A look back at The Bordellos Dept Sounds album .

Debt Sounds an album recorded in 2009 and released as a ltd edition cdr on Welsh Cake records and re-released about 10 years later as on download and ltd edition cd on the Small Bear Records . an album that over the years has become reguarded as a bit of a cult classic and being discovered , here is a look back with a run down of the tracks and the idea behind the album .Not all members of the bordellos where on board with the concept and led to some strange recording situations to say the least . Debt Sounds was the sound of to my mind the best line up the bordellos . alot of the following was first published on the excellet monolith Cocktail Blog https://monolithcocktail.com/2018/04/03/our-daily-bread-269-the-bordellos-debt-sounds-track-by-track/amp/

The Cast

Brian Shea — vocals – guitar – bass – percussion.

Dan Shea  — vocals — keyboards – violin – percussion.

Gary Storey -bass – guitar.

Ant shea – vocals – percussion – harmonica – pitch pipe.


Brendan Bannon – lead guitar on Rolf HarrisMerseybeat Memories and She in The Sun.

Jade — harmony vocals on seal head on Honeypie.

Leslie o’Brien –harmony vocals on Cloudsounds.

produced by Brian Shea

These are the rules and background:

The idea behind the LP was to get back to basics, so I set down these ground rules, all recorded on old tape 4 track, using microphones and recording equipment bought from pound shops and cash converters [under £5].

1. all tracks recorded on 4 tracks only: no overdubs
2 all vocal tracks would be first take only even if disaster struck whilst recording ,so a lot of these songs have only ever been sang once.
3 all songs recorded would have been written that week. So the rest of the band would never have heard them before recording.
4 every song started would be completed that night so no going back.
It was recorded over 10 consecutive Friday nights. During which there was two romantic break ups – the two ex girlfriends actually sang on some of the tracks to add to the spice. Just before the start a marriage had also just broken up…there was lots of alcohol consumed lots of madness, it is the sound of four people going out of their minds, looking back I wonder how Dan managed as he only turned 17 during the recording of this album, but his teenage angst mixed with our midlife crises made for a very dark work of art.

This was supposed to be our third Brutarian records release , but a label that boasted in its bumph of releasing uncommercial uncompromising music refused to release it as it was too… uncompromising!

I have very fond memories of this lp recording it was a experience that was only matched in madness when recording our Ronco revival sound LP.

The Tracks: 

 1/ Fading Honey written by B shea/G storey

     Brian – vocal. Gary – Bass. Dan – feedback. Ant- percussion

A song inspired by the frustration of being in a band that had released two fine albums that had sold bugger all and the problems that arise from dealing with the music industry and all its evil ways. This subject has reappeared many times over the years on Bordellos LPs . This was the first. “Each night I dream of rats of record contracts.”

2/ Spirograph written by Brian Shea

    Brian – vocals/guitar. Ant – Harmonica. Dan- inaudible harmony vocals.

When this song was being recorded there was a huge Summer thunderstorm and rain started to pour through the roof and down the walls of Ants living room. Due to the bad state of his brickwork. So as I was trying to get my best brokenhearted vocal performance, whilst Ant was running around the house with buckets. Muttering the immortal line “Life is too short for guttering”. This was another no show night from Gary so he is not on it ,and Dan recorded harmony vocals but because of the only one vocal take rule the mic did not pick them up very well ,if you have the hearing of a dog you may hear them. “I look in the mirror and my curse has been reversed.”

3/ You Better Run written by Brian Shea/Dan Shea

     Brian– vocals/guitar.  Dan– vocals/keyboards/percussion. Ant — vocals/percussion.

There was originally 4 verses written for this song as each verse was meant to be sung by a different band member but this was another Gary no show night so we just replaced his verse with Dans fine garage punk influenced keyboard solo. The Seeds where a huge influence on this track. “I felt so alive I feel dead now.”

 4/ Rolf Harris written by Brian Shea

    Brian -vocals/guitar. Brendan Bannon– lead guitar.  Gary- bass. Dan – percussion/violin.

