The Beach Boys Pet sounds V The Bordellos Debt Sounds

I was reading a article about the Beach Boys in the Quietus which led me onto myself thinking about The Bordellos lo-fi masterpiece that is Debt Sounds a lp that Pet Sounds would have been if the Beach Boys had made it in a middle of a worldwide recession in a terrace house in St HELENS instead of the blissful world of California Sun and Phil Spector session musicians, instead we had mic stands held together by gaffer tape and cash convertor microphones and a late 80’s four track tape recorder ,no acid just cheap cider red wine and cans of fosters to fuel us on ,but it did have lots of things very similar Pet Sounds was the vision of Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson whilst Debt Sounds was the vision of The Bordellos leader Brian Shea in both cases the two Brians came up with some resistance from band members and not all sharing their vision ,both had to face the displeasure from their record labels in the Bordellos case was not officially released until 10 years later when the tiny Isle Of Man based Small Bear records had the vision to release it and  both albums managed to capture the atmosphere and surroundings of the time .
Which is the better lp i really cannot say ,i know people will scoff at the thought of a tiny underground cult band making a lp as good as the Mighty classic that is Pet Sounds but Debt sounds is just as beautiful ,listen to the tape hissed stand out ballad “I May Be Reborn ” from Debt Sounds easily a match for Caroline No from Pet Sounds and did Pet Sounds have a  song about a  sexual weirdo who could only reach climax by making his partner wear a seal mask i think not [Seal head}. I am sure there are just as many strange twisted tales to be told about the making both lps because let’s be honest both bands are not renowned for being made up of the most stable and clear thinking of characters ,there are of course many differences Pet Sounds sold hundreds of thousands if not millions over the years whilst Debt Sounds sold hundreds ,Pet Sounds stretched out adding layers and layers of sound and instruments and vocals and beautiful harmonies were as Debt Sounds stripped away the layers and layers until there was just 4 tracks and only allowing the one vocal take which had to be the first to capture the true purity and wonder of the song trying to capture the soul of the performer which again Pet Sounds also aimed for but by going completely in the other direction . So once again which is the better lp , i am sure most people who read this will have heard Pet Sounds not so many will have heard Debt Sounds . . so why not listen to both side by side and you can see they are both very similar but in completely different ways .but both are genius lps .

Its Like Watching A Crab Limp 13

Its like watching a crab with a limp—-

So Captain Marvel tweets to his adoring public ,what do people think of artists using the n word in songs ,he knows it is wrong it is offensive to all well thinking human beings but he might as well put it out there as it is in the news at the moment and a bit of publicity does no-one any harm gets people clicking on his Karma Than Karma blog and after all he did invent equal rights for all Martin Luther King stole his act . The all-powerful dwarf clicks onto his social media whilst trying to get a good photo of the delight he is going to eat for his lunch real boss scran it is . He too has done a piece in his popular blog TIT [THIS IS TOP]
about the Black lives matter movement called Its Not Boss To Be A Racist ,in which he lists ten reasons it is not boss to be a racist and then gives ten tunes to listen to whist showing solidarity with his black brother from another mother , 1, Step Inside Love – Cilla Black , 2-Do The Congo -Black Lace , 3-Slave To The Rhythm – Grace Jones  4- Penny Lane -The Beatles 5-Ebony And Ivory -Paul Mcartney and Stevie Wonder 6- Disco Inferno -The Tramps 7- U Can’t Touch This -Mc Hammer 8-Simply The Best -Tina Turner 9-Black Girl -Lenny Kravitz 10 – Harlem Shuffle – Rolling Stones . that will get people talking and thinking while listening to some truly inspirational music with power and meaning .
Argos Wank fingers his organ with tears in his eyes how oh how can people accuse me of being a racist i only gave my point of view on facebook about the black lives matter movement all lives do matter not just those of Africans .,growing up as a child i always slept with a golliwog  i still have it somewhere maybe i should change my face book profile to it ,to show how much i love black folk and their culture, as a teenager in the 70s i use to love watching Love Thy Neighbour those were such innocent carefree days i wish we could return to them . Argos Wank presses record on his computer and starts to play the melody line to the Rolling Stones classic Brown Sugar ,he plans to release a lp of instrumental covers of songs that will unite all cultures all creeds of the world and call it All Lives Matter he has already done China Girl and Turning Japanese ,for the cover he plans to black up and if he can afford it maybe even have a fold out poster with the cd and vinyl version ,this could be the hit his Sticky Keyboard record label is looking for ,he will make those fools who accuse him of being a racist eat their words .

