The Death Of Brian

My first solo lp is nearly two weeks old , recorded over a few sessions in my son’s old bedroom on just one track of a old tascam 4 track mini studio , basically just recorded by myself singing into a condensor mic ,with my acoustic guitar ,the guitar not plugged in just picking up what i played as i sang,
I wanted to make the most fragile intimate soul baring lp i could as the more i listen to modern music the more i fret that the true beauty of music is being forgotten , There are some brilliant records being made but how many do you truly believe , there has been the odd exception this year Julian Copes Skellington 3 lp is a wonderful lp capturing the sound of a sixty year old man celebrating his past in a low key way ,and the wonderful new Schizo Fun Addict lp captures the nostalgic beauty of Summers gone .
I wanted to make a lp that sounded like the person making it meant it ,to make people get the same feeling i have whenever i hear a bootleg John Lennon home demo from the 70’s like this ,
My Death Of Brian lp is a lp full of love songs to people and places i have loved and some i still do love .love songs to the power and life saving magic that music does posses and love songs to the artists that make it ,songs of heartbreaking beauty and beauty in the sadness of heartbreak .
whether i achieved it or not i will let you decide i would like to thank Sean at Metal Postcard records for encouraging me to make it , he told me to record it send it to him and he had so much faith in me he would not even listen to it first ,he would release whatever i sent him . which in this day and age is virtually unheard of .
The lp can be downloaded from the normal download sites including the metal postcard Bandcamp page.
and also can be listened to on spotify


Lou Terry- Week Of Cows

I know nothing about Lou Terry ,i just stumbled over the track as it is a new release on the Metal Postcard record label. what i can tell you if you love lofi which i of course do you will love this.
Imagine if you will early 80s post punk liverpool and Robert Forster from the Go Betweens getting aquainted over a cheap electric guitar and synth ,yes it is as good as it sounds , also there is not enough coughing on records ,
I Would recommend you give this a listen and then download the lo/fi gem worth $2 of anyone#s money.

The Moth Poets -Doll – lp review

The Moth Poets – Doll – The latest release from the wonderful Bearsuit records finds The Moth Poets entering the realms of off the cuff musical magic with a sublime lp, the lp kicking off in fine style with the wonderful title track Doll a track worthy of Luke Haines at his most out there
that track is followed by Someone to put a timebomb in my submarine once more a fine guitar driven piece of slacker rock funk which chimes with twin guitar not heard since the glory days of Thin Lizzy . which is joined by squalling synths and feedback and one of those rare tracks at over 5 minutes that could be longer .
Any lp with a song title called The Shabby Gentlemen cannot be anything other than one of the lps of the year and this lp is indeed one of those along side the also Bearsuit released Bunny And The Invalid Singers Fear Of The Horizon lp . both lps share a
refreshing experimental nature without forgetting that music is to be also enjoyed and i can imagine both fans of Abba and Sigur Ros would enjoy this lp in equal measure . great stuff indeed it from here .. you will not be disappointed.

Revisiting The Bordellos past pt 2 a track by track rundown of Its Lofi Folk Off Vol 2

Another track by track rundown this time of our free to download Its Lofi Folk Off Vol 2 .. just by myself this time Dan must have been busy..
its lo fi folk off vol 2 track by track rundown from brian bordello
1– waltz with the dead written this after seeing a very strange 70’s film based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe .. it was’nt a very good film but liked the imagery and influenced this. musically its the same old Leonard Cohen , nick cave influences but very pleased with Dan’s keyboards almost Philip Glass like.. and also pleased i got to mention single bed by fox in the lyrics

2== spank Spencer

a very old bordellos song which i wrote years ago but never got around to recording it, but we have played it live a number of times .. influenced by the marks and Spencers billboard adverts that was around years ago announcing your new m&s .. i obviously thought what if MArks and Spencars started doing bondage gear ..this could be the jingle, i play acoustic and sing , Dan plays bass and percussion and handclaps of course[Dan does love his hand claps ] ant plays some fine harmonica…

3– sepiatoned

written and sung by Dan ,he also plays guitar and percussion , i play bass and ant does the backing vocals .. i love the middle part in this when it goes all flying pickets like..

