All That Jazz pt 4 – Duke Ellington – Blue Serge

Duke Ellington – Blue Serge – This is my favorite track by the great Duke Ellington ,a track i first came across on a cheap comp lp of Duke Ellington i bought from the indoor market in Pontypool and this track always transports me back to that time , three of the happiest years of my life living in Pontypool .a beautiful crazy town filled with beautiful crazy people .
This tune always makes me think of both death i suppose it does have a funeral march feel about it and the Autumn time which we now approach and is my favorite season. a truly outstanding piece of musical genius..



Roi are a Experimental art psych pop band from St helens and are made up of myself. Dan from the Bordellos and Vukovar and sound experimentalist John McCarthy, and we will be making our debut live performances throughout the day on Saturday the 15th at the relaunch of the Handmade/ Art/ upcycled furniture / record store /beauty and holistic business’s that reside in the Theatre Buildings at 8 corporation st in St Helens .
Our first set will start [hopefully] at 11 am in a room on the second floor , were we hope to bring the spirit of the Swinging scene of the UFO club to St Helens for the day . musically think of Can . Faust . The Fall . Syd Barrett , the Velvet Underground Neu The Cramps The Seeds Jesus and Marychain there will be many sets scattered throughout the day from us , so come and join in the fun . ..

Songs i Hate PT 16 -Madness – Driving In My Car

Madness – Driving In My Car .. Never trust a band that are wacky and act like retards unless they are the B52’s that is the golden rule ,this song is Madness’s most annoying song and may i add under some stiff competition for Madness although seen as national treasures really are pretty annoying being a national treasure is no excuse for making shit records, The Queen is seen as a national treasure and she is pointless what does she do apart from act posh wave out of expensive cars and wear pea green or light blue hats .
To be fare Madness have made the odd decent record something the Queen has not but have madness shagged Prince Philip .probably not but probably have Lady Di as she got around a bit .
This song was written and recorded by adults that is the worrying thing even more worrying is the fact that some grown ups still like Madness and after a few pints down the pub will do the wacky Madness walk all the way to the chippy whilst singing this or Baggy Trousers or House Of Fun or another one of their comically typical British classic hits that can only be equaled in Englishness by the beautiful writing of Ray Davies .which again really pisses me off how can you compare the at best above average novelty pop hit writing of Madness to the true lyrical beauty of Ray Davies it is like comparing Theresa May’s Dance moves to Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction although what i would give to see Theresa May take Uma’s place in that scene.
This song can only be made more annoying by watching the video another fallacy the brilliance of the Madness video they are not brilliant they are basically someone filming a gang of cunts in some wacky outfit doing a silly dance whilst the Saxophonist will no doubt start to fly at some point whilst the other members of the nutty boys point at him whilst we the adoring pop buyers piss and shit ourselves at their outrageous antics … Cunts.

A Great Solo Beatles Song pt 1 – Wings -Don’t Let It Bring You Down

WIngs – Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Taken from the much underrated London Town lp released by Wings in 1978 this track is a wonderful psych folk feel to it ,you could half imagine it being on the Wickerman soundtrack and this for me is one of the highlights of the London Town lp .
The lp on the whole although not a masterpiece is a very good Mcartney lp and of course features the only hit on the lp With a little luck , it also includes the original version of Girlfriend which Michael Jackson covered on his Off The Wall lp [although i doubt macca needed the cash] and of course the Beatle like Title track London Town which for some reason was a bit of a flop when released as the third single from the lp , the 2nd single was the minor hit I’ve Had Enough which was a okay Mccartney pop rocker but the lp does include the almost lo/fi ballad the beautiful I’m Carrying and the Sun label rock a billyish Name And Address. . a lp well worth hearing .

Vukovar – Infinitum

Vukovar – Infinitum – The latest lp from Vukovar and to my mind their best and probably their darkest released on the very small French cassette Label Le recours aux Forets and it is like Vukovar do not actually want to sell their music or be better known as i have read very few reviews or heard on the radio , which is no fault of the tiny French label as how can they compete with the larger labels with a bit of money behind them , all i am saying is Vukovar should hve released it on a bigger label who could have promoted it with the might it deserves . It pisses me off when bands with obvious talent decide to let their music just go get released and not fight to get it heard and are happy to just let it lie there unnoticed . you are just as well to email it to yourself or stand on the front step and whistle it to passing strangers or hand out flyers to a blind man convention telling them all about it.
This lp deserves to be heard , as i have said it is dark but not without commercial moments The House of Thirteen Scenes Synth riff is almost Flaming Lips like and the beautiful In The Overgarden has a very catchy keyboard riff running throughout and a wonderful vocal from Dan who is a very fine pop singer indeed and The Skin Is New The Skin is ours would not be out of place on Scott Walkers Tilt lp and Small Acts Of Mercy is actually uplifting in a strange gothic morris dancing kind of way .
This in a year of fine lp releases is up there with the best and would advise anyone to give it a go.

The Bordellos – Underground Tape Series

The Bordellos underground Tape series
This is all about my own band the bordellos , i am currently 3 quarters way through releasing a series of free eps of the many tracks we have recorded over the years and never released , These tracks are from radio sessions or different mixes of songs released or demo’s or songs we have recorded that never made the final cut for the lp we were recording at the time or in some cases lps we have recorded and decided not to release .
We are currently up to number 15 and i plan to release at least 20 . i am finding things all the time though so that could stretch a little further .. if anyone has not yet dipped into our bandcamp please feel free to do so apart from the underground series we have other eps and lps that are free to download . i think there is over 120 songs free to download at the moment .. with more to come .. all these goodies can be found by just clicking this link.

Bunny And The Invalid Singers-Fear Of The Horizon

Bunny and The Invalid Singers – Fear Of The Horizon . This wonderful lp would make a great soundtrack to a updated sixties early seventies spy movie this lp immediately took me back to being a child in the 70’s watching all the great spy and police shows all wah wah guitar and old synths it really is a great experimental pop lp actually you can scrub off the word experimental as that might put off potential listeners with a more conservative taste in music and this needs to be heard and bought by as many people as possible . In these times when the bland and unimaginative rule the music industry we need music like this injecting into peoples lives we need the djs to think back to the days when turning on the radio mattered when music mattered ,well it still does even more so with the current world confusion we all need something to lose ourselves in, something to soundtrack falling in and out of love to .
I would be so happy to turn on the radio in the morning and hear Bunny and The Invalid singers playing instead of Shaun Keavney loving the sound of his own voice or playing a record that was number one a few months before i was born and i am 52 in a couple of months, but i am not going to waste my time waiting for that moment i am going to buy a cd instead and play it instead of BBC 6 music..and i would advise you to do the same.