Unheralded work of pop genius pt 2- Billy Fury – I Call For My Rose

Billy Fury – I call for my Rose – Billy Fury is in my opinion the greatest pop singer Britain has ever produced he has a fine lost melancholy yearning tone to his voice that has never been matched, maybe it was because he realised he was not going to live a long life . This single was released on the Parlophone label In 1969 three years after his last hit single ., he had moved labels after a run of 7 years of sold hits on Decca and would release 11 fine singles on Parlophone without ever achieving another hit. I call for my Rose is a fine melodramatic pop single written by the great Liverpool songwriter Jimmy Campbell and concerns a smalltown boy moving to a big city and losing himself only to find salvation in the arms of the girl he left behind all in 2.min 35 seconds a song worthy of the Shangrila’s and really deserved to be a hit. I feel that it is a shame Billy Fury’s Parlophone material is often overlooked as it was more than a match for the more commercially successful Decca years and i cannot believe he never recorded a lp for Parlophone .

Unheralded works of pop genius pt1 Cliff Richard – Jesus

Cliff Richard – Jesus – If anyone else but Cliff had recorded this it would be hailed as a example of genius early 70’s psych pop it would be praised to high heaven [no pun intended ] but as it was recorded by the much undervalued and critically derided one it has been practically forgotten about.
Originally released as a single in 1972 reaching the chart position of 35 in the UK which was something of a flop compared to a lot of Cliff Releases at the time this song has all the qualities one wants from a song praising the son of God it has the gospel choir the distorted lead guitar the sympathy for the Devil like bass riff and it has Cliff singing his heart out and what a heart and a voice that man has. I cannot believe that Primal Scream have not listened to this track a couple of hundred times . Movin on up and Come together are practically rewrites of the song and Jesus would not have looked out of place on the Screamadelica lp . The original version of this song was by a French chap called Jeremy Faith but it is not a patch on Cliffs

Songs i hate pt 4 -Peter Gabriel -Sledgehammer

Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer – Is Peter Gabriel the most serious man in rock n roll and i use the words rock n roll in a very loose way when talking about the serious one ,in comparison he makes Sting and Eddie Vedder seem like Laurel and Hardy i can hardly imagine Peter Gabriel finding the fun in .. well anything. I thought when Peter Gabriel left Genesis he might start to lighten up a bit i thought not having to dress up like a twat anymore might ease the crushing burden on his soul but no he seemed to revel in it.so it came as a surprise. to me anyway when he made his bid for commercial stardom with his 1986 So lp .which features this so called classic track .
Now so Sledgehammer is a song i hate for many reasons firstly there is the vocal which lacks any sex any soul any humor just a knowing smugness and lets be honest if you listen to the lyrics the song is all about PG wanting to give some woman the privilege of his pork sword “open up your fruit cage”which is a strange term for a vagina but each to their own this is the sound of Peter Gabriel being flippant being sexy which in itself is a terrifying image ,he is trying to mold himself into being a modern rock star one that does not has to dress in ridiculous garb to gain attention he really should have stuck with the huge Foxhead at least that was entertaining like a giant Prog Basil Brush he was really taking himself seriously
The song has not dated well it must be said with the 80s production which cannot be used as an excuse for it was just as irritating in the 80s it has that smug all knowing expensive artiness about it like i am an 80s rock star who appreciates the good things in life i save whales on my day off listen to my modern sounding art, i hated whenever it came on the radio people would say oh have you seen the video for Sledgehammer its really good ,ooh that Sledgehammer video is something else . that Peter Gabriel and his classic video he used to turn up at parties with the invite Peter Gabriel plus one his plus one was always his classic Sledgehammer video , you never ever hear anyone saying how good the Sledgehammer song is without the mention of the video ,the video for all these years has in fact disguised the fact that the song in itself is a steaming pile of smug double entendre filled “You could have a big dipper going up and down all around the bends”slick sounding nonsense ..and have you seen that video for Peter Gabriel sledgehammer song I HAVE ITS REALLY SHITE.