4=hippy heaven

this is one of my faves on the lp , written many years ago maybe about 25 years ago when i was in a band called hubba hubba and always loved it. lyrics where co written with the old singer of hubba hubba carbs ..had great fun recording this only came around as i started to play it as ant made a cup of tea and dan started to play along with the strange chord organ riff .so we thought lets record it ..ant was’ not amused at first as he thought it silly.. but whenever has being silly stopped us.. it amuses me as ant still longs us to be more Steely Dan like..


this was recorded years ago which we included on either the ltd edition nobody want to shag the bordellos cd or stuck inside with the bordellos blues again cd.. there was only 3 copies of each ..which we gave as prizes in the old my space days when we used to have bordello prize raffles..a dreamy little folk song ,which includes the opening line i want to slip inside Pandora’s box [always had a carry on element in the bordellos] dan wanted this on the lp as it fitted and deserves to be out there for all to hear,,

6–onion king

the darkest song on the lp just i sing and play on it , another old song that we never got around to recording.. based on a old story i used to carry around in my wallet cut out of the st Helens star local paper ..about award winning allotment gardener reg who was called onion king reg .the photo had reg with two very huge onions placed between his legs the photo had the caption onion king reg with his two weighty specimins….wish i still had the photo..

7–doing it wrong

i had nothing to do with this one ,written and sang by Dan ,he also plays the acoustic guitar on it, a lovely old late sixties Italian acoustic ,which now only has 4 strings and all tuned to the strange key of Dan . .Ant again plays some fine harmonica on this.

8.==chase away the sun.

again this was recorded years ago and originally included on the same cd as Pandora , it again fits the lp so thought we would put it on here.really like the lyrics and the melody and Dans keyboards are great i have always like the lines turn the radio off it’s playing too many Motown songs , baby love has been aborted this broken heart should’nt be rewarded turn the radio down .. because in my mind i always imagined a sixties soul band like the four tops singing this. the soulful side of the bordellos ..hold on i feel a new lp coming on..

9–sentimental songs

my fave track off he lp .. i don;t think my great love for 50’s music shows that much in bordellos songs , but i think this one shows the influences ,i wanted to write a buddy holly type ballad , it was dan’s idea for the doo wop backing vocals that both Dan and ant do very well .. its a song i am very proud of and i don’t slag anyone off in the lyrics ..which is becoming more of a rarity these days..

anyway i hope you like the lp .. it is of course free to download please do.

Revisiting The Bordellos Past pt 1 – Track by track rundown of the Ronco Revival Sound LP .

Here ia a track by track rundown of the Bordellos 2013 lp Ronco Revival lp in my mind the best Bordellos lp and only released on cd . this rundown was from 2014 by myself and Dan .. it really is a great lp . and if you have a spare £6 well worth purchasing ,released on Daddy Tank Records ..
The Bordellos
18 February 2014 ·
brian and dan bordello discussing the making of ronco revival sounds lp..
ronco revival sound track by track run down by brian and dan bordello

1 ronco revival sound —- a song looking back at the excitment of growing up and the radio being one of the most important things in your life .the lyrics where co written by myself and dan .i originally wrote them but when we where recording the music to the track we soon relised we were short of two lines every verse dan wrote the last two lines in every verse , iplay the guitar on this and the bass dan plays drums, keyboards . and lead vocals ..he i think had three attempts at recording the vocals the first version he had a strange welsh tilt to his voice , i put down to him being half welsh or the fact that that he had been listening way to much to the manic street preachers .. the second he started to sing like brett anderson in a mockney dialect ..after my laughter subsided[ much to his annoyance] ..i finally got him to sing in the voice we all know and a ideal world this would be played on every station in the land ..but as i have been inforrmed by a bbc dj it will not get airplay as it includes the gg word in the first line ..yes gary glitter ..glitter the new cunt.. or the old cunt whichever way you look at it.. . oh ant bordello supplied the horse impressions on this track..

