Weight Watcher Beatles

I love the guitar ,i have enough of them to say nothing else , it is my instrument of choice ,i love playing them be it my Epiphone Casino or my 1962 Gretsch double anniversary or one of my other vintage or Un vintage guitars but i do not toss myself off into the f holes of them humming the Harmonica solo from Love Me Do  , i ,love the Beatles they are my favourite ever band to me they are as good as if not better than people say they are . and i can understand why people are influenced by them .but cannot quite grasp why they try so hard to sound like them . i have been hearing lots of Beatles wannabe’s at the moment all of them nothing but let’s not beat around the bush with a vintage or Un vintage guitar they sound shit . The Beatles were fine lyricists so how come so many of these bands who so want to sound like the fab four write puerile shite, lifting lines from Yellow Submarine does not make one a classic songwriter it does not elevate you to the topper most of the popper most, it just shows not your talent but that you want to be liked and accepted into a Facebook power pop forum group . How come none of these bands ever want to sound like the experimental Beatles do they i wonder ever play Revolution 9 off the White Album ,do they always skip that one ,did they cry when they first heard it shedding tears into the mop top encrusted hanky and blame Yoko .I have found that a lot of the people in these Weight Watcher Beatles bands are actually quite unpleasant and want their lack of talent praised to high heaven ,they think their stolen melodies far superior to  most and cannot grasp that they are not on the cover of Mojo six times a year the other six being given over to one or more of the Beatles .The only thing these charlatans thrive at are being passive aggressive and spreading Chinese whispers about far more talented and adventourous  bands . The more talented the artist the nicer they are ,that is a saying i am beginning to think true also the old saying the worst thing about the Beatles are their fans ,for on the whole i have found them quite a joyless and unedventurous lot with their outlook on life and taste in music ,which is quite funny that they are the complete opposite to their favourite ever band  who were joyful and adventurous with their music.

If Yoko Ono Had Joined The Beatles in 1969 instead of splitting up they could have made their best lp.

Imagine if in 1969 the Beatles did not split up .but instead Yoko Ono joined them to breath fresh live into the decaying corpse the Beatles were becoming ,and i say that as a huge Beatles fan i am not one of these people who say the Beatles are overaerated and not really very good ,i am from the camp the Beatles were the finest pop band ever that was both breathtakingly adventurous with their music and made wonderful sublime pop music. I say this after relistening to Yoko’s seventies output ,albums that are out there to say the least, music that is adventurous experimental exciting and covered in true rock n roll spirit and compared to the members of the Beatles 70’s solo lps only John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band lp ,George Harrisons . All Things Must Pass and McCartney’s Ram and maybe McCartney album can compare to the 4-genius solo lps Ono released in the 70’s .Her own Plastic Ono Band album easily comparing to John’s .imagine Mccartney bringing his melodies and musical skills to some of Yoko’s songs and Yoko bringing some of her true revolutionary life force to McCartney’s pop spirit and let’s be honest The Beatles were a great rock n roll band and Yoko was a hell of a fine rock n roll vocalist ,just listen to Catman [The Roses Are Coming} off the Approximately Infinite Universe lp or her pure soulful  screams  on why from her POB album There is just so much going on her seventy’s albums ,albums that take in the Avant Gard , funk. rock. jazz , folk .pop and mesh them all together and at times sounds like a cross of Captain Beefheart .Can and Public Image Ltd , and remember this is 10 years before post punk this was 10 years before John Lydon would unleash the music from his better band. If you replaced Yoko’s vocals with Mark E Smiths, you would basically be listening to the Fall .She was way ahead of her time ,so can you image the music the 70’s Beatles could have made with her input if they had allowed her to make the input her talent would deserve , i feel it is one of rock n rolls great missed opportunities .she could have pushed the Beatles to new heights in the 70’s and they could have carried on from where they left off with the White album , sorry i know they did both Abbey Road and let It Be , two good albums but they are not truly great ,to my mind The White album their last truly great album  ,Just listen to Ringo’s drumming on Yoko’s POB album and John Lennons inspired playing of his guitar ,had either sounded that inspired, hungry vital on the last two Beatle albums. I have heard some people say Clapton should have joined to breath in new life ,but that would have been like a wax work dummy giving a blow job to a corpse ,what the Beatles needed was someone not locked up in the glory days of rock n roll past who new a tasteful blues tuning but .someone who would bring something from another musical and artistic form another truly original mind and Yoko was that person.. like i said one of Rock n rolls great missed opportunities. . 