This song was written many years before Rolf Harris became a known sex pest ,but I always thought there was something slightly sleazy about the man. My irish cousin who was over visiting Brendan plays the lead guitar on this track and it is he you can hear laughing in the background when I sing the line Rolf Harris is my sexual hero. This was a very drunken night; Gary turned up already pissed as a newt and proceeded to lay down the bass even though he had never heard the song and we were drunk enough to let him, so it was recorded in one take. Dan was the only sober member and told me the story of Gary insisting in cleaning up Ants house after I left and before Ant got home from a gig which consisted of him just extending all the mic stands fully pointing at the ceiling, after doing that he proceeded to record a 20 minute bass instrumental, which sadly has been lost in the mists of time. “I cum before two little boys comes on so I can sing a long.”

5/ Sealhead written by Brian Shea
Brian – vocals/ guitar. Gary – electric guitar. Ant- pitch pipe.  Dan percussion/harmony. Jade- harmony vocal.

This was a strange evening for Dan. He had spent the previous hour walking around a supermarket with british comedy actor Ted Robbins who was his then girlfriends uncle, Dan and Jde then turns up at the session to find us recording a psych folk song about a sexual predator who can only reach climax if his partner wears a seal mask. Dan and his girlfriend Jade then add there harmony vocals. Jade is the second cousin to Beatle Paul, so this is the first occasion a member of the Beatle bloodline appears on a Bordellos release. “Dry your eyes with a tissue of lies.”

6/ She’s An Artform written by Brian Shea
Brian -vocals/guitar. Gary- bass. Ant – percussion.

Written whilst walking up to Ants house to record. Influenced by Billy Childish I was listening to the twenty years of being childish CD a hell of a lot at the time. The slightly recorded underwater feel on this track was down to my total ineptitude at working the four track. This is the only LP I have ever produced for a reason. “Never too old to rock n roll.”

7/ Homeless Bound written by Brian Shea

 Brian – vocals/guitar. Gary- bass. Ant – percussion.

Another song written on the subject of being in a unsuccessful struggling band trying to make ends meet, at this time I was wrapped up with dealing with business with our then record label Brutarian and their distribution worries and the lack of success in getting reviews, radio play and such [nothing changes]. “I suffer for my art though they won’t stock it at Walmart.

8/ I May be Reborn written by Brian Shea

  Brian – vocals/guitar. Gary- guitar. Dan – keyboards.

Probably my fave Bordellos song and many other people’s. A song of tender reflection. I remember recording the vocals as Gary and his young son Tom came crashing through the front door. The look I gave them must of been daggers like as they stopped in their tracks – for obvious reasons it cannot be heard on the recording. This song is made by Dans excellent keyboards. We have tried this song many times and never recaptured the magic on this first version. There was magic in the room that night. “Every smoking chimney my statue of liberty.”

9/ Dead Friend Don’t Leave Me Hanging written by Brian Shea/ Gary Storey 

 Dan — vocals. Gary – lead guitar/bass. Brian – guitar.

Yet another song about the music business and predicting its decline and the sorry state it is in today. One of my favorite lyrics, I remember being astounded at Dans vocal, his first ever lead vocal and being so impressed with his delivery: he was only sixteen at this point. I remember Ant sulking because there was no room for a bongo track, us deciding a lead guitar track would be more effective, there only being 4 tracks. “The stroke of my quill just ain’t paying the bills.”

10/ Cloudsounds written by Brian Shea
Brian – vocals/guitar.  Dan – percussion. Ant – harmony vocals/ plastic whistle. Leslie- harmony vocals.

Another no show night from Gary, but Ants then girlfriend [only for a few more weeks] Leslie was in attendance and she added some lovely harmony vocals to this summery ode to my fave podcast at the time Cloudsounds. Ants plastic whistle attempt at sounding like a train is a joy to behold. If all trains could sound like this the world would be a better place. “Remember kissing in the long grass sound tracked by a passing train.”

11/ Merseybeat Memories written by Brian Shea

  Brian- vocals/bass. Dan– percussion. Brendan Bannon — guitar.