Dan Bordello: That sounded nothing like any of Suede and he knows it. That welsh lilt is still in the finished track to my ears, partly down to my manics fan-ness and partly down to the fact I learned to speak in wales….something you’d think my dad would realise, bless him. “nostalgia’s just not what it used to be” is the key line in this song, no prizes for guessing that was one of mine: I’m still too young to be nostalgic. as for that bbc dj…well, judging by the presence of homophobic hip-hop and misogynistic rock tracks on the airwaves there’s no little hypocrisy there. Child molesters you’re allowed to mention include roman polanski and jimmy page. I think there’s something of Edwyn Collin’s Keep On Burning in this song.

2— another song named deborah .. this song is a love song to the mythical goddess of music deborah ..from t rex to beck have wanted to kiss deborahs neck .. to quote my own lyrics.. why is there so many songs called deborah .. its a question that is needing asking and i am asking it in song. ..i play acoustic guitar on this and take lead vocals , dan and ant do the harmony vocals and ant also plays a toy plastic whistle ..the lead guitar is played by our irish cousin brendan bannon ..who only could be bothered to tune the top string so it is all played on that one string..[talented chap]

Dan Bordello: This is yet another song where at refuses to play a useful instrument, and he persists in not learning. Recording the harmonies there was a funny moment where i attempted a falsetto I’m highly unlikely to manage this lifetime. This is certainly folkier than I’m used to. Cringed slightly on first listening to it back to be honest, wishing I’d recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar separately.

3— fruitcakes and furry collars— i wrote the lyrics on this and dan the music i play the repetitve guitar riff which i admit to stealing from the old creedence song born on the bayou, apart from the riff and my lead vocals dan plays everything else apart from harmonica which ant played..another song about the power and magic of music and the way a song can transport you back to a place only memories live.. the title of the song i ripped off a compilation lp you could only get through the old music magazine melody maker in the 80’s a fine compilation lp that included tracks by pulp and edwyn collins and the jazzeteers and loads of jangle bands .. saying that this sounds more beta bandish ..

Dan Bordello: This was recorded towards the end of the period of time the album was being made, and some of the gloomy feel comes from the atmosphere in ant’s house at that particular time. Some of it comes from my almost pathological inability to write anything upbeat. Shame more from this period didn’t pop up as this is where i really start to “grow up” as a producer. The synth sounds on this all come from a processed casio keyboard, which was more painstakingly done in the mix process than anything else. Talk about skewed priorities.

4— kinky dee.. the first track we recorded for the lp we recorded over 40 but only put 11 on the lp.. all garage rockness and lo fi shabling .. written by myself and dan in a couple of minutes a brief snapshot of a beautiful girl dancing alone to sixties garage rock 45’s i play rythm guitar , dan plays the lead and the bass and ant percussion one of my fave ever bordellos songs.. its ant you can hear saying ..i;m done the end of the track..

Dan Bordello: “garage rock is your life”. eurgh. Where we get away with all these retro references i think is we’re very much kept alive by and in thrall to the awful power of pop music, not painstakingly recreating it. Garage rock fetishists get on my nerves: hunting down that old equipment and paying upwards of a grand for it is the exact opposite of that ethos. Once more ant shouts something at the end of the track. The only appearance of cowbell on a Bordellos song I think…or definitely a cowbell-ish instrument.

5..— who’s to bame .. written by myself and is a acoustic ballad about a casualty of the manchester aciid scene of the early 90’s ..dan plays keyboards and the song was recorded live in one take.. a lot of the songs on this lp namecheck various pop stars .. this one mentions mark e smith .. why not play a game and see how may you can spot ..

Dan Bordello: ant wasn’t present in the recording of this song but he did show up and bafflingly hand us some burgers from mcdonalds afterwards. The keyboard used on this is the casio from fruitcakes, and all i did was copy a keyboard line played by ant on the original demo from years ago. How the hell do you forget how to play keyboards? But he has. Nutter.