Vukovar – When Rome Falls

Both slandered and slaughtered by the outpourings of boredom and grief  Vukovar are back with their first new offering since last year’s album The Colossalist which was at times a difficult listen an experimental album of darkness and gloom and death but this fine single “When Rome Falls” being a cover of everybody’s go to party band Current 93 {}yes, the Black Lace of Neo folk}  Vukovar have taken Current 93’s already great song  and added a vice and depravity [ you can never accuse Vukovar of depriving you of depravity in their music] it has you rocking back and forth like Val Doonican sat on the porch in a strong wind  ,it has you crawling on your hands and knees in search of the wayward copy of Soft Cells masterpiece Last Night In Sodom wondering if you cello taped this track to it  would it make the almost now perfect album once again perfect ,for this has everything that is so lacking in a lot of pop music today ,it has the yearning to experiment ,it is dark , it is not sexy but sexual  it has a sleek glamour that has faded and is slightly tattered around the edges it is a near perfect pop kiss delivered through bruised bleeding lips . as i once wrote about the great mother fucker Julian Cope and i will repeat about Vukovar to them music is not a hobby .not a past time or wannabe career being in a band is a crusade  and that is what makes Vukovar so special. 

Pre-teen years -music that had a influence on your music from your pre-teen years -Simon Waldram

Simon Waldram is a very talented singer songwriter who deserves and i am sure one day will get the acclaim he deserves ,and here he writes about music he loved in his pre-teen years here is a link to his Bandcamp page https://simonwaldram.bandcamp.com/

1. Climie Fisher – Everything (1987) In 1988, a day or two after taking me to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the cinema, by Aunty Treesha and Uncle Gary swung by my house and gave me a tape of music that I’d been listening to in their car. On one side was Michael Jackson’s Bad, and the other had the debut album by Climie Fisher. I know they’re not too well remembered or regarded now, but I loved it and, like much of the music on this list, I still listen to it. Part of that is that it helps to remember being a kid again, but I also just think it’s a good album with some really well crafted and emotionally interesting pop songs

2. Martika – Martika (1988) One of the first albums I can remember buying myself. I love Martika. She was THE pop star when I was 10. I remember showing the previously mentioned Uncle Gary my cassette of it at a family party and he just laughed at me (then also mocked me later for like Paradise City when it came on the radio). When I got into indie rock as a teen I put music like this aside, before resdisovering it again in my 20s. I make no secret of my love for ‘Tika, although I maintain that her greatest recording is an interpretation on a George Brassens poem called Lay Me Down By the Sea, which was on a late 90s compilation called My Own Road. Check it out on YouTube if you want.

3. Tango In the Night – Fleetwood Mac (1987) Another album I love as much now as I did then. Just for the record, I had no idea I could actually be a musician when I was a kid. I remember making one keyboard instrumental when was maybe 8 or 9, being told it was just the same few notes over and over (which it was) so I didn’t try again for years – although I still came up with little songs in my head a lot. I didn’t get a guitar until I was 16 and only started writing my own songs in my early 20s. I’d still give anything to write a song as good as Isn’t It Midnight though, or to play a solo as great as the one at the end of this album’s title track

4. Actually – Pet Shop Boys (1987) My cousin had this. I had a lot of conflicting emotions about him, but I’m at least glad for the pop music he introduced me to. My favourite song was Rent. I was fascinated by the movement of the melody. That was the thing – even though I didn’t know I could be a musician myself I was still absorbing and obsessing over it all. Even though I never learned to read music, I still feel like music is the only language I’ve ever really understood

5. The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough – Cyndi Lauper (1985) Before I could buy my own records (well, cassettes), I used to record songs from end credits of movies using my tape recorder which came with a hand held microphone. Somehow I didn’t listen to any other Cyndi until I went to Sydney, Australia in 2008 and walked around the city playing She’s So Unusual over and over on my MP3 player. I remember going to see Brett Whiteley’s art studio and feeling happy to see a copy of her album A Night To Remember in his record collection!