Yet another no show night from those part timers Gary and Ant. They where not a fan of the lo/fi recording method and the slapdash one vocal take rule, they much prefered recording in the 32 track barn studio we recorded our previous two albums. I think the tension actually added to the feel of Debt Sounds. I remember Gary saying we needed a new mic and me replying just gaffer tape the fucker it will do. So for this session it was just myself Dan and cousin Brendan; a song written after having a long conversation with former member of The Big Three and Faron’s Flamingos, the man Faron himself and how never making the big time still haunted him. “Oh how the memories linger just want to be Faron’s Flamingos to be free.”

12/ I Dream Of Jimmy Campbell And Rocking Horse written by Brian Shea
Brian – vocals/guitar.

My tribute to the great Jimmy Campbell one of my favorite songwriters, another man who deserved much more success than he received, he recorded with a number of mersey bands in the 60s and recorded three classic solo LPs in the late 60s early 70s and also made the wonderful power pop album Yes It Is with the band Rocking Horse. Sadly he is know longer with us. “He should have been a star just like me.”

13/ Captain Coma written by Brian Shea

 Brian- vocals/guitar. Gary– Bass. Dan- percussion. Ant – Percussion.

This track was recorded towards the end of the ten weeks if I remember correctly, and we were at the stage of equipment falling apart, and part of the percussion on this was Dan beating Ants settee with a broken mic stand whilst I was strutting around the room with the other part of it in a Freddie Mercury type way recording the vocals. “But I kept my shirt on.”

14/ New York Girl written by Brian Shea/ Gary Storey

   Dan- vocals/violin. Gary- guitar/bass. Ant -percussion.

I did not play on this as Gary was a much better guitarist than me. Another case of the vocal mic not working and it kept cutting out as we recorded it, but due to me insisting we stick with the only one vocal take allowed we have this strange slightly scary take. Dan was as mad as hell by the end of it as you can tell with the last line; probably the only line that is fully audible. This is one of my fave tracks on the LP.  “As my pathetic life unfurls.”

15/ She In The Sun written by Brian Shea

   Brian- vocals/guitar. Dan -percussion. Brendan Bannon – Lead Guitar.

Another song with cousin Brendan on lead guitar. Recorded the same night we did merseybeat memories  – not my fave song on the LP, my vocal really is quite poor. The percussion is Dan playing a Wok with a wooden spoon: just give me some of that wok n roll music. “She walks in the summer rain and confuses my religion.”

16/ Fine written by Brian Shea

Brian- vocals/guitar.  Dan – Keyboards/effects.  Ant/Leslie breaking up.

This was another no show night by Gary. Ant was there with his soon to be ex girlfriend. A song about the coming to the end of a relationship was ideal for this nights recording as the atmosphere was pretty hostile around Ants that night. I recorded the vocal whilst accompanied by Ant and Leslie giving each other death stares. They had an argument in the kitchen which myself and Dan recorded on one of the tracks unknown to them and we used it very quietly running throughout the finished song. A work of true darkness. “There’s no passion anymore just friction. When did this habit turn from a addiction.”

17/ Honeypie written by Brian Shea
Brian/vocals/guitar/percussion. Gary – bass. Dan- percussion/screams/violin. Jade- vocals.

A track you will either love or hate Dans then girlfriend Jade shared the mic with myself and I found it quite awkward singing such a suggestive song with my sons 17 year old girlfriend, but it again added to the tension. I wanted this song to sound like an outtake from the Velvet Underground white light white heat album; something quite hard to listen to. We recorded everything live on the vocal mic and then just played it back loudly and redid the instrumental parts recoding it all over again. It worked; it gave the feeling of chaos and also fed back like fuck. After we finished recording I remember Gary coming up to me and saying “now you have that out of your system can we go back to writing and recording properly like we used to?” He left a year later. 

This was my LP really: like Brian Wilson used the Beach Boys to make Pet Sounds, I used the Bordellos to make Debt Sounds.