6—sunstorm written by myself and dan i wrote the lyrics and we co wrote the music.. i play the guitar and bass on this dan the backwards guitar and he also takes lead vocals .. ant does the bring me sunshine vocals in his best eric morcombe meets scottwalker having a few to many kind of way..the most psychedelic track on the lp and without being to full of ourselves pisses over the ho hum psych bands of today that are foisted opon us by people who really should no better a flange peddle and the early works of pink floyd does not a psych band make.. or sadly it does it seems.

Dan Bordello: My dad (brian bordello) originally did vocals on this but for some reason unknown to me I wound up replacing them. That’s not actually backwards guitar but guitar played with the same “ethereal” e-bow emulating effect as is later used on temperature drop. I still think the vocals are a bit too high in the mix but it does still piss over most self-conscious psych bands. They can shove their love beads somewhere the age of aquarius will never dawn.

7.. weird k .. written by myself and a love song to my much underrated wife ,who happens to be dans mum .. lucky that saying he is my son.. anyway one of the first songs i ever wrote and recorded many times but never really recorded a good version till now ..another song that should be all over the airwaves .. bbc djs get your fingers out.. i play acoustic and electric guitar and if you listen carefully you will notice neither is in tune [nothing new there i hear ant mumble to himself] dan plays the wonderful keyboards on this track and percussion ant the harmonica .. the deep harmony vocals are by dan .. only he could reach such depths..

Dan Bordello: Not much to say about this one, i think it’s a great pop song, well-written. The lead synth line nearly got dropped from the song, it was hard to mix. Same synth used on this as on the title track, temperature drop and tattoo (i.e. the roland d-50). For ages i kept mishearing “am i the only one can read this complex mind?” as “am i the only one who’s an accomplished mime?”. To which the answer is: “Yes, around here anyway”. Now who’s got James Dean Bradfield syndrome, eh?!

8—nurse the screens—- lyrics by myself and music by myself and dean , a song about the culture of celberity and how people really do not form opinions anymore and rely on the press to do there thinking for them . i could rant on here about all the i’m a c list star please let me adverstise your new easy to use cotton bud range… this was the funniest track to record , thanks to ants i have a idea what this track needs and then proceeds to say oohh matron and nurse the screens in his whispered sexy way[sexy to him] [terrifying for the rest of us] ..i play guitar dan the bass and drums..

Dan Bordello: Celebrity culture indeed poisons everything. I can vouch for the hilarity of the recording of ant’s weird backing vocals on this. We were banished to the kitchen while he did them so our laughter wouldn’t wind up on the track. The worst part was the strange ghost noises he started making. For a time he actually thought this song was about him, which’d make the line “pop-stars lick champagne from your naked rear” a particularly disturbing image. Then again who knows what Kanye really gets up to? The unison scratchy guitar and drum fills on this are way better and post-punkier than we have any right to be. Drums’re a bit loud though. Who the hell is Dean, too?

9—man youve never seen ..written by myself a dark and depressing little ditty influenced by all those wonderful psych folk artists of the sixties early seventies.. i play the acoustic guitar and dan the moody lead electric..ant was playing silly buggers..

Dan Bordello: The opening line “This could be the darkest place I’ve ever been” was reportedly inspired by the state of ant’s house at that time. Now it’s covered in enough garish tat to make John Waters think it’s all a bit kitsch. My guitar part was brutally edited down (by me) as I over-played it, quite an achievement as at the time my guitar playing was iffy a the best of times. Still a few bum notes in there, but no champagne.

10.. tattoo.. the most lofi track on the lp and again one of my faves all garage rock riffs and crazy keyboards .. co written by myself and dan i play the guitar , dan the bass and drums and keyboards ant the harmonica ,very infuenced by the fall and the post punk scene of the early 80’s ..a sarcastic swipe at a lover spurned..includes my fave line of all the songs on the lp.. but i am not saying which one ..