6. Don’t Turn Away – Cherry Bomb (1986) Another song recorded from the end of a movie, this time Howard the Duck and featuring my childhood crush Lea Thompson on vocals. I recently bought a 3CD box set re-issue of the Howard the Duck soundtrack because I’m ridiculous like that. No regrets though.

7. Look Sharp! – Roxette (1988) I loved Roxette! I remember being in a restaurant in Florida when I was 10 with a Roxette tribute band playing – my first ever experience of live music! Watching that while eating chocolate brownies is one of my very favourite childhood memories

8. Raintown – Deacon Blue (1987) Real Gone Kid was a big song for me. I wasn’t really into the rest of the album, but maybe I was just too young to understand it. I’ve never tried to listen to it since.

9. The King of Rock and Roll – Prefab Sprout (1988) I loved it because it just seemed so fun and silly. I didn’t get what a clever satire it is of washed up rock stars it is too

10. Good Life – Inner City (1988) A dear friend and I both recently said that we’d be listening to this song to remind ourselves that life can get better again after a nightmare year of Covid. That meant a lot to me somehow.

Songs i Hate . The Verve -Bitter Sweet Symphony,

I will be honest with you when this single was released i liked it i thought it was rather spiffing and then as time dragged on i realised it was not the song i like but the stolen riff i liked and in fact Richard Ashcroft’s vocal really got on my tits and over time i developed a real hatred for Verve or The Verve as they are known in  the USA ,, he does love to drone on does our Richard and how bloody miserable is he ,he sings this with all the soul and yearning of a man who has just dropped his bag of chips and it has landed in a puddle so he cannot give them the 5 second rule he has to stare at the once Potatoe wonders and only think of what might have been  .he sounds like a sulky teenager not an apprentice lizard king in which our Ruchard sees himself as , he probably gets up every morning grabs the ruler he keeps on his bed side cabinet and measures the length of his cock with it ,and maybe that is why he sounds so disappointed with life when he sings ,for his cock length does not match his expectations of the length of a cock an apprentice lizard king should have.I also bet he has a full size mirror somewhere in the house ,probably in every room ,so he can practice his swagger as he enters a room . he does not quite have the LIam Gallagher i have just shat my pants walk more of a i have an itch in between my shoulder blades which i cannot reach type swagger, if he used his head i suppose he could use the ruler he uses to measure his cock with to scratch his back with . Why is this song played so much ,why is Richard taken seriously? why and how does he take himself so seriously ,have you ever read one of his interviews if you look in a dictionary and look up the meaning phoney intellectual it will just say two words Richard Ashcroft . sure compared to his friends the Gallagher’s he might come out like some sage like mystic but compared to the Gallagher’s Donald Trump comes out like some sage like mystic in fact Donald would say he is the most mystic of the mystics he is the best and most successfully mystic there has ever been . but once again i go off subject.. Bitter sweet Symphony . yes there is not much to say about it , if you take away the stolen riff you are left with a dog dirge of a song that has the swing and panache of  an overflowing bin of shit ,not even wet shit but dried up shit ,yes shit that has lost the will to exist ,the song is leaden and badly written it is average indie fodder with a high opinion of its self … also if the video was shot in  his hometown of Wigan he would have had his face panned in before he had taken twenty steps or at least slipped on a discarded pie.