Collossous- The Peakz

Collossus -Peakz –Now then i am partial to a little rock music every now and then especially when it has melody and this certainly has melody at times it reminds me of a Welsh strokes playing power pop and it is certainly a hell of a lot better than their fellow countrymen the Manic st Preachers new lp which to be honest is a bit of a non starter not that any reviewers will actually tell you that. a bit of the kings new clothes thing going on with the Manics it seems ,but they are shite and on the whole have been for bloody ages.
But enough of them and back to this lovely lp which if i had a car or if i could drive i would wind down the windows and let the wind blow through my hair if i had hair and i would have this blasting out as i enjoyed the sun if i enjoyed the sun which i don’t but this lp is the lp i would play . i have not even mentioned the wonderful pop classic Conwy valley love song which is one of the finest pop songs i have heard in such a long time ,why the dunderheads at bbc6 music is not playing the hell out of it i do not know and it is followed on the lp by the equally fine The girl you have to see to believe .wonderful pop writing indeed.and this lp is free to download ..so please do it as it is ace ..2018 is turning out to be a hell of a good year for music ..

Songs i hate pt3- Eric Clapton -Wonderful Tonight.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight .. yes indeed this tender beautiful lilting love song from the 70s ,how can this be a song anyone can hate i hear you ask . well it is in fact a piece of badly written ponderous piece of confectionery fluff written by the bloated over rated racist that is Mr Claptout maybe they where right in the 60s when they called him God maybe thats why the world is so shit to live in today ,in the 70s they called him Slowhand maybe they meant slow brained as the lyrics to this testify. In this ode to his wife at the time the wife he stole of his best friend Beatle George ,oh what a wonderful human being you are Eric he states “yes you look wonderful tonight” is he saying that she does not look wonderful all the time that yesterday she looked like a decomposed crab apple and earlier on she looked ok but nothing special a bit like a bag lady with ideas above herself. This whole song basically says i am a sexist self important rock star and you are a bit of fluff i like to be seen with at party’s further on in the song he says
“it;s time to go home now i have got a aching head”so Eric has had to much to drink so its time to go , not giving a thought to his wife whether she wants to go or not ,he then says “so i give her the car keys” so she has not been able to drink all night ,she has had to sip on pop why he gets hammered on the finest champers ,are you telling me that the tight wad could not spring for a price of a cab. we then get down to the guitar riff the slow tedium that is a Eric Clapton guitar line[God my arse] the only reason i have never owned a Fender Strat is that Eric Claptout plays one ,as much as i adore Buddy Holly and Hank Marvin my hatred for this slow brained piece of blues for accountants overrides my admiration for the two genius rock n rollers.

Xqui- Breaking

Xqui – Breaking – Not music as such but 4 short soundscapes that make up this fine 4 track ep ,tracks that you may find beautiful or slightly distubing it has the power and misdirection of how fired or fried your mind is at the time of listening. if you need to escape from the confusion and horror that currently engulfs us ,i would indeed give this a try i have now listened to this ep 5 times in a row and every time i hear something different and invokes so many different images and i am actually beginning to find track two catchy it has a Aphex twin element to it .maybe Xqui is the Beatles of sound sculpture who knows.. this is available for free from Vulpiano records as part of their net day label releases..

Vukovar with Equinox – Tryst Of Emanations

Vukovar with Equinox- Tryst of Emanations – The sound of tearing down the christmas lights the pointlessness of empty sex .draining the last drop of alcohol from a glass jaded by the memories of the past ,taking a long journey to a place to exist not live. this is a work of true beauty the voices of Dan and Rick weaving together joined by the spoken passage of Lancashire poet Equinox has ones mind drifting to the Nite Flights of the walker Brothers at their most heartbreakingly dark. Yet another example why Vukovar are the most important young band of today one that not just carries echoes of the past post punk bands from the Northwest but on the whole surpasses them John Peel will be kicking himself that he is dead for how he would have loved to play this . there really is no justice in the world.available as a free download for net label day from the Manchester based Vulpiano records.