Adorations -Brian Bordello vol 3

10 more albums i adore , the 3rd in my series of 10 . albums i love and have influenced and soundtrack my life both musically and otherwise . .please read this and check out all my other adorations and others chosen by other artists /figures from the musaical underground . and check out the latest Bordellos comp . I Hate Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett https://open.spotify.com/album/3mHx3GcCleBpjfBJT6yZAo?si=MsqxAwIlQHms-ylVX_Gprg

or buy my much ignored cd with the talented Ted Clark https://bordelloclark.bandcamp.com/album/atlantic-crossing

or my solo acoustic albums https://open.spotify.com/artist/0a0VTTsWJDnAmhnIL65KgK?si=QMw1CfnOShGQ872U4cOunw

Julian Cope – Skellington 

This is the second Julian Cope lp to make my Adorations the 1st can be found in my first set of 10, this lp could well be the most influential on the bordellos and how we make music .stripped down a bit wayward at times full of humour darkness almost just sketches and ideas of songs that could be coloured in and built on . but who on earth has time for that . this is a most extraordinary album . it is the work of throw away genius “out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed ” “Robert Mitchum ” pure magic from one of the greatest artists to ever grace the world stage . when Julian Cope is dead he will be held in the same esteem as Scott Walker is today mark my words.

Scott Walker – Tilt 

talking of Scott Walker ,Tilt a album of supreme wonder ,has there ever been an album that sounds like Tilt ,Mozart meets Nine Inch Nails .this is one of my most played albums ever .this album was released when i lived in Pontypool in South Wales and i bought it the day it was released  and i think i must have played it nearly every day  for three years whilst i lived there .For Scott Walker is my big musical hero and waited for years for this to be released .i spent most of 1992 listening just to Scott and really nobody else . and i was not at all disappointed when i first heard it unlike a lot of Scott Walker fans who wanted the Scott Walker of old singing about love lost and found and the strange characters that lived in his world , and why not for there was no-one better singing and writing songs on such subjects . but he taught me follow your own path in music and not to follow other peoples expectations music is art .after all .if people like your music all well and good if they don’t fuck em .

Belle And Sebastian -If Your Feeling Sinister 

i came across this when i worked in Virgin records i was on the early morning shift putting out the new releases for that week and this cover fascinated me so i put it on and was knocked sideways by the song writing and the sound of the album   ,i was  29 years old and just moved back from South Wales and i got this for my 30th birthday ,and had just formed the band that would end up being called the Bordellos and this album was how i wanted the bordellos to sound .just a little rougher and shambolic ,. I loved Belle and Sebastian their first two lps and early eps are genius. i personally think they lost something on The Boy With The Arab Strap lp , which they never got back .although still a good band no longer special.

Shack – Waterpistol 

I love the story of this album ,of them recording it and the studio burning down with the master tapes in it only for a DAT copy to be found years later ,so romantically brilliant .  i saw them live around about the time this album was being recorded and they performed alot of the songs on it in their set at the time , you could tell that the songs were special even then and i wondered whatever happened to that album ,so how delighted i was when i found that it was finally being released and was not disappointed ,i was again living in Pontypool when this was released and was one of the reasons i ended up moving back to my home town ,as it just made me feel so homesick . as Mick Head is one of the finest songwriters who’s songs are full of pure North West of England  poetry, I am not afraid to say the first time i heard the track Neighbours it made me weep like Neil Sedaka at the traffic lights ,Shack and Mick Head has made many fine albums but this to me is his masterpiece . 

Lilac Time – Astronauts 

This is the finest album ever to be released on Creation records , an album of untold beauty ,Stephen Duffy of course is one of the great unsung songwriters of the last 50 years or so , he has never really been given his due , the critics holding it against him that he was one of the founder members of Duran Duran and then years later had the cheek to make millions by co-writing a Robbie Williams album ,in-between these two things he has released a slew of fine albums whether they be solo lps or by the Lilac Time . this is not even my favourite lp by him ,but it is still brilliant an album that takes his love of the Beatles , Nick Drake and Ray Davies to the ultimate extreme . this album is so pastoral so English ,which is a fine way to describe Stephen Duffy’s song writing . he also made a magnificent album with Nigel Kennedy an absolute beauty . which again did him no favours with the critics.  

The Zombies – Odessey And Oracle 

quite simply to my mind the greatest psych lp ever made an album of pure bewitchery from one of my favourite ever bands ,  i love that when they were making this album, they knew they were going to split up and really did not give a flying fuck what people thought of it . another example of a band following their muse and not what is expected or what will sell . and of course, although it never sold at the time and was largely ignored is rightfully now considered one of the greatest albums ever made as is held up there with Pet Sounds and Revolver . 