shattered Pop Kiss Off – Paid pr bullshit over perfect pop art

Let’s be honest if i was a professional tennis player i would still be using a wooden racket ,if i was mining for gold i would go out every day with my plastic bucket and spade, why on earth make things easy , if i am going to release a sublime pop single with the Bordellos i am going to have it recorded on a very old 4 track tape recorder with tape hiss and the birds tweeting outside , i am not going to make it easy on myself but instead make it very easy for the radio and blogs not to feature it. They will instead feature some more polished track that what makes up in polish and sheen lacks in soul and pop magic that Shattered Pop Kiss has in spades. I know blogs and such receive thousands and thousands of pr sent releases a week ,but they are not as good as Shattered Pop Kiss so that excuse does not stand ,so why feature a PR led single sent by some pony tailed pr person probably named Sandy or Giles instead of one by a talented outsider like the Bordellos or Salem Trials who’s “head On Rong” single released last year should have been all over the radio ,so if we whom i shall call the talented outsiders are doing their jobs releasing sublime oddities of pop refinery are the blogs radio stations not doing theirs’s ,telling the general music loving public about them instead of telling them about[ insert popular generic indie band name here ] instead, These blog editors /writers are supposed to know about such things ,but instead rely on the feeding of the goods sent by pr companies who probably have people who work for them who call people guys ,even if they are not male ,why not call them guys and gals like a polished up neatly dressed version of Sir Jimmy Saville i am sure half of these pr people would love to sleep with some children anyway so why not go the full hog and dress in gold track suites and have their wicked way with minors ,instead of pushing mostly polished turds of singles to the eager to please blog editors. What would happen if all the blog editors refused to accept anything offered by a pr company and had to go and look for themselves , how would they survive , how would the blogs survive without the legendary email press release with phrases like “critically acclaimed” and telling how they are influenced by Joy Division” or that the album is a concept album about intergalactic fish finger racing , how would all these blog editors radio producers survive throughout the day without being told what a “tastemaker “they are ,or how essential their blog is , why do none of these PR’S ever say here is the new release from such and such and i am being paid to promote to push on you just like any other sales rep . I remember the time when the bands were the ones with the huge ego’s but now, they pale in comparison to some of the blog editors and djs i have had to deal with over the years and the ponytailed prs have caught onto this by feeding the egos of the tastemakers . Would the music world be better and more interesting if not every blog mag featured the same artist at the same time , there are thousands of releases every week ,so why just accept off the Prs , why not take some off the ponytailed ones[ as i am not saying make the bastards unemployed] and then go onto Bandcamp and find some new music by bands /labels who cannot afford a record plugger /ponytailed one to do their promotion for them .  Is this down to the size of the ego and they are far way to important not to have music sent to them , do they need the phoney typed ego stroking email from the ponytailed ones perfumed fingers?  . why do certain blog editors [they know who they are]? make life easy for themselves and make life so much more boring for the music lovers who do not want to read the same interview by the same band saying nothing different to an interview they gave to another blog . why feature the same artists do blog editors think that music lovers only read their blog ,would it not be more interesting for all concerned if they all featured artists different artists and artists from different genre’s ,is it the death knell for the talented outsiders are they just making their fine different melody three-minute teen symphonies pop art for themselves ,as the tastemakers really do not have much taste after all just a spoon-fed mentality that survives off the product that is spoon-fed to them by people who are paid to spoon-feed it to them  . 

