The bordellos Underground tapes 1- 25 we did it my way

100 not out just about hanging in there  ducking weaving polishing the temples of the great god called rock n roll .yes the bordellos have completed their mission of releasing 25 4 track free to download eps of previously unreleased music mixing a mixture of songs not quite good enough to make official releases [yes i hear you ask just how poor must these songs be not to make a bordellos album ]are these songs the songs only a deaf adopted mother could love. mixed with radio session tracks [honest we have done radio sessions and quite a few and not all on April the first. 4 track demo’s i challenge you to spot the difference between a demo version and the officially released version yes you have guessed it the demo version will normally have Ant walking in after a trip to asda telling us whats buy two get one free this week and alternate versions [very rare as we are not known not to be happy with a finished version as you have probably guessed if you are one of the ever growing[dwindling] number of the cult of the bordellos you will know our standards are not high].
The songs recorded on everything from  a 64 track studio to my dead mothers old radio /cassette clock radio .if the songs are good enough they should still shine they should still spit in the eye of the bland smart phone pop and the generic indie paint by numbers songs that are half assed tossed opon us by the once worthy BBC 6 MUSIC now a former shadow of the great idea it once was.
The Bordellos Underground tape series 1- 25 100 songs that deal with everything from affairs of the heart [too many to list] to hating Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett once again too many to list [only joking] “I Hate Pink Floyd Without Syd Barrett”[Underground tape 13]
 Its been a fun voyage of discovery digging through old hard drives  finding boxes of old 4 track tape demos or reahersal tapes or scratched cdrs with nothing written on them . i even found a copy of the 4 track demo cassette of songs i thought was long lost [it had slid down the back of a old jammed kitchen drawer] . i had written for a lp i hoped Cilla Black would record. it would be her second coming and no i do not mean a lukewarm variations of Led Zepps greatest misses but a lp of slightly psychedelic 60s pop songs i got the tape to her and i heard she liked them but she had retired from singing i beg to add before she had heard the cassette not because she had heard it two songs from the Cilla tape are included although they are very worn sounding due to the sticky gunk on the tape “Dance”[Underground tape 20]”We Are The Bordellos”[Underground Tape 16]. the rock n roll; story is full of missed oppotunities and could of should of beens and this series of eps brings this home ,over twenty years of bordellos missed opportunities gathered together for all to hear ,songs rejected by Cilla Black to demo versions of songs six music used to play to songs that Six Music should be playing daily .i urge you to listen to The Gospel According To Julian Cope [lo-fi dance mix] and not agree with the tapping of your feet. [underground tape 25].
Twenty two years of band memories spread over 25 download eps 22 years of different band lineups the arguments the laughs the ups the ups we really have not had any downs because when you are a underground band you cannot sink much lower i am going to one day soon buy a bottle of wine and listen to all 25 eps all 100 songs one after each other and see if i am not a blubbering wreck by the last track on 25 and i suggest you do the same .. they are free .sadly you will have to pay for the wine.

Adorations – 10 lps i adore – Ben Fuzz – Silver Sound Explosion

Ben Fuzz is of course the lead singer /guitarist with the recently got back together Silver Sound Explosion a fine trio who has just released their debut lp ,to my mind one of the lps of the year and that can be downloaded for free  from their bandcamp .. but really deserves a label to get involved as it is filled with a pop suss you do not come across everyday . that lp can be found here ..

Bob Dylan – Highway 61

I’m sitting in a classroom at school and my friend Christian, who I sit next to, puts a Walkman on my ears and says, have a listen to this. It is Bob Dylan’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’ and the imagery that’s flooding my mind takes my head away. I am blown away. And then the sword swallower says “here is your throat back, thanks for the loan”. Christian is telling me it’s from Bob Dylan’s album ‘Highway 61 Revisited’, and it was recorded in 1965, and that when I’m getting old that this is the music that I will still be listening to. He is right.

I pick up a copy from a record shop in the precinct near school pretty soon after. This encounter has left me wanting more. The record gets its first spin and I get my first listen to ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. I’m loving the whole sound, the mesh of organ and guitars and drums complement another amazing set of lyrics. The whole LP blows me away. From the up tempo almost rock-a-billy ‘Tombstone Blues’ to the final eleven minute plus ‘Desolation Row’. It’s as if he’s in my head painting pictures except the paintbrush is a pen. My next Dylan purchases are, ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ and ‘Blonde on Blonde’.