Gene Vincent and The Bluecaps – Gene Vincent and The Bluecaps 

Has there ever been a sexier album made than this an album of wild unabandoned debauchery ,where can one start with it Catman a song so out there The Birthday Party recorded a cover version and even they did not capture the wildness and darkness of the original , but then again compared to Gene Vincent, Nick Cave is a clean-living hermit  who washes his hair daily and always says his prayers .Gene sings this as always with a voice of an angel but a heart of a distorted anti-Christ ,he is probably along with Scott Walker and John Lennon my favourite male vocalist he has a voice so pure but steeped in sadness and yearning and sex that he really and truly is a one off .   this album also contains the rock a billy classics Crusin and Double-Talking Baby both probably better known by the excellent covers by the Stray Cats again great versions but do not quite meet the high standards of brilliance set by the two original versions on this masterpiece of rock n roll .

Luke Haines – Smash The System 

This is my favourite Luke Haines album ,which in itself tells you how great i think it is as i like all the Luke Haines albums ,everything he has been involved in ,whether it be concept albums about 70’s wrestlers i am especially fond of that one as a uncle was a wrestler in the 70’s ,   or about the Baader Meinhof gang , sadly none of my relatives where in the Baader Meinhof gang  , he was also in the Black Box Recorder who’s first album England Made Me is a work of magic . and all 4 Auteurs albums are very good indeed. but there is something i love about this album ,maybe it is because it is not a concept album ,just an album of very fine unique songs whether they are tributes to The Incredible String Band or Marc Bolan and that is the magic of the man he loves rock n roll and has the key to unlock the box of magic weaving together many genres of music and making them the musical equivalent of Dylans 60;s smirk. 

Rory Storm and The Hurricanes- Live At The Jive Hive March 1960 

This is pure rock n roll a badly recorded gig by the Liverpool legends in a club in Crosby in 1960 on a old reel to reel tape player and rediscovered and released over 50 years later and it is wonderful lo-fi rock n roll it is the Cramps nearly 20 years before the Cramps existed .were Rory Storm and The Hurricanes the first ever psychobilly band it certainly sounds like it going off this album . what a shame it is they only got to release a couple of singles and a few tracks on comps in their lifetime for this is rock n roll brilliance.

Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde

what can one say about the Brillance of Dylan obviously nothing that has not already been said .but all i can say this was the album that kept me sane after being stuck in a caravan with my mother-in-law for a very rainy week in Burnham i suppose it sheds a new light on the meanings of Rainy Day Woman and Stuck inside The Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again . 

Its Like Watching A Crab With A Limp pt 16

The tall lanky poet sighed ,as he looked at the list of bands who are playing the To Pooped Too Pop festival in the Pool Of Live over the Bank Holiday , Rubber Soul , THE inner Workings Of Zen , Lennon Cap , Vague Truimph ,The Rickenbachers , and a load of other bands who would love to be the Beatles playing in a venue that wants to be the Cavern . .how is he ever going to save his sanity all those second hand pleasant melodies filling the air , bands closing their eyes as they sing putting there chins in the air singing songs of love lost and found and using Sunshine as a metaphor for happiness .he really could do without it ,but he promised the blog he would cover the three day event , three days it certainly will seem like an eight day week . At least he might get to see Captain Marvel and his infamous jaw line pout as he discovers another band always a joy to behold as he will describe the bands music as tunefully angular in his Calmer Than Karma blog ,tTthe local BBC introducing dj will be there introducing himself to any young female he sets his eyes and other body parts on ,coming on like a Jimmy Saville tribute act. The once all-powerful Gnome will no doubt be there bemoaning the death of is once all powerful blog TIT [This Is Top] that went down in a burst of flames when photos were circulated of him blacked up doing a Sammy Davis Jnr impression at the height of the black lives matter campaign . Yes indeed it is going to be filled with so much annoyance and good vibes so many bands holding their guitars high and not being a synth in sight so much jangle not a bum note or untuned guitar in earshot everything ship shape and ready to go a whitewashed version of the magic of musics golden decades loads of guitar bands and none of them being influenced by The Fall so much self-celebratory back slapping and telling each other how good their band was as if there is a difference between any of the bands   , he will have to escape and watch Nigel Havers who has been mistakenly booked to do a talk on how bad the one and only LA’S album is ,no doubt an interesting point of view … it is like watching a crab with a limp .