Are music reviews relevant to the music biz of today

Do music reviews really make a difference in blogs to the sales of your release ,does anybody read them apart from the members of the band and people who like the band who will stream it buy it listen to it anyway ,do they attract new followers to the band or are they just an ego boost to the reviewed artist .is there really any point in writing them ,i have been asking myself this quite a bit lately as i split my time between writing reviews ,job hunting ,which believe me is a full time job in itself and trying to promote the new Bordellos single ,this time the bordellos single lost out myself giving more time to reviews and job hunting .and a few days in the single lies unloved ignored by DJs and blogs alike but that could be to it being a download only  bordellos are really more a physical release band as a lot of our supporters do not bother with streaming and  downloads ,but that is for a completely different piece but , but people are not knowing   that the single is out there so did i make the wrong choice , is there any point in the music review or are the blog writers just wasting their time ,i suppose getting a review gets the artist and aforementioned release mentioned ,so acts like a cheap advertisement if you want ,people may see it and say oh such and such have a new song out ,but not actually bother to read the review ? so, you may as well just list the band and song title and leave it at that   Do people only actually read a review only bother reading reviews of bands, they have heard of ? how many people i wonder actually click on to my review round up in Monolith Cocktail and read all the reviews or just the band they have heard of ,do other bands read reviews of the other bands ,for i know on the whole band members really only care about their band and sod the rest ,you very rarely see a band share another band’s new release . it is like you very rarely see other blog writers, editors reading other people’s blogs or sharing anything from another blog but as we know the music industry is built on ego ,cash and hearsay. I have spent time chatting to various people from all parts of the industry lately ,band members ,record labels, blog writers and DJS and they have come up with some pretty good points one record label saying that reviews are dead they mean nothing you get more out of using Tik Tok and Spotify than a review ,another artist saying reviews are great and is lovely to get a good one but really does not lead to sales and being put on a Spotify playlist  has more affect. but i also have heard from Djs that they discover new music from reviews but only a small amount mostly they discover new music from what they are sent through PRS and the bands themselves sending them music .Or does a review make a difference depending on the blog it is reviewed in ,say a Power pop band getting a good review in the excellent I don’t Hear A Single blog ,a blog that mostly devotes itself to that genre of music ,so most people who read it are fans of Power pop so a review from them are targeting a ready made and willing to listen audience to their music , but say the bordellos who’s new single is a very lo-fi tinpot pop single with a casio drum beat and tape hiss will not really get the same reaction from the readers of that blog. even if the IDHAS featured it ,it would have very little effect to sales /streams just power pop fans scratching their heads and screaming its shit at their laptop screens. So on the whole blogs that genre hop and write about new music wasting their time ,as the writer does not get paid for writing the review or even free music as most of it is reviewed from streams nowadays supplied by the band/label/pr company. so why do we do it and if we stopped doing it would it make any difference to the bands. if we just wrote a tag line only the band could splash all over social media i think would please them and their record label just as much as a well written thought-out piece about their music. .so on the whole are we wasting our time.

But is it Power Pop pt 2

“so many questions that need answering i think i might pop onto an online power pop forum to seek the answers .” that was the last line i wrote for a piece i wrote last year called “But Is It Powerpop ” and i indeed popped onto a Facebook power pop group called “I Love Power pop” and immediately got thrown off and blocked for having the temerity to post Madonna doing a fine and powerpoptastic version of her sublime pop song “Bordeline “. how is this not power pop it has a wonderful melody a song about love has rather wonderful crashing electric guitars and crashing drums ,a great example of what is indeed great about the confusing genre that is power pop . So why did it cause such outrage was it because it was performed by a woman ,are women not allowed to play electric guitars is it a case of the only electrical thing a woman should have in her hand is a hoover or an iron or a vibrator ,is it only ok for a woman to perform with a guitar if it is acoustic and sing folky whimsy songs about loving men having children and how broken hearted they are , has there ever been a power pop song about having a period or the menstrual cycle i wonder , do power poppers think a menstrual cycle is something that people  with pointy hard hats ride . so are power poppers scared of talented powerful strong-willed women ,do they feel threatened by the opposite sex ,or just have a narrow-minded view that because Madonna has sold millions and millions of records ,mostly in the pop dance genre they think it is not allowed for her to perform playing a power pop rendition of a fine pop song that she wrote or is that the problem. Madonna somebody they dismiss as a piece of pop fluff actually doing power pop better than 90 per cent of their record collection, i bet more than half the bands in their record collection would love to have written that song and have the talent to genre hop with such skill and panache  , if the clip had been say a member of Cheap Trick or Paul McCartney would there have been such an outrage , lets be honest who made the better pop records in the 80’s it certainly was not McCartney , If nobody knew who Madonna was and this was her first release and released on say the much respected power pop label Big Stir ,would it have caused such a fuss ,would instead the people deriding the clip not be fingering themselves with joy due to the wonderful guitar driven power pop performance , So am i saying Power pop devotees are judgemental narrow minded  bigots am i saying if Hitler was alive he would be moderator of a Facebook power pop group [actually he probably would] ,but no what i am saying is BUT IS IT POWERPOP 