Get Primitive! The Best of Pebbles Volume One: The Originals

I find this record in Virgin Records in Manchester and I think it’s only just been released as it has its own display rack. My eyes suddenly fix on to the wobbly psychedelic pink and red circles that form the background for a real trash looking cartoon like band of misfits. The singer is like a caveman. This is right up my street I’m thinking, as I read some of the back of the cover’s blurb about mid 60s punk bands. I take a copy to the till and it’s not long before it’s on the turn table and a cartoon voice like Woody Woodpecker is explaining that “these records are so rare, and have been played so much, you can see right through them”…so they’ve been enhanced for my listening pleasure.

First up Is, The Third Bardo – ‘Five Years Ahead Of My Time’. The sound of the music is unlike anything I’ve heard before and is my first introduction to 60s USA garage punk. Later I discover there is a huge amount of these songs on album series such as Sixties Rebellion, Pebbles, Fuzz Flaykes and Shakes, Back from The Grave and Teenage Shutdown, to name just a few. The whole album is full of killer tracks and ones that stand out for me are, Nobody’s Children – ‘Good Times’, The Squires – ‘Going all the way’, The Haunted – ‘1 2 5’ and final track The Groupies – ‘Primitive’…then Woody comes back in saying “That’s all folks!”


1969 Velvet Underground Live with Lou Reed (2LP)

I am a massive fan and from all the Velvet Underground albums I could have chosen, I am choosing the 1969 Live album , which I buy from a WH Smiths!, for its unique feel and sound and Lou Reed’s incredible rhythm guitar playing. I absolutely love Lou’s long introduction,

“Do any of you have a curfew tonight?, does anyone have school tomorrow?, I mean we could do either two sets or one long…”,…someone in the audience interrupts, shouts, “play all night”.

The first song is a slower grooving version, than the punchy original, of ‘Waiting for my man’ followed by (unreleased at that time) “Lisa Says”… but then I find a real treat is coming and it’s a real cool version of ‘What Goes On’. Here’s this rhythm guitar I’m talking about…there’s a constant fast flapping on the strings of Lou’s Gretsch a wicked vocal, and to keep you well and truly hooked there’s Doug Yule’s weaving organ. Lou’s rhythm guitar even becomes the solo break on ‘We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together’. He’s saying something like “well here she comes now” and off he goes, playing so fast I buzz off it every time I hear it. There’s so much more I could enthuse about with this album but I’ll leave it with a suggestion…if you haven’t got it, get it.

The Cramps – Off The Bone

I’m walking through the shopping precinct after school to go to the record shop. I go straight to ‘C’ and start thumbing my way through the cover tops. Then I find one, a record by The Cramps. I heard ‘You Got Good Taste’ at a party and figured I wouldn’t mind some more of that. The record I find is ‘Off the Bone’ and it has a 3D cover and B movie poster style images of the band. On the bus I’m reading the back cover and smile at the band names, Lux Interior and Poison Ivy.

At home The Cramps spin, for me, for the first time and I’m listening to a descending tremolo and fuzz washed guitar. Then it kicks in. I have it on loud. It sounds amazing. I love it and the lyrics too. It is ‘Human Fly’ hitting my ears for the first time with a wall of triple fuzzed distortion. I recognise the 50’s influence but it is years later that I discover the originals, the likes of Hasil Adkins and Johnny Burnette. The whole album is just so great. Songs like ‘Garbage man’, ‘Lonesome Town’, ‘Goo Goo Muck’, ‘The Crusher’ and the best ever version of ‘Fever’. There’s a buzz I get from this band that no other can do. I read the name Alex Chilton as producer for most of the songs but I don’t know who he is…yet.

Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

A friend gives me a c90 with copies of Crooked Rain on one side and Slanted and Enchanted on the other. I’m 25 years old and wonder why I’ve never heard them before as it’s my kind of thing. Music that I feel, with words painting pictures in my head, a bit Dylanesque in that sense.

This is a band with the ability to get you all hyped up from it’s raucousness or completely chilled from soft guitar sounds, a melancholic vocal from Stephen Malkmus and drums hit with a light touch to follow the feel of the vocal, this is the case with most, if not all, tracks. Crooked Rain is my favourite of the two albums but only just. It amazes me how versatile Stephen’s voice is, of which the song ‘Unfair’ is the perfect example. He can sing so beautifully soft and melancholic but at the other end of the scale, screams with a rasp suggesting his throat may be full of gravel. I especially like the melancholic stuff like ‘Heaven is a Truck’ but the band also write songs that will do well as singles such as, ‘Cut Your Hair’ and ‘Gold Soundz’.