The Bordellos – I Hate Pink Floyd Without Syd Barrett -album


This album was released on record store day ,only available on download and stream ,as most people know the Bordellos are contrary buggers ,so why celebrate a day that has turned from a love of the record store to a day that is used to sell product ..lets celebrate music . so this compilation is a celebration of music and my love for it and also a tribute to those old wonderful lps released on the MFP label ,those wonderful cheap and cheerful lps ,those very strange put together compilations , i got into Syd Barrett through the MFP released Pink Floyd Relics album . so found it apt to have our I Hate Pink Floyd Without Syd Barrett as the title track . I want this lp to be a way for people to discover the vast catalogue of the Bordellos ,to hear this album and think these are probably one of the best bands that do not get played on the radio enough or written about in blogs enough . a band that are contrary buggers who should also not just appeal to other contrary buggers ,but to pop lovers everywhere . as this comp proves we are a fine and original pop band who have a gift for a witty line and heartbreaking melody . just because sometimes it sounds like it was recorded on an electric kettle with a frayed wire ,does not mean it is  not the topper most of the popper most  as of course it is .. so please i hope you enjoy this lovely comp of our love to music songs


The Cardboard Box Beatle chooses his least favourite Beatles album and the most Underrated Beatles Album

I am not going to say that i do not like the Beatles album Abbey Road as i do like it, but it is by far my least liked Beatles album , to me it is missing something it is missing the spirit and adventure and magic replaced by well played and produced comerciallity  it is saved by the two George songs[which do include the magic]  which again speaks volumes when the two best songs on a Beatles album are by George Harrison and not Lennon or McCartney something is just not right yes Something in the way it moves is just not right . The medley that takes up the second side is all well and good and very polished and sprightly but the people who rave about the medley are probably the same people who say that the White album should have been a single album knocking off the Why Don’t We Do It In The Road “and their ilk maybe if those songs from the White album where taken and whitewashed with a sheen of well-produced white wash they may have thought differently . Abbey Road has Octopuses Garden and Maxwells Silver Hammer on it , how can an album that includes those two songs be anyones favourite Beatles album has always confused me , it also includes Oh Darling which by Beatles standards is average at best and i have never really been a huge fan of Come Together either a decent enough track but lines stolen  from Chuck Berry and a great bass riff are all well and good  but really we are talking about the Beatles not the Rolling Stones. I would defiantly place Abbey Road as the worst Beatles album not counting Yellow Submarine as that is one side of George Marin and his orchestra ,even the sometimes-derided Beatles for Sale [which i love] is by far superior it has a dourness and miserableness weariness that the Beatles where not ever again match No Reply .I;m A Loser, Babys In Black ,there is such a dark quality to that album i find really appealing and so in my opinion is probably if there is such a thing as an underrated Beatles album Beatles for Sale is It . i am pretty much sure that a lot of people will disagree as Abbey Road is a lot of people fave Beatles album or in their top three , and Beatles For Sale is often overlooked probably because of the qualities i like about it .. but everybody has an opinion on the Beatles and long may it continue

The Cardboard Box Beatle album cand be bought from 


and streamed from  https://open.spotify.com/album/5PO9JYHz8L4eZWqFJkMziI?si=XIWkG9UAQQa63HSe4uRlRw

