Its Like Watching A Crab With A Limp pt 10

its like watching a crab limp – it was a slim birched tongue witness that delighted in the beauty of her second song, all unwrapped kisses and forgotten fairytails wrapped in the bubblegum wrapper of mystic flake bliss . She was there to entertain to sing the songs that make her life worth living to bring the curtain down on all the saddness in  her life . Her memories both haunt and taunt her  twist her so badly that she has trouble sleeping at night . how she wishes she could ask him one last time what was it like what was it like to being love with the prettiest girl the girl one day he would marry or thought he would marry ,but she put paid to that falling for the rock n roll rebel part James Dean part Sid Vicious , he played bass in the Lost Rats the then up and coming psychobilly goth outfit from The Pool Of Life but that was so long ago now he has not been part of her life since he ran off with Plane Jane the girl with bingo wings .how she hated the both of them .and how she regretted treating the lanky cult poet the way she did ,he was such a beautiful soul with the talent to both amuse and delight she has never stopped loving him but she fell in love with someone else who she thought was a better bet someone who could offer her all the rock n roll excitement a girl could want, all lanky cult poet could offer was the shy smile and inner warmth only a man who worshipped the ground she walked on could offer ,what a fool she was . she still occasionally sees him and when she does she misses those late teen years of being in love with the most handsome man she ever set eyes on , and how she hoped she caught all the wayward feelings of torture and bliss in her second song  “oh  You Sexy Cunt you “

Occult Character – Chittering Noises

Here we have the brand new Occult Character lp . yes another one, this time a all acoustic guitar affair ,once again proving my previous claim correct that Occult is the most important songwriter in the USA today 13 songs in 15 minutes strumming through short songs dealing with the subjects of abortion ,having the shits, being nice to people,among many others all written and sang in Occults inimitable style.
What i love about Occult Character is his point on accuracy of his lyrics and his talent for finding the bizarreness of everyday living especially him contemplating and commentating on life in a Trump led America with a verve and shambolic dark humour all of his own.This album and the  sister piece lp to  this  “The Cult Of Ignorance” released on Metal Postcard Records earlier in the year should  be downloaded  by all American Schools and stored away and in ten years time played to the students as part of their American History lessons. This is another must have album of 2019 and may come to be seen as one of the most important and influential and considered a cult classic in the years to come .

Graham Domain – Fragments Of Light

Graham Domain is a acquired  taste i suppose, why i do not know as everyone needs some dark weird music in their drab lives a ideal cross taste cannon submerge of Tom  Waits, Bela Lugosi and Brian Cant naked massaging the tears out of a neglected and abused cabbage patch doll. stray keyboard drifts beautifully over simple programmed drum machines whilst duetting with the memory of a long lost lover memories of tasting your alcohol on her lips and tongue , the ghost of her naked form haunting the side of the bed that once belonged to her .
This mini lp as has been the other two Graham Domain releases this year are really must be heard lps that sadly are not being heard why i really do not know maybe they are just too strange or just too emotional or simply people are not getting to know or hear about  them .so if you are reading this review . give it a listen and tell your friends .

Its like watching a crab with a limp pt 9

its like watching a crab with a limp – you sometimes do not know the pain the other person is feeling so you sit and watch the cabbaged light sore fly into the fading darkness of a non known beauty scab a picked pleasure of no-one’s enticement . just s sure fly prize guy way of looking at things so Argos Wank fingers his keyboard as he attempts to play along with teenage you tube girl as she strums her Christmas acoustic guitar ,how is she not a star thinks Argos Wank she is beautiful she has pert little tits and a smile he would love to wake up to every morning he loves it when she covers” Get Lucky” if only he thinks.
Argos Wank is not a peadophile he just comes across as one, he may be in his late 50’s but he knows a thing or to about music he appreciates a pretty face and a pretty voice how he would love to start his own record label he would not just release his own prog dance easy listening crossover music . but also music of the young you tube starlets he both comes and cums across he would call his label Sticky Keyboard and release music on all the platforms all the download and streaming sites would feature his you tube crushes , maybe he could produce and arrange their music become the modern day Phil Spector or Joe Meek he has his own bedroom studio and knows a thing or two about production he produces his own music after all . he has his savings he took early retirement from teaching music in that girls convent school after there was that misunderstanding with one of the six formers . Just how hard can it be starting a record label he needs to give something back to music .there is just to much talent not getting the attention they deserve and he is ready to give them the attention they deserve ..fuck it he thinks i am going to start Sticky Keyboard records . as he reaches for another mansize tissue.