Adorations -10 lps Iove -Andy Goz

Andy Goz is multi instrumentalist from the Salem Trials a duo who have just released their stunningly brilliant debut single on Metal Postcard Records

Creating a list of 10 albums was so much harder than I thought… think I need a top 1000 but would still probably struggle then!

Andy Goz… creative visionary and instrumentalist for the Salem Trials. Here is a small selection of albums that mean a lot or inspire me greatly.

It’s always difficult putting together lists like this because when there are thousands to choose from, I always feel bad about leaving them out. So this list just highlights a few records in my collection that matter to me.


10. Alex Chilton – Like Flies on Sherbert (1980)

This was the first Alex Chilton record I bought after seeing his name on one of my Cramps records and I instantly knew it was going to be a great album from the moment I heard ‘Boogie Shoes’ followed by, my favourite song (of his), ‘My Rival’.

The whole album feels like a working manual on how to deconstruct a pop song… guitars float in and out along with relaxed time keeping… something often copied now but never equalled.


9. Membranes – Dark Matter / Dark Energy (2015)

Sometimes, bringing something back to life comes with dangers (and some should remain left alone) but not the Membranes. This album is amazing and manages to bridge a gap between old and new with an original updating of their sound. I am a massive CAN fan so always love a groove or riff that invokes their sound… and Membranes do this expertly without sounding like an imitation. I can only dream of making an album this good!


8. Chrome – Alien Soundtracks (1977)

First album I bought by Chrome was ‘Half Machine Lip Moves’ which was on Beggars Banquet… I was probably expecting an album similar to Gary Numan at the time… but it was like nothing… I was amazed at how they sounded and became a life long fan.

This, their second album, is another example of deconstruction. Sounds like they recorded an album live in their living room in an afternoon… and then spent all week trashing, cutting and splicing the hell out of it.


7. Eric Dolphy – Out to Lunch! (1964)

Out to Lunch is probably my favourite jazz album. There are wilder albums by John Coltrane or Ornette Coleman but this has a real avant garde / classical vibe and if (like me) you like Zappa, you can really hear Eric’s influence. It’s my Sunday morning record.


6. Swell Maps – A Trip to Marineville (1979)

I absolutely love the Swell Maps and this album swings from punky pop to avant garde, sometimes on the same song. There is a wonderful balance between deconstructed experimental pieces (messing around, is the technical phrase I believe) and punk-pop classics like, ‘Midget Submarines’, ‘Blam!’ or ‘Spitfire Parade’.


5. Iggy and The Stooges – Raw Power (1973)

This was the first Stooges album I bought, £2.99 from Boots record department in the Arndale Centre. I didn’t know what to really expect and was only buying it because I’d seen Iggy’s name in the back sleeve credits of the first album I bought (‘Plastic Letters’ by Blondie).

Raw Power is my desert island disc for sure. I never tire of hearing it .James Williamson is one of my all time favourite guitarists and just can’t image a world without ‘Search and Destroy’ or ‘Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell’.


4. David Bowie – Scary Monsters (1980)

This is my all time favourite Bowie album that I bought on cassette from a small music shop in Blackpool in 1980.

It’s safe to say that any album by Bowie could make this list… but this is the one I play the most. I love the songs, sound and production… and I think Robert Fripp really shines on this.


3. Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat (1968)

Bought this from my local HMV one Saturday afternoon with my paper round money. I bumped into a school friend on the bus and he asked me what the record was? I showed his the sleeve and with a shock of horror his response was, ‘£4.99!? You could’ve bought a real record for that!’ He had a point, £4.99 was quite expensive at that time.