Cardboard Box Beatle album Sleeve notes

The Cardboard Box Beatle was recorded in 40 minutes after writing the songs over a number of weeks lyrics coming to me as i walked to town and back  avoiding travelling on public transport and going to pick up my furlough checks from the job i had for 18 years which i soon would be made redundant from and going to and from hospital and the walk in center for various tests having time on your hands and a failing body will do wonders for your art i have found . music was my go to as it has been most of my life it has been my comfort blanket for many a year as mentioned in the True Meaning Of Love a song that deals with me turning my back on the catholic faith and finding the true meaning of love through song and not the sadistic teachings and beatings dealt out by the monks and teachers who taught at my all boy catholic high school..and once again during lockdown and my nine months of furlough gave me plenty of time to think and dwell on the past and future and to lose myself in the power of song both writing and listening ,Bloom De Wilde.s songs made a great impression on me at this time a young lady who has a mystical earth child quality to her music which i paid tribute to in “Flowerchild” and many other artists new and old kept my spirits up.The Cardboard Box Beatle album is of course the third and probably final acoustic solo album Nick Drake did three and after all “Yes I Am The New Nick Drake” and Syd Barrett did two but with Opel it is three and Julian Cope has made three Skellington albums and as this album is my attempt to finally make an album that will stand shoulder to shoulder with those three great artists ,whether i have achieved that or not i will let you decide .. but i am pretty happy with it and a nice way to sign off.. 

Atlantic crossing – Your New Favourite Album

I have not really done this album justice promotion wise i have been busy with real-time daily work since it was released at the end of September working 50 hours plus a week running a charity shop mostly single handed and in the spare time i have not been asleep i have been writing reviews for others music for the Monolith Cocktail . So, the hours i normally spend sending tracks and the album to djs and blogs/mags has not really happened and i feel more than a little guilty about it as Think Like A Key /Dippy records have spent money on the pressing and creating the beautiful looking and sounding cd ,in fact it is indeed a work of art . A work of art filled with beautiful sometimes dark songs of love ,life and regrets it includes i feel some of my best songs Dreams Of Rock n roll Stars , Sunshine Rain girl ,16 , being three of my personal favourites and people who have heard and bought the album have complimented me and Ted Clark with some lovely messages ,some saying they never really here music like this anymore and sounds completely different to anything else , which i feel may be the problem ,it is not an album that will jump out at you it is an album that will creep up and get under your skin and an album that one day you will fall in love with , Bordello And Clark are two middle aged men who have just made one of the most beautiful albums of radio unfriendly pop music you are likely to hear or not hear as the case may be, we are not Wet Leg who are this year’s middle aged  man’s blog writers wet dream ,so i know what we are up against we are not as predictable sounding as them and certainly not as pretty although we both are quite dashingly handsome in our own way . but these days making beautiful underground works of lo-fi art pop does not really float radio programmers’ boats , so all i am asking for is give it a listen and then once you have give it a listen give it another one as it is an album you will grow attached to i promise you to quote the lovely Dandelion Radio Jeff Grainger who made it one of his albums of the year . “There is some kind of magic going on”. it is indeed an album that casts a spell .. available to buy from https://bordelloclark.bandcamp.com/album/atlantic-crossing or if you have some post Christmas Amazon vouchers you are at a loss what to get with them https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09BKB96M2/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_G1NRW5H1946GFAPF5JG1?fbclid=IwAR1sxX3T_-th9JG54kqLj9lIEskknyJVUUkUo0UXkRzPEQrmaepRPw58LuA or if the evil Spotify is your thing https://open.spotify.com/album/57MKFUI8kXlBnYjx0LN5FB?si=pyLR49vCQk2I-AN0ju3L0w

Let The Motherfuckers save this Art Form Called Rock N Roll .