My favourite off the album is ‘Range Life’ with it’s Dylan Blonde on Blonde era lyrics and country feel that makes me think that Gram Parsons could have done a great version. I eventually got a vinyl copy and others of theirs and Mr. Malkmus.

The Detroit Cobras – Life, Love and Leaving

This is a seriously cool garage rock ‘n’ roll covers band who take those old classics to new heights of noisy guitar excellence. Rachel Nagy on Vocals sounds a little bit like Etta James but with more oomph and attitude. I’m lying in bed, very ill, it’s the early 00’s and I hear something drop from my letterbox. I drag myself out of bed and find a jiffy bag with a CD in and I can tell it’s from my friend Kirsty who likes to surprise me with the occasional delivery of quality sounds.

The Detroit Cobras…hmm.. what a great name and back in bed I put the CD in my bedside player.  It starts playing. It’s noisy. It has attitude. Rachel’s vocal is amazing “I got a song in my mind, I’ve been singing it all day”. The first track, is called ‘Hey sailor’, so I reach back to the player, soon after it starts, as this deserves to be as played as loud as hell. The dirty guitar sounds continue as the disc runs through a class selection of covers, although I don’t recognise them, and with the slowies ‘Cry On’ and ‘Let’s Forget About the Past’, I just fall in love with the voice. Other belters, for me, include ‘Right Around the Corner’ and a kick ass version of an Otis Reading song called ‘Shout Bama Lama’. I have the vinyls now! If you love rock ‘n’ roll you’ll dig The Detroit Cobras.

Violent Femmes – Hallowed Ground

I’m either 18 or 19 and I’m sitting in the front seat and Charles drives a bunch of us from The Art Foundation Course round to his place for the lunch hour and the music that plays when the engine’s switched on is the 1st track from Violent Femmes 2ndalbum Hallowed Ground. Straight away I have Dylan fever and so I ask Charles who it is, and that it sounds just like a Dylan song, and find out they’re called Violent Femmes. I’ve never heard of them but there’s something about the sound and its rhythm that really draws me into their world.

I make sure I get a copy that day. As I listen, I start to imagine I’m hearing Dylan and Lou Reed in a band with Earl Scruggs. I’m hearing the first song, called ‘Country Death Songs’. ‘Never Tell’ is Violent Femmes at their experimental best. These songs were written at the same time as songs on the first album, if not before, but they thought they’d get people interested with their more ‘pop’ sounding tunes, then surprise us with their second, ‘Hallowed Ground’. ‘Never Tell’, after a poetic intro, kicks in with one of the best bass lines you’re ever likely to come across. Did I mention Violent Femmes use an acoustic bass.  Then the song suddenly goes quiet with just the bass riff plodding. I jump out of my skin, every time I hear the flourish of drums that crashes in like a dump truck emptying it’s load. The song finishes by simply falling apart in freeform jazz fashion.

‘Sweet Misery Blues’ is like a Lou Reed song. An outtake from transformer perhaps. It isn’t though. I’ve jumped ahead now, but I have to go back to side one and it’s closing song ‘I Know It’s True but I’m Sorry to Say’. Here is a Velvet Underground (3rdalbum) style song. It is melancholic. I love the ups and downs Violent Femmes take me through, it is mood music played with a passion like nothing or no one else, and back in those early days, with vast quantities of red wine.

Alex Chilton – Like Flies On Sherbert

We’re back where the 16 year old Alex get’s a hit in ‘The Letter’ with the Box Tops. Does a bit of solo work that’s unreleased at the time. Then forms Big Star with little commercial success. Gets some solo stuff released and produces The Cramps and joins The Panther Burns and in 1979 goes into the studio to record ‘Like Flies On Sherbert’…

‘‘My life was on the skids and ‘Like Flies on Sherbert’ was a summation of that period. I like that record a lot. It’s crazy but it’s a positive statement about a period in my life that wasn’t positive.” – Alex Chilton.

It is true that Alex deliberately wants this album to sound sloppy and as if it’s falling apart everywhere. And it is and it does. It is a magical, chaotic creation that some think is a call for the need for some psychological study, while others, that truly understand rock ‘n’ roll, see it as genius. I fit into the latter category and some might say with an unhealthy obsession.   Either genius …or a case for psychological evaluation. I say genius, there’s no other rock ‘n’ roll album that sounds like this. Such a lack of inhibition. Such deliberation of beautiful chaos. I’m just gonna finish here now with the guarantee you’ll either like it, then love it, or you won’t ever like it.