This was my first VU album and it was quite an experience. It sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before and would begin my love for their music. I actually cried real tears when Lou died.


2. Sonic Youth – EVOL (1986)

I first heard Sonic Youth in 1984 and I knew there and then they would become my musical compass. I spent many hours searching for their stuff (found their first two records, think it was Bradley’s in the Arndale?) Anyway, for me EVOL was the first step towards making the perfect record. I once fell asleep to it and waking up several hours later to the sound of side two’s locked groove. Had no idea how long it had been playing but I think that record planted a seed in my ear.


1. CAN – Soundtracks (1970)

All the songs on this record were compiled from various songs that appeared in films such as Deadlock. Never has a compilation of random songs sounded so good together. It’s fair to say that most of CAN’s output could be considered for inclusion here… but for me, ‘Soul Desert’, ‘She Brings the Rain’ and ‘Mother Sky’ and make this the album for me.

Another band that I can’t imagine life without and the reason why I bought my first CD player in 1989 – when Spoon/Mute reissued all their albums for the first time.

What Has Become Of Rock N Roll

There is a place for songs about love and peace and falling in and out of love as it is a important issue as is songs about getting down and shaking your booty and the joys of drinking ,drugs and sex all great topics for songs , but where on earth are the songs about the general inept handling of the epidemic and the ineptness of the uk government . i have not heard one ,so i had to write and record one myself ,which is a shame as nobody ever hears my songs due to the fact they were recorded and performed by me and most people think not another song recorded by that old northern tosser on a discarded old kettle with a out of tune guitar .
Why are we not getting the anger from this nation put into song , is it because bands are actually doing so and not getting played heard and shared on social media ,maybe, or maybe artists are not capable of stringing together a cohesive sentence set to melody about anything else but love and heartache and shaking ones bum ,which i somehow doubt as there are many fine bands very capable of doing so and could well be doing so as i type .or is it because people no longer like politics brought  into music as it can cause upset when not agreeing with a band or even a band not recording a political song in case it upsets their fanbase or followers plus radio shows quite often shy away from playing political songs unless they are very vague in the message or written in the 60s or 70s ,but not about politics of today  or are people just so fucking bland that they burst into a rash when a nasty political ideal appears on the radio ,i really do not know the answers or the reasons , i am not a nostalgic chap but it does have me yearning for the Bob dylan’s , Elvis Costello’s ,the Billy Braggs when music mags used to write and interview artists with political points of view or just opinions even . nowadays you may get a that is boss or how they smashed it or how they want to be as big as Oasis but i have noticed over this lockdown just how much the music industry as dumbed itself down to such a extreme that it does not realise that it has , i know for a fact very few people will actually hear my new single as for all the reasons i have mentioned which is a shame .not for myself i may add but the general apathy and cowardness that the music industry has blanketed itself in,Oh what has become of Rock N roll .

The Slow And Tragic Death Of New Music.