Dan Bordello: What I like about this is the way everything blurs into awall of sound, the guitar and keyboards and harmonica hard to distinguish a times. Of course it ends with ant uttering the word “Twat” through cavernous reverb, as one day the world will. This is one of the few ones mixed partly using Pro-Tools which I used on the course I was doing (not to imply I knew what I was doing on Pro Tools, it was a nightmare). I then wound up being unhappy with the Pro Tools mix and just bunging stuff onto it in Sourceforge such is my all around technical incompetence. We recorded a song called Sunday Sound around this time which is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard and had a whistling solo.

11—temperature drop— written by dan and is probably the most beautiful song on the lp a song about death i think [i could be wrong ]not for the first time.. but dan plays keyboards and sings it quite beautifully a young julian cope .. ooh i think i may be turning into louie walsh .. your the like a young bryan adams otr a young peters and lee..i play the guitar that is going through some effect unit or other.. ant slept on settee as we recorded this he supplied the sleep.. so there we have it a rundown of our ronco revival sounds lp available now from daddy tank records..

Dan Bordello: It’s partly about a dying man’s thoughts and partly about my own paranoia and distrust of most: so an obvious closing track. Yes, ant woke up and shouted “What’re you two cunts doing here? Fuck off!” at us when we were recording, with amusing synchronicity with the line “Will I awake, will I scream?”. He thinks it sounds like Biko by Peter Gabriel, but this is the man who angrily described something as sounding like a “cross between The Fratellis and Chas and Dave”. Buy our record. I can see you not buying it. Go buy it. Yes you. From here: .

What to do with Songs for Cilla To Sing

Songs For Cilla To Sing .. i have not written anything new on this blog for a while now , not that i have not wanted to , just that i have been busy with my many music projects i have been recording a solo lp and another with a American friend as well as playing gigs with my new band Roi and The Bordellos as well and also writing songs for a power pop lp . I also have been trawling through old cassettes looking for past songs i have written as i have finally signed a publishing deal and am at the moment trying to get all my songs together to send to the publisher . which in itself is quite a task . Among the cassettes i found this sticky old ar c 90 tape covered in gunk which had fallen down a back of a kitchen drawer on the cassette were some songs i wrote with Cilla Black in mind to record which i recorded over a couple of nights many years ago on a old tascam 4 track tape portistudio , i made three copies of the tape one for myself another to try and get to cilla to see if she would consider recording the songs and a spare [always wise to have a spare ].
The 1st copy I managed to get to Cilla as my son Dan at the time was in a noise duo with Cilla’s nephew or 2nd cousin or something like that and he passed on the tape . sadly i never got to find what she thought of the songs as the noise duo split up not long after [a noise duo’s life is not a long one] but Dan was waned that she had practically retired from singing anyway at this point . The second copy i sent to a old friend who had asked had i any songs going spare as she wanted to form a band , so i sent over a copy of the tape who recorded some of the songs with her band The Winter Tyres and one of the songs from the tape ended up on a compilation on Freaksville records called lofi .
My copy of the tape i lost down the back of the kitchen drawer . now that i have refound the tape . the question is what should i do with it . songwise i really like it all lofi 60s pop songs with a tinge of psych and very badly played keyboards . a keyboardist i am not . Sound quality wise it may have a lot to be desired as i have mentioned the tape was covered in gunk and the sound does suffer a little from deterioration , but i actually quite like that as it adds atmosphere of the tape. so what to do with it should i keep it to myself or should i share the Songs i hoped Cilla would sing .. personally i think it would make a lovely little cd . 11 tracks lasting 25 minutes .. here is a track from it that made it into the lofi comp on Freaksville records . .any labels out there interested get in contact ..

All That Jazz pt 4 – Duke Ellington – Blue Serge

Duke Ellington – Blue Serge – This is my favorite track by the great Duke Ellington ,a track i first came across on a cheap comp lp of Duke Ellington i bought from the indoor market in Pontypool and this track always transports me back to that time , three of the happiest years of my life living in Pontypool .a beautiful crazy town filled with beautiful crazy people .
This tune always makes me think of both death i suppose it does have a funeral march feel about it and the Autumn time which we now approach and is my favorite season. a truly outstanding piece of musical genius..