s the only record which has ever changed me in such a fundamental way. More than “Psychocandy”, More than “Songs About Fucking”. It’s my ground zero. Everything I do musically comes from this record. Everything I’ve done for nearly forty years comes from this record. The way I’ve lived my life, the decisions I’ve made for good and bad. Everything comes from this.

If this list had been eleven albums long, the next one would have been “The Love That Whirls” by Bill Nelson.

Maybe another time.

Adorations – 10 lps i adore =Marie Reynolds

Marie Reynolds is the co-owner co-head honcho of record label Small Bear Records which can be found here . http://www.smallbearrecords.com/
Marie is also vocalist lyricist [and a mighty fine one ]for Weirdo, Lucy Morris and Postcode . all fine bands and they can be found on the following links

Madonna – The First Album

I still have this cassette, my Mum bought it for me. She bought me a radio cassette player for my 12th Christmas and asked the lady in the shop what kind of music girls my age were into and this is what was suggested. I’ve been a fan ever since but this is the album that makes me forget I’m 47 and life is a pain in the ass. It took me years to realise that one of the lines in Borderline was not I don’t want to be here Christmas. It’s pouring with rain as I’m writing this and I just want to be out walking in it listening to Everybody and forgetting that I have to scrub the stairs at some point

The Christians – The Christians

Still got this cassette too, used to put it on my Walkman and go cycling round where I lived, I could judge how much faster I was getting by where I had to stop to turn it over, didn’t have a fancy one that played on repeat, I suspect it probably wasn’t a Sony. My headphones were yellow foam and they were too big so kinda used to sit below my ears a bit. Still get goosebumps when I hear a track from it, The Christians played the Island a few years ago but I was munted and don’t remember much about it.

The Sisters of Mercy – Floodland

Apparently I either came late to the Sisters or everyone believes I’m older than I am, think the first track I heard was This Corrosion playing in the market down the local high street one day and thought oh I, this is alright. I was listening to Bucks Fizz and playing with dolls when they first appeared. Not really bothered with the majority of their ouput but this album is a no skipper and it introduced me to alternative music. At that time if I was going out and Mum said ‘you look nice’ I knew there was too much colour going on, she still ribs me about all the black I wear. Fuck me and marry me young.

Brand New – Deja Entendu

Jesse Lacey, you bloody idiot

The Stone Roses

Oh, The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses. My boyfriend at the time was a fan, I’d never heard of them, he asked if I wanted to go to their gig in Blackpool, I wasn’t arsed about the gig, I just wanted to go on holiday. Holy fucking shit, I never thought a band could change your life like that. I was in a Neph t-shirt and a purple fringed skirt and my biker jacket, stood out a frickin mile, didn’t matter, that gig was 3000 people having the time of their lives, I will never forget it. At one point we were down on the floor before they played and Joe came on (maybe, might have been another Carpets track) and the entire floor moved, I was lifted off my feet and carried in the momentum. It’s also the day I met my husband, although we wouldn’t get together for another couple of year

PJ Harvey – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

While I have the majority of PJ Harvey’s albums this is the only one I listen to repeatedly and feels like the album that got me back into music after the majority of the 90s passing me by in favour of Thomas the Tank Engine and Pingu. Still love the Fat Controller but judgy Thomas can jog on. Anyway, yes, where was I, starting thinking about the Pingu DVD my mate got me for Christmas a few years ago. What can I say, it’s PJ Harvey, it’s great songs, it’s aspirational or would be if I hadn’t pretty much jacked in music and stopped writing. Didn’t need Thom Yorke on it though. We float.

Placebo – Black Market Music

Another one from 2000 and again I have most of their releases but this is one I always go back to. Spite & Malice every time, I’ve been known to listen to that track on repeat and ignore the rest of the album, although I do that with a lot of tracks I love. Can’t believe this album is nearly 20 years old, when did that happen and what the fuck have I been doing all that time. Oh yes, forming bands named after drinks and generally being a nuisance.

The House of Love – Babe Rainbow

Saw The House of Love in 1990 when they toured the Butterfly album, still have the t-shirt I got at that gig, dug it out for their show at the Gigantic All-Dayer in 2016, lasted all of 3 songs because the sound was so dire, absolutely heart breaking considering how long I’d waited to see them again. On the plus side it did mean we went in search of and found The Telescopes, which was the highlight of the day. This album didn’t get nearly the credit and fame it deserved because it shat all over the previous one and that was a corker too. Recently did a cover of Crush Me, not sure I did it justice but it was fun to pay tribute to one of my favourite bands


I’ve been catching up on lost time with Nick Cave over the last few years but prefer Grinderman to the Bad Seeds, with the exception of Into My Arms. Some dodgy ass lyrics on this I have to say, I never know with Nick Cave if it’s all contrived or just comes spilling out unedited. Dirty music and production to die for, one of these days I’m going to learn how to actually play instruments and write like this, maybe when I’m 70 and my ears are gone.

Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight

Every single track on this album brings up a different emotion and an ultimate feeling of everything will be ok, there’s a joy in the music and how did I not notice the lyrics, how? It wasn’t ok for Scott and I haven’t been able to listen to it without crying since he died. I met him once, he was lovely. It says so much about the man that even though I never knew him on a personal level it hurts that he couldn’t live in this world

Adorations- 10 lps i adore -Dom Salemi

Dom Salemi is the founder , publisher. editor of the legendary underground American arts magazine Brutarian Quarterly and the spin off and equally legendary underground Washington record label Brutarian Records -some of their releases can be found here .https://www.interpunk.com/search.cfm?
Dom also has a arts blog Excursions On A Wobbly Rail ,which can be found here https://excursio.excursionsonawobblyrail.com/2019/03/dungeon-of-harrow-1962-gothic-orgy-of.html?fbclid=IwAR2TsyXovw6MUHOa3_kiDFXkEyYH3n_4YDy4m4q4ntt9nb7bNZdMGt5G71U
Dom also has a once weekly radio show on a Friday afternoon 3-5 [USA time]on WRML 107.9FM which can be found here http://www.wrmlradio.org

1. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks: Perhaps the greatest rock ‘n’ roll record ever made with the finest performance by a front man. It did change everything.
2. Ramones – Ramones: Or maybe this one did. Released when pomposity ruled the airwaves, this sounded like a revolution. Three chords, infantile lyrics, warp speed, catchy riffs, all checking in at around two minutes giving you no chance to get bored.
3. Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street: Sloppy, decadent, moving and infuriating all at once. The “world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” seemingly tossing off one brilliant song after the other while maintaining a languid hauteur. Bonus points for mixing Jagger’s vocals so low as to render the lyrics unintelligible.
4. Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power: The primer for punk. Controlled anarchy, confusion worse confounded. Every cut a punch in the gut. Raw is right, Iggy rips into everything like his life depended on it, as if he’s bleeding to death. Maybe it’s the guitars, which cut like a razor.
5. Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde: The finest rock and roll album made by a wanna-be poet. The inspired arrangements and playing provide a perfect match for the words as written.
6. Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music: No, I’ve never listened to this all the way through. I doubt Lou ever did. Lou’s auto da fe? A bold experimental break thru? A kiss off to rock ‘n’ roll? Whatever, it is, as Lester Bangs once opined, “So cold it’s durable.”
7. Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets: Absurdist pop songs tarted up with baroque arrangements. It’s sublime for all that, lyrically and musically. And in Baby’s on Fire we’re allowed to witness Robert Fripp totally unhinged.
8. New York Dolls – New York Dolls: Drunk, sloppy and unprofessional is not normally a recipe for success. The Dolls prove that this is no obstacle if you live and breathe rock and roll. Which every member of the Dolls did.
9. Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat: So incendiary it’s a wonder the record doesn’t melt when you try to play it. Here you have the glimmerings of all the possible directions rock could take: punk, metal, electronica, grunge, you name it. Just like Sister Ray said.
10.Elvis Presley – Sun Sessions: Because it’s Elvis “Goddamn” Presley. Rock was born right chere, right this minute. The greatest popular singer since Bing Crosby doing it the way he ought to: unfettered without record company interference. TIE WITH:
John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band: Yes, the level of pain is enormous. So much so as to be almost palpable. Has a public figure of such heightened popularity ever exposed himself so nakedly before. Maybe, Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris. And that, too, was a performance for the ages. It changed the face of an art form. This, perhaps, did as well.

NOTE: No Beatle albums were listed as it is IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention a sin, to even attempt to assemble an ordered list of them. You could make a Top Ten list of just Beatle LPs and not be considered an obsessive. If error was to be found in such a list it would only be because you left a Beatle disc off the list. Lennon and Company are sui generis, so unique, so revolutionary to the world of popular song, that they disinvite comparison. Like Beethoven, they bestrode the world like a colossus. And I’m not even a Beatles’ fan.

Apologies for including no jazz, nor a work by an African-American. Rock and its derivations rest on the work and innovations of jazz and black musicians. However, I grew
up in a white middle class world, and thus came late to the world of blues and jazz. Yes, of course, there were Cream, the Stones and Led Zep and the Yardbirds, et al., playing the blues of our forefathers. But who had time to do the research? We were being fed blues and jazz through these bands and it was enough to know that some older black guys were the original composers of these things.