I don’t think there will come a time when i don’t write or record new songs as what i have learned over this enforced holiday is just how much i enjoy doing both ,it is a complete pleasure i enjoy writing songs i am lucky enough to be able to pick up a guitar and write a new song at the drop of a hat ,whether they are any good or not i leave up to the people who listen to them .but that brings me onto the reason i have this writing .is there really any point in releasing them as there seems to be less and less people willing to listen to new music .Online conversations with fellow musicians record labels over the past few weeks they have all said the same cd, vinyl .download ,sales have all dropped off .i thought with the lock down and not being able to go out people would have turned to new music .but seems not . i have seen and read about people saying how they are listening and rediscovering bands they have loved in the past and lps from their youth . but very rarely anyone going on about a new band they have discovered or a new lp they love.
The music blogs on the whole are full of write ups of old albums Monolith Cocktail,Yeah I Know That It Sucks being  rare exceptions  blogs filled with reviews of new music . How many times have i read about Ian Curtis in the last 24 hours i do not know and the ending is always the same the poor bloke hung himself we all know and i am sure everybody who is reading the blog knows so why go over and over it . next year it will be 41 years and he will still be dead . Why not write about a new band someone new who may be just as talented as Ian Curtis but nobody will ever find out because they are not given the opportunity to find out about the artist . Tim Burgess has been running a very popular listen together of a popular album on twitter which again shows people are willing to give up time for music .but old music . all these online gigs mostly by artists with acoustic guitars doing covers of Ed Sheeran and Oasis songs is Wonderwall the new Agadoo i think it might be ,do people not want to hear original new songs anymore ,for there is so much great and new music being released i have over the last week or so heard new music that has made me stop and wonder why is this artist not better known why are they putting this up for free on bandcamp why is there not a record label involved with this album or even why is this label struggling to keep its head above water when it is releasing such wonderful and original new music and then you go online and see another averagely performed cover of a much loved and abused song .
Original and talented new artists/bands are being pushed further and further into the underground further away from the mainstream  music is becoming a marginalised art form and it is being marginalised by the very people who profess to love it . .

Oasis – Don’t Stop , more please don’t start .

Oh Oasis really am i writing about them once again i do feel a little like king Canutei admit .why oh why i hear my three readers utter to themselves . i will tell you why in this lock down Great Britain we currently reside the only time i have found new music trending on twitter is when that dullard Noel the thinking mans potato decided to release a unreleased and never heard before track . It is called “Don’t Stop” which really should have been named “Don’t Start” a track that did not disappoint in its overall bland mediocrity bad lyrics poorly sang backed by a bunch of blokes peddling mediocre songs to a audience who really are old enough to know better the sort of people who only buy music by white men playing guitars with a slightly over produced sheen who thinks that  being edgy and punk rock is farting in a enclosed space and saying suck that up whilst gigiling in a unbecoming manner.
Is this what rock n roll has become it is this how it has turned out  did Buddy Holly die in vain are we left with the mediocre championing  old music by a vastly overrated band that does not [thankfully] exist anymore ,is this all that left to get certain blog writers excited at the thought of selling a bit more advertising space on their clickbait blogs the Radio x producers actually having another track they can add to there playlist . There is so much new and exciting music released every day that goes by totally ignored by the radio ,music blogs and the general public i really think in this day and age people should at least try and widen there outlook ,music is a dying art it is being pushed further and further underground ,so instead of downloading the new piece of aural shittery from Oasis why not go and visit bandcamp and if guitar music is your thing why not give a band you have never heard a go , for there is plenty of bands who write and record songs with spirit invention and verve ,i know if you are a Oasis fan you will not probably recognise any of the affore mentioned but it may just change your life .There  are loads of small record labels struggling to stay afloat in these trying times so why not try something new, for Oasis really are the enemy. They are the enemy of music as being seen as a art form as music being something to make you feel to be taken seriously .Oasis and there league of understudy plastic paint by numbers rock [take a bow Kasabian] was all right when you were 15 but it might be time you took your Liam poster off your wall and start to walk like a grown up as you are probably now in your 40’s and walking like you have shat yourself is not a good look .

Its like watching a crab with a limp pt 12 [lockdown edition]