Its like watching a Crab With A limp pt 8

Its like watching a crab with a limp Lanky  middle aged cult band poet walks around slum town soaking up its lack of atmosphere killing time before it is time to spend another morning at work were he will daydream of one day being able to make some money out of this music lark , his music publisher jokes it is only a matter of time that he will be discovered and proclaimed the songwriting genius he is in no doubt is only problem being he will either be dead or too senile to care. Music publisher only half joking suggested that he does not try and record his new lp on a old electric kettle with frayed lead and try using a studio with a producer and everything. of course offering this suggestion only in semi jest brings it all home to him just how little hope he has of ever competing in this day of sparkle and shine blandness were the urge to try something different is frowned opon were the urge of artistic integrity is seen as self sabotage as willfully not wanting to succeed , when in fact Lanky middle aged cult band poet wants to succeed with a passion he longs to turn on the radio and hear one of his songs limping out of the radio like a old three legged dog with a strange charm that even the hardest of hearts could not fall in love with . he wants to succeed but on his terms .he does not want to have to agree with the boss brigade at top music blog in the Northwest TIT [This Is Top] or like one of the All Powerful Gnomes facebook pictures of some boss scran to curry favour[even if it is not curry] from the all consuming one [he consumes all boss scran] to get a write up [no matter how badly written ].Deep down he knows he has done himself no favours with his cult forthright views telling local BBC introducing DJ that he played and talked shit was no great career move if he had big tits and a vagina and thirty years younger he may have gotten away with it Local BBC Introducing dj likes his young women to talk dirty to him. Lanky Cult Band Poet looks at his phone ,it is time to stop the wandering around Slum Town avoiding stepping on the homeless in the doorway to the luxury flats that few can afford and those who can do not want to live in and head into work were the serious business of daydreaming can begin.

Bloom De Wilde- Rock Plant And Animal -single review

Bloom De Wilde makes me happy she is a young lady with a huge future ahead of her  a new breed of pop star [believe me she will be] one with a social conscience who cares in what is happening on and what is happening  to this crazy planet we live .
This fine 2nd single from the  Bloom De Wilde finds her as the next serious contender for great quirky outsider female artist with a message and style of her own and how we need one in this day and age. the 70’s/80’S  there was Kate Bush the 90’s Bjork came onto the scene we then had Joanna Newsome come along in the early noughties and now we have Bloom De Wilde to make things fun and strange once again .”Rock Plant and Animal “is a spellbinding trip of beauty hope and nature a truly blissful gentle ride into the fascinating world of  Bloom De Wilde one i advise all music lovers young and old a like to pay a visit.

In The Kingdom Of The Broken The Bordellos Lost Album

This lp In The Kingdom Of The Broken . was recorded over a weekend in the summer of 2009 by myself and Dan .it was originally planned to be the follow up to to Debt Sounds  but for various reasons we never released it . and then sort of lay forgotten about .until found on a unlabeled cdr a few days ago.
It was recorded using the Mic on a webcam recorder to record everything just plugged into the home pc . if we wanted to use electric guitar we just put the mic in front of the amp same with the keyboards . percussion .Stylophone,thumb piano and everything else we used.
I really like the feel to this lp i like that you can hear our two sadly no longer with us birds tweeting on it Killer the budgie and Bob the cockatiel the pc was next to the birdcage it adds to the strange homemade feel and warmness the lp has .
The songs are quite dark dealing with the subjects of depression .poverty{some things never change] , heartache ,things you regret doing other things you regretted not doing musically stumbling from early period fall “Lloyd The Anti-Christ”to the folk of Nick Drake “Persian Princess” a song written in my head in the back of a car traveling to a gig the bordellos were playing in london and that song always reminds me of the busy streets and passing strangers stuck in traffic that hot saturday afternoon, one pf my favourite songs i have written.
In The Kingdom Of The Broken features the sound of two Bordellos making a lp they wanted to make with the equipment they had at hand at the time in the limited time they had to make it , my old Harmony acoustic missing a tuning head a broken webcam mic . my then 10 year old daughters argos keyboard a old five watt guitar amp a bag nicked from Ants with various  broken pecrcussion instruments [why he kept them one never knows] and my
old 60s Gretsch guitar .
I could say this is the best lp you will hear in 2019 and i might be fibbing but if i said this is the best lp you will hear recorded in 2009 in our dining room and only released in 2019 .it would be a fact .
it can be downloaded for free . so i would give it a go ..a lp of lofi soul .