The Modern Lovers – 1st Album

I’m living in Leicester and The City Library lends out vinyls with a fifty pence charge. I go there a lot. I’m 19 or 20 and also studying, in my 1st year, for a Fine Art Degree. In the record racks, in the library, I always start at A, and work my way through to Z, everything, until I find something good. Today I find The Modern Lovers. I haven’t heard of them. I find out later that this one is a reissue from the late 80’s, with extra tracks, ‘I’m’ Straight’ and ‘Government Centre’. The track catching my eye is the opening song, ‘Roadrunner’ and knowing nothing about them I assume this is a cover of the Bo Diddley classic.

Back at the hall of residence I’m living in, I discover that ‘Roadrunner’ is no Bo Diddley classic but an amazing rock ‘n’ roll feast. It is brilliant. I’ve heard since that the bands singer /songwriter, Jonathan Richman used to go to watch the velvet Underground live a lot and you can clearly hear the influence in the guitar sounds and the distorting organ sound. Jonathan is a great story teller and sometimes can appear to make up the words as he’s going along as you here at the end of ‘Roadrunner’ The story telling continues with a guitar slashing ‘Astral Plane’, ‘Pablo Picasso’ (who was apparently “never called an asshole”), the slow sadness of ‘Hospital’ and song simply titled ‘Girlfriend’ which he wrote when he was 15. Most of this album was recorded in 1972, six or so of them by John Cale, but wasn’t released until 1976. Why it would take so long, to get to releasing such a glorious bunch of songs, is beyond me.

Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out – The Rolling Stones in Concert

This album, in my opinion, is one of the greatest live albums ever released. It was recorded in 1969 but came out in 1970. I’m at a party aged about 17 in a smoke-filled backroom sitting on the floor like everybody else and there’s a mix tape playing. We’ve had Iggy, ‘Lust for Life’, The Velvets, ‘What Goes On’ live and then a live version of ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ starts playing that I haven’t heard before. I learn it’s from an album called ‘Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out.

Charlie’s playing a groove on the drums, creating a perfect fit for the guitars riffing over the top. It’s totally different from the studio version. It is raw rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. Keith’s guitar is the one grabbing my attention and especially as I’m hearing the first, single held, notes of his part of the guitar solo’s which he builds up and up, with a good helping of his Chuck influence. Mick Taylors playing pretty fine stuff too. Bill’s bass is grooving and Jagger’s vocal is spot on, as you’d expect from the greatest frontman in the world. The album kicks in with a rough and ready ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ followed by the first of two Chuck Berry numbers ‘Carol’ (‘Little Queenie’ appears on side two). Mick flirts with the audience stating, then asking “I think I’ve bust a button on my trousers…you don’t want my trousers to fall down do you?”. ‘Midnight Rambler’ is played to perfection but loose and scruffy and tatty brilliance at the same time. If you like The Stones and you haven’t got it….get it….got it?….good.

Should we really be celebrating 25 years of accepting Average plodding indie rock schlock Oasis- Definitely Maybe

A lp that changed so many peoples lives or so they say but changed them in what way , changed them into accepting substandard plodding verveless unexciting paint by numbers pastiche of what had been done so much better and with more excitement and originality before .
The Beatles were influenced by rock n roll ,soul music .blues , girl groups, show tunes, stockhausen ,folk ,world music . the avant garde , country. Oasis were influenced by the Beatles or so they say maybe they influenced their hair cuts but not much more . The Beatles would no way have accepted such mediocrity .
Definitely Maybe is not actually a bad lp it has some great tracks Cigarettes and Alcohol a fine single as is Supersonic and Live Foever it includes the lovely Sad Song on the vinyl version anyway. but what went wrong why did this band that promised so much on their debut ended up delivering so little .and why do people accept this why is their average at best music  that followed not being questioned by critics and music lovers alike they just accept it ,i have not read one article saying actually Oasis are pretty rubbish not one saying they were great when i was 15 but now as a 40 year old man i can see really the lps were a pile of old tosh and offered nothing new, took from the past without giving anything to the future .
Definitely Maybe is being hailed as a masterpiece but it is only a masterpiece compared to the schlock that followed it Morning Glory a lp that would make a decent ep ,Be Here Now which would not even make a decent one sided single and lets not get onto the lps that followed substandard at best and is “Little james”off Standing On The Shoulders of Giants the worst song ever written by a grown up i can imagine maybe a toddler writing something nearly as bad but it would be a close run thing.
So really should we be celebrating 25 years since a pretty good lp at best was released or writing about 25 years since the general public started to accept musical mediocrity and all the blogs celebrating this event are really just filling in column inches blog space. it is just lazy journalism another give the people what they know a little like Oasis themselves lets not give them something they may not get or may god forbid make them think or to get them inspired lets just give them plain white bread . lets just give them Oasis the plain white bread of rock .