Boggy is bored he is in lock down no more gigs for him ,he might as well join the rest of the acoustic guitar brigade and entertain his doting fans with acoustic versions of beatles and Oasis hits , nobody does Wonderwall quite like boggy . nobody can belt them out like him . he even writes his own songs .ones that Noel and Liam would be proud of they mention Sunshine and everything in the lyrics . he has written one about the Mods and Rockers ,its called Mods and Rockers  one about his girlfriend Sharon called Sharon .
He knows his way around the fretboard ,he will show how the pretenders how it is done .he will smash it ,it will be top .boss .mint . he will have to tweet to all the local blogs let them know what is about to take place ,they have ignored his band in the past ,which he cannot understand as they love Oasis. he did once have a piece in the local paper when he self released a single celebrating the Old Soldiers called Old Soldiers . all his friends listen to it on spotify and tell him its boss.
He is going to perform a new song all about the current  lock down called Lock down he will smash it He will wear the clobber he bought from Pretty Green but he does not know whether to wear his sunglasses or not , Sharon says he will look like a cunt if he does but what do birds know she does not even like Oasis she prefers Bowie and he is dead what a loser .if she did not have such a fit arse he would have dumped her long ago  bloody Velvet Undergrowth and all that shit she listens to .
Should he perform in front of a poster of Liam or the union jack ,if he places just the right amount of album sleeves in the background the people will know he is a man of taste the right Lennon lp [its not his fault he is dead] Imagine probably as Yoko is not on the cover of that one . Whats The Story Morning Glory obviously and maybe a Ocean Colour Scene lp to show he is deep.
                                                                   SET LIST plus notes
                                           Come Together [Beatles]
                                             The Day We Caught The Train [Ocean Colour Scene]
                                                 Roll With It [Oasis]
                                              Imagine [John Lennon]
                                              Mods And Rockers [remember to tell people its on spotify]
                                               Sharon [remember to dedicate it to her]
                                              The Drugs Don’t Work [verve] [maybe take off sunglasses]
                                                Whatever[Oasis] ]make joke about how shit Blur are]
                           Old Soldiers [see if mum and sister will stand behind him and wave lighters in air]
                                              Lock Down [open can of Stella  and toast and thank fans]
                                                             Wonderwall    [OASIS OF COURSE]
                            IT WILL BE TOP .IT WILL BE TRULY SMASHED .

The Bordellos free download Sampler track by track rundown

I have released this 6 track mini lp , for two reasons in this time of self isolation everyone needs something to distract themselves and what a better way to distract yourself but with the magic of music , i hope this ep will introduce some people too the strange world of the Bordellos and lead them to investigate we have hundreds of songs . the ep is free and i think gives good value for money [its free].. and gives six good reasons [without blowing my own trumpet] why i feel the Bordellos will one day be seen as one of the great lost bands probably i will have long left this Mortal Coil[not the 4ad band i add]by then but hopefully Dan will be able to bask in the glory.. so here we have six tracks to entertain you .
Arthur Lee
one of the last songs recorded by the six piece Bordellos ,we where not getting on at this point well i was not getting on with Geoff the lead guitarist and producer in fact i was getting on his tits , there were a couple of attempts at this at one point if i remember correctly in the middle of this fine piece of garage rock Geoff and Gary had worked out a ill fitting piece of U2 pomposity which they recorded whilst i was away on holiday , i told them to scrap it as it was shite and to follow the script it was a tribute to Arthur Lee for gods sake not the stench of a Bono fart .but to be fair to Geoff he had never heard of Arthur Lee or Love the next attempt to record it was the one and final version you have here apart from they had put some strange effect on my voice which made me sound like a whitewashed cunt ,i do not mind sounding like a cunt but not a whitewashed one . so at this very strained recording session i insisted that i would only answer to the name the Baron and walked around holding my pants in a fashion that it looked like a pair worn by a world war two fighter pilot and insisted on recording the vocal once again and i did so whilst still holding the legs of my pants in the airforce position whist imaging i was a world war fighter pilot fronting Manchester faves the Charlatans…i think it turned out great in the end and can be found on our debut Songs For Swinging Stalkers lp ..thats if you can find a copy its getting as rare as hens teeth.
this one is really a solo track and has never been previously released ,it was part of a demo of songs i had written in hope i could get Cilla Black too record .as i am a huge Cilla fan i wrote a full lp of songs for her and actually managed to get  a copy of the songs to her via my son Dan who was in a noise duo with her nephew [its a strange old world].sadly she never recorded them .she had retired from singing it seems . which is a shame as a psych Cilla lp would have been great . this is one of my favorite songs i have written and really is crying out to be covered by some 60s like female vocalist . the Belgium band the Winter Tyres recorded a fine version which can be found on their Bandcamp .
Hit It
this one was written by myself and Dan me the music Dan the lyrics one of the very few we have written in that way , recorded and released on our Kassette album released on Small Bear records . this one features our sadly lost Jesus and Marychain plastic whistle which when blown sounded like the 1st Jesus and Marychain lp times 10 ,one of my favorite Bordellos tracks as it sounds like we are having fun .which we were .
This track was recorded just myself and Geoff [we were getting on at this point ,he is in fact a lovely bloke ]and i was still managing to keep my inner Mark E Smith at bay . this was recorded in his room in a shared house he lived and recorded live onto a mini disc player [remember them] i played the acoustic and sang and Geoff the bass.influenced by late 60s early 70s psych folk and Julian Cope this ended up on our second album Meet The Bordellos .