The Bordellos have just released a brand new ep called rock n Roll is dead and why is it called that .well because rock n roll is nearly dead ,it is nearly no longer alive and kicking .and i just want to bring some attention to the blandness that is killing it , All the old heroes are dying , we no longer have Mark E Smith ,we no longer have David Bowie , we no longer have even Pete Burns .instead we are still being served up the usual dried prune like guitar blandness by the dried up prune like music blogs ,who bore the few readers they have left with rehashes of the same guitar chords the same tunings the same old same old , the whiter than white moral pc brigade those who no longer listen to the smiths because Morrissey is a cunt . Those who championed Black lives matter but never actually wrote about black artists .just the same white guitar music by the same old bands who are just the same but with different names and different coloured t-shirts . not all music has to sound the same it can have darkness and light it can have sex and humour it can be unpc , it can and should take risks , it should make you feel excited it should be able to bring a smile to ones face and a tear to one’s eye , it should speak to your heart and your feet and your mind  it should make your dick stand erect or your vagina moist , it does not matter if it was recorded by a 15 year old virgin or a 65 year old reprobate it does not matter if it was recorded on a microphone on a webcam or in a 64 track studio , with a 64 piece orchestra or on a 5 string badly out of tune guitar , it should not matter mr blog writers if it was sent by some PR company with a big label behind it or a self-release and a email from the artist. Let’s be honest the next big artist will probably self-release first before any big label gets involved , for big labels are usually run by sterile accountants . same with the big radio stations and the professionally run blogs . they do not want to take a risk on  a unknown as these people care about the penny the advertising they have had all the adventure sucked out of them there are bands/artrists out there who still excite me and that is why i say that rock n roll is nearly dead , but these bands i never read about in the blogs .i never or very rarly hear on big radio shows . they suffer from the same syndrome as the bordellos which i call the motherfucker syndrome . they are talented and original free thinking artists  free thinking motherfuckers . yes artists , as music is an art that i think that some people and bands forget the fact or never knew the fact in the first place same with so many blog editors and radio programmers and people who run some record labels . music is an artform and that artform will die unless the unimaginative blandheads who run the establishment begin to realise that  the future of rock n roll is in the hands hearts and minds of the motherfuckers , who may upset people  may not always play the game will not always follow the true path will make you sometimes have to actually listen to te music and not just read the press release bands artists that know that the box was made to think outside of  not to hold you imprisoned .so please wise up and live a little you dried up little cunts. 

Bordello And Clark -Atlantic Crossing -musings

Bordello and Clark’s Atlantic Crossing is an album of regrets and could and should have been’s a celebration of melancholy the workings of two middle aged men separated by 3000 miles but joined by their love and belief in the magic and art of Rock n roll , Atlantic Crossing has songs carefully picking at the heart strings, songs of first love “Sixteen” “Wrong Country Girl” songs of distorted heartache and self-disgust and pure lust “Gedge” of dark depressions “Watching The Garden Grow” “Sunshine Rain girl “and the best song i in my opinion i have ever written or probably will ever write “Dreams Of Rock N Roll Stars “and others that meticulously pick on the scab of nostalgia memories and  flashbacks to things you thought had been forgotten but instead have been festering at the back of your mind waiting for the time to spring forth and alternate in kicking your heart and gut into a state of pure submission .  If i said this album was an easy listen i would probably be telling lies ,it is pure Lo-Fi but in a way that Joe meek was pure Lo-Fi it has the same warm sensory feel that washed out of 304 Holloway Road in fact Dreams Of ROCK n Roll Stars” could be the closest thing to have captured the Meek magic in many a year . but that is down to the genius of Ted Clark and his careful layering of the 4 track tape recordings making such a beautiful woozy melodrama of a track and album . i have high hopes for this album which ultimately i know will lead to disappointment heartache and soul searching but for once that will fit perfectly in with the Atlantic Crossing . Atlantic Crossing can be pre -ordered from here .   https://dippy.biglink.to/atlanticcrossing?fbclid=IwAR3ZCz33ExZpMhJKs9L8xhwy85ntD2YPg0lYloEt4Hw6utGvIReuOTvTCr4

Rudy Now & The Negative Cutters Exclusive Business album review

The Debut album from the excellently named Rudy Now & The Negative Cutters is an album that will appeal to fans of the Occult Character as they mow the same patch of grass they drink from the same side of a cracked cup ,distorted lyrical hipsway and bubbles blown from a broken nose expound . loud guitars satanic vocals “collapse” sounds like a wrong number phone call from Beelzebub and reminds you .There is something rewarding listening to the soundtrack of fraying artistic mind “Anti-Human League” could be Tom Waits attempt at making an ambient track ,Down Below the sound of Rolf Harris being slowly launched into Outerspace armed only with a stylophone. This is not an album that will appeal to many ,but it appeals to me and lets be honest that is all that matters. https://metalpostcard.bandcamp.com/album/rudy-now-the-negative-cutters-exclusive-business