Roi release their debut single on Metal Postcard Records
available to download from their bandcamp will be on all streaming sites and download sites in the next few weeks .
ROI are
Brian Shea – vocals/guitar
Dan Shea- guitar /drum machine /keyboards
John McCarthy – keyboards/electronic noise
formed last September as a one off to play improvised musical sets for a open day for the st helens hidden treasure that is the Theatre buildings at 8 corporation st st helens . a building that holds various small businesses hand made craft/s beauty /massage /vintage clothing Dormouse Records/artists and arts of all kinds .it went so well ,we decided to make a stream of singles about the decaying town we live in but to make it sound like a magical .dreamlike place . . influenced by 60s psych/ krautrock /c86 jangle/lofi folk /novelty records from the past and the works of Delia Derbyshire . we hope to bring our own act of whimsy into the crazy world . The track Dormouse records was actually recorded in Dormouse records itself hoping to soak up the magic of the old vinyl whether we succeeded or not i will let you decide ,

Silver Sound Explosion -Pop Dithyramb Demos album

I am so pleased to hear that Silver Sound Explosion are back together a band from the Manchester area who split 5 or six years ago or even more , but to celebrate they now have a lp of old demos up on their sound cloud .
They are one of those bands that celebrate the magic of melody and in Ben Fuzz have a talented songwriter who can write melodies better than most a man who is obviously in love with the magic of music and like a magician can cast the most beguiling musical spells that will entrance entice you into the summer sounding poptastic filled world of The Silver Sound Explosion .
Sixties pop mesh with garage rock and the pure power pop magic of the late 70s taking in the glorious days of 80s indie guitar and good old 50s rock n roll ,like i said Ben Fuzz is a man in love with the myth and history of rock n roll and i should know as the old saying goes it takes one to know one .this lp is actually great enough to be released as it is as it stands now ,if i had a record label i would be snapping them up , in this day and age you don’t come across a guitar pop lps as good as this . and anyone who can rhyme Pervert and sherbet in the lyrics get a big thumb up from me.