Gary Glitter
oh how we had fun recording this our ode to the difficulties that arise being a Gay Glitter fan , its as nearly shaming as admitting you like Morrissey . the lyrics to this i remember writing in my head on the bus going down to Ant’s to record, Dan met me there i explained i had a semi written song proclaiming my love for the music of Gary Glitter did he fancy singing it ,so we worked on the music together dan diving into the project with relish spending a fare amount of time trying to get the piano sound that can be heard on Bowie’s Aladdin Sane lp to tinkle away in the background . handclaps ,out of tune backing vocals from Ant ,crunchy guitar heavy drums scary synths collide i think to great effect . Dan’s vocal is ace he is to my mind the finest vocalist in new music today . this can be found on our How To Lose Friends and Influence No-one . which can still be downloaded for free from Small Bear Records Bandcamp .although the cd to this masterpiece has long gone.


The Loneliness Of The late night Shopper
I love this track one that shows the beauty of working with your son , i love the way the harmony vocals flow together on this , i think it has a bit of a Sarah records feel to it . i think maybe because of Dan’s keyboards . a song written many years before recording it and influenced by seeing a old woman sweep away some broken glass outside her front gate as a man in a velvet jacket walked past clutching a empty shopping bag . its funny how a simple image can turn into a lovely flowing pop song . this was included on our Life Love And Billy Fury lp released on Recordiar Prin label ..
so please feel free to download this sampler 6 track mini lp and gets your friends to do the same and stay safe .

Track by track rundown of the Idiot Blur Fanboy – Oasis Are The Enemy album

Idiot Blur Fanboy
This song starts with a lie the first line is “this is the darkest thing on spotify”this lp is not actually on spotify but if it was it could well be
a song of self worth and knowing what you are doing you are doing for yourself  which is just as well as nobody else cares or are listening it is a song from the underground a call to arms for all the outsiders who’s great and original art is ignored and pushed aside by faceless pleasant whitewashed copies of human beings who like their art made by faceless pleasant whitewashed copies of human beings.
Cabbage Patch Doll Kiss
I will let you decide whether this is a love gone wrong song between two people or two dolls  or a doll and a person  ,it is dark it is twisted  it is screwed up ,just like the two people performing it  at the time, i must add the first four tracks on this lp my son Dan plays various instruments and sings harmony vocals. .. this is very influenced by  Syd Barrett . who is also mentioned in the lyrics by the way.
Special Brew Can Man
a song influenced by living in st helens and the bus stop where i catch my bus and all the street people who hang around that end of town ,Special Brew Can Man may be homeless but he really does not give a shit. .and is this the only song where the word Phlegm appears in the lyrics.
In My Bed
This maybe the darkest song i have ever written and maybe also one of my best it really is heartbreaking and made even more so by Dans quite stunning harmony vocals . a song of loneliness ,depression and uselessness .
Summer of Stereolab
a song of memories jumbled into a fading light
Liam Gallagher
I really do not like Oasis  for many reasons one being Liam Gallagher and there is not one thing i say in this song that is not true ,my guitar playing on this is really shit by the way .which i really like about it.. i use a Epiphone Casino on this lp  for those interested in such facts.
Melody Hymn
quite simply a love song to the power and beauty of music ,  this song very influenced by the Go Betweens  and one i hope one day to rerecord with a full band .
Rick Astley
another song of heartbreak but where the power and pull of music saves the day ,so not quite all doom and gloom
Wavy Gravy Man
imagine a old man sat in a cafe on his own but happy in his loneliness watching people pass by the window getting on with their everyday business he has his memories and dreams to lose himself in.
Guitars And Dust
“The past was never ours and the future looks bleak”is a line from this song that sums up my musical journey of thirty five years ,one of many songs many records made and one of very little success if any. but a song that tells of no matter how deep financially you sink .you will carry on writing songs until you have run out of guitars to sell to pay the rent.
Oh Morrissey
Morrissey was a wonderful pop star ,The Smiths meant so much to so many people of my generation  to many where the 80s Beatles when you would look forward to every single release he spoke to so many with his fine lyrics  . but jump to present day from the clown prince of indie to the pantomime dame of the right wing . over the last few years as the quality of his records fall the more outspoken and unpleasant he becomes if his next few lps carry on with their awfulness expect to see him sporting a Hitler moustache and bad combover .
this lp was recorded on a old tape 4 track  and has all the wonderful tape hiss and crackles one can expect . it is available on ltd cd priced only £4.50 or can be downloaded for £2.00 released on the wonderful Wormhole World records

Brian Bordello – The Liverpool Hipster Scene Ep

This ep was recorded on Saturday 30th of November 2019. the house was empty i was on my own i had the oncomings of a bad cold and could not stop shivering .  i was originally going to record a lp but the way i was feeling put stop to that and who listens to lps anyway. plus with my could not be bothered attitude heightened by my shivering old frame only added to my lack of care with the recording . which to be honest i am not renound for my pristeen recording techniques the only thing i share with Brian Wilson is the Brian and of course the gift of writing heavenly melodies . So i got my old 4 track out sellotaped the mic to the stand as i cuold not find my usual stand so a old one with sellotape did the trick apart from when the tape came off and sent the mic crashing to the floor hence the sudden abrupt ending to the opening track The Girl Next Door .I suppose i could have rerecorded the track but i do like to only do my songs once and any calamities forgetting of words wrong chords only add to the lofi beauty of the songs .
1 The Girl Next Door – a song written influenced by the great liverpool songwriter Jimmy Campbell the first of three influenced by the great man on this ep. i love 60s beat bands so i intend to rerecord this track with a full band and bring out the chiming 60S  beauty of the song . in a studio no less sometime in the future . this song concerns no matter how much you love your partner they will never be the mythical girl/boy next door that the Shangrilas love to sing about in their pop melodramas
2 .The Liverpool Hipster Set – a song concerning the  new breed of hipster who who stroll the streets of Liverpool who try and be different by dressing the same. the same tight to baggy jeans the neatly trimmed beard the vaping cig which smells of some fruit or other . the hipster who goes to gigs so they can talk through their favourit bands ,who they have all the vinyl by . not records but vinyl . they never play them but will show the girl they wish to impress the sleeve whilst they play the album on spotify. they will buy overpriced scran ]not food]from some eatery that will taste like a rotting vagina .they will quote from a local badly written blog or even worse write for one. more money than sense what they lack in style they make up for in stupidity.
3/The Bloom  Of The Wild  – a love song to your soulmate past present or future knowing they are out there somewhere “and we will sing a duet i will be Lee and you will be my Nancy yes” another song influenced by Jimmy Campbell a song i can imagine being performed by his early seventies power pop band Rocking Horse ..and another song i plan to rerecord with full band and give it a mid sixties Dylan like a Rolling Stone feel.
4- The Poetry Of The Dead -a love song yes another one this one a love song for all the people who tread their own path to all the outsiders the poets the geeks who are not afraid to lead even if no-one is willing to follow. I wanted t be Julian Cope as i sang this but sadly i could only be myself .
5- TragicMagic Tragic  The final song and one i wrote as i sang and recorded it again very influenced by Jimmy Campbell the kind of doomed love song he wrote so beautifully.. in fact this lp was released on the 12th of Feb because it was the anniversary of his death .
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