Adorations – 10 lps i adore Brian Bordello pt2

Here is my seond pt of adorations 10 more lps i love i adore , you can read my first Adorations here,
10 more lps that i adore to follow on from my first 10
1- The Beach boys – 20 Golden Greats
I know this is a comp but it is the first Beach Boys lp i ever heard , i was eleven years old and sat in the bedroom when my older brother and fellow future bordello Ant walked in with his latest purchase and normally i dreaded such occasions as usually the record bag carried some Meatloaf or Billy Joel waxing but this time it had a lp full of magic . i
I Can still remember sat awe struck at the harmonies and catchiness of the melodies . i decided there and then i was going to be in a band .
2- Jimmy Campbell – Jimmy Campbells Album
Jimmy Campbell is one of my favorite ever songwriters and it is one of the great mysteries why he is not better known. he was one of those artists that i had read about before i actually heard and so i went out to investigate if this mythical underground Liverpool songwriter was indeed the lost genius songwriter or was lost for good reason . He was indeed as good if not better as i had read . there was one of those automatic connections you sometimes get with a artist i fell in love with his music as soon as i heard it , i later discovered that he had written maybe my favorite ever song it was called IN My Room and i had it on a Billy Fury comp were Billy Fury had been wrongly listed as being the songs author.
I could have chosen any three of his solo lps or indeed the wonderful YES It Is lp he made with his power pop band Rocking Horse . but i have plumbed for his last lp which was released in 1972 .which is his most basic lp just Jimmy in front of a microphone playing a borrowed acoustic guitar and singing his beautiful slightly off center songs of love and loss .
3-Cramps – Stay Sick
This may not be the best Cramps lp but it is my favorite it is one i have heard the most this was on one side of a c 90 cassette that no doubt would eventually sometime in the journey be played in a old girl friends car as we traveled to watch gigs or play gigs or just on the way to a good night or day out .this lp is filled with sex humour and rock n roll which is a perfect description of the Cramps.
4- The Beatles – Rubber Soul
I know i picked the Beatles Revolver lp in the 1st adorations but i make no apologies for picking another . The first time i heard this was again after my brother came home from a record shopping trip The Beatles being one of the few bands we shared a musical love for . a lp full of classic Beatles magic the first Beatles lp when they started to experiment and become more than just a brilliant beat/rock n roll band , the first use of the sitar and the wonderful baroque piano solo on In My Life and the fuzz bass on Think For Yourself just giving hints at what was to come .
5 The Fall = Extricate
as i mentioned earlier about the Cramps being on one side of a cassette this was on the other .The Fall never put a foot wrong between 1979 till 92 and this lp was the first after Brix had left the band . one of their more commercial offerings a lp full of pretty much pop songs but fall pop songs .i saw them for the last time on this tour at a gig at the Haciender a wonderful gig and a wonderful night out and this lp always remind me of that night and also they cover a song by the Monks and one by the Searchers and make them both sound like fall songs . which is always a sign of a great band with their own sound,
6- Val Stoecklein – Grey Life
i bought this lp for 50p from a car boot sale in the early 90s i knew nothing about it ,never heard of the lp or the artist i just was attracted by the moody black and white sleeve a moody looking gent with a Beatle haircut sat playing a 12 string acoustic guitar. . Maybe the best 50p i have ever spent for it is a magical lp of moody folk rock Scott Walker meets Paul Simon meets Gene Clark . now this really is a lost classic a lp of sad beauty.I have since found out that Val was lead singer with American 60s garage band the blue things and this was his only solo lp released in 1968 and failed to generate any interest and was dropped never to release another .although he did carry on to write and record demo’s he was it seemed plagued by mental health issues and addictions and died in 1992 at the age of 52 committing suicide .
7- Paul Mccartney – Mccartney
The sound of one of the most famous men in the world making the first diy lo-fi lp a album of sketches of throw away charming pop songs and Maybe I’m a Amazed one of Mccartney’s finest songs and lets be honest he has written some fine songs . i can understand why people dismiss this lp for everything they probably hate i love i love the quite not finished quality i love the pointlessness of the drum instrumental i love the fact that he wrote one of the finest songs dealing with depression ever written and wrapped it in a melody so sweet that no-one ever mentions it.
the man is a genius .
8- The Kinks – Kontroversy
The finest kinks lp in my opinion Ray Davies is of course one of the finest songwriters ever to walk this earth and this lp just does not include just some of his finest songwriting it also rocks like a motherfucker has there ever been a better version of Milk Cow Blues recorded.
The La’s based there career [one lp]on this album they even occasionally did You Can’t Win live on occasion this lp is just too joyful for words .. so i will stop .
9-Syd Barrett – Madcap Laughs
Syd Barrett one of the truly great pop writers not only did he make the bunch of retard accountants playing at being rock people Pink Floyd sound special .lets be honest when they kicked out Syd they kicked out their only hope of ever performing magic. he also made two lps of pure Syd Barrett pop a genre of music that many have tried but never matched.
10-Jerry Lee Lewis and the Nashville Teens – live at the Star Club Hamburg
Whats not to like Jerry Lee Lewis at his wildest performing a mixture of his hits and rock n roll standards to a audience of pissed up Germans backed by one of the best beat bands from the 60s .pure rock n roll . the true sound of punk.

And now the end is near . The bordellos underground tape series

The Bordellos underground tapes number 24 has just been released if you do not know what the underground tapes are . well where have you been they are a series of free or pay what you want to download eps made up of previously unreleased bordellos songs . them being demo versions or different mixes or radio session tracks or just songs we never got around to releasing at the time . they were recorded on various things from old 4 track tape portostudios , ghetto blasters , mics on broken webcams to 32 track studio recordings , spanning the 22 years or so the bordellos have been together in one form or another with members joining and leaving, myself and Ant being the only two original members standing {barely] . but i am afraid this is the penultimate underground release i have decided to stop at 25 ,lets be honest 100 songs is enough for anyone and to be even more honest people stopped being interested around the number 15 mark , was it too much of a good thing or too much of a bad i do not know . but we shall be releasing the last one maybe next month or maybe in september . so if you fancy downloading the 96 tracks so far in the series please feel free . i have not yet decided what to put on number 25 the final one maybe we shall scrape ourselves together and record a new song for it [doubtful]but i still have enough oddities to make it a interesting release [for me anyway ] . So please feel free to investigate the bordellos past 22 years of outtakes and mishaps no wonder we are underground .. and considered a cult band[i think thats what thet said anyway ] .