Pre -Teen years- 10 songs from your pre-teen years you loved that you think made a difference on your music.Brian Bordello

The first in what i hope of many of people from the underground music scene ,picking songs from their pre- teen years that had some influence on their musical outpourings . so here i am getting the ball rolling .

Mud – Tiger Feet -Seeing Mud perform this on Top of the Pops was my seeing The Sex Pistols interviewed by Bill Grundy moment my seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan momentseeing Bowie put his arm around Mick Ronson doing Starman moment .yes this was the moment i decided i know what i want to do when i grow up i want to be in a band i to want to perform in a devil may care way whilst hunky men do a strange arm on your waste and headbanging dance whilst women in brightly coloured hot pants shimmy and sway like they have just left the gates of heaven with a flea in their ear and a wanton look of wanton alighting in their expectant eyes and yes i was only seven years old and this looked as much fun as my Evil Knievel toy motorbike.

Boomtown Rats – Rat Trap This was the first single in fact the first record i ever bought with my own money ,the first time i want up to a record counter and asked for a record ,it is not one of my favourite records ,i still like it although i do not love it i still prefer the B-side So Strange i think it is called. i do not know why i liked this record enough to go out and buy it .it may have been i admired the piano player wearing pyjamas on Top Of the pops who knows,  but this was the first record in my collection and one i still have in it. 

The Beatles – I Am the Walrus – this was my favourite song aged 10 ,i know this because at the age of 10 my teacher at junior school ,asked the class to learn the lyrics to their favourite song and he would randomly choose a few children to recite /sing the lyrics . i was chosen ,so for the first time i got to sing solo to a stunned audience which of course over the years has happened many times .so aged 10 i sang the strange magical wordplay of Lennon at his best to a confused classroom ,who was probably expecting another Brotherhood Of Man or Abba hit. ,no wonder i was not popular with the girls in my pre-teen years ..but revenge would be mine only a few years later when i changed from chubby and cute to impossibly handsome 

Elvis Presley – Return To Sender – I can remember being about 5 or 6 and sitting on our swing we had in our back yard and singing this over and over again , i can remember being fascinated by the lyrics and the melody ,in fact this was probably the first pop song i new all the lyrics to even though i did not know what the lyrics meant i thought it was about a really shit postman .but i still have a liking for this goofy pop song ,not one of Elvis Presley’s best .but not one of his worst. 

Banana Splits – Banana Splits theme  I am sure this song had some effect on all us now adults of a certain age , how i loved this song as well as i like the program ,the television was my introduction to pop music i am sure of it, my dad played nothing but country and easy listening and jazz when i was growing up ,so really only i got to hear pop music on the television until i was 7 or 8 and got my transistor radio .until then it was Top of the pops ,and the Beatles .Jackson 5 ,cartoons  the Monkees Tv show, and Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard films and the Arrows Marc Bolan ,Supersonic tv shows . The Banan splits theme was of course well sung in the junior school playground with the lyrics changed to something raunchy ,well raunchy for an 8-year-old in the 70’s . all together now,, one banana two banans three banana more three banana’s fighting in the first world war one had a hand grenade one had a stick one had some dynamite tied to his tra la la tra la la la .

Squeeze -Up the Junction i can remember hearing this for the first time i was 12 years old and was listening to the radio on a Sunday morning Ed Stewpot stewarts breakfast time show in fact on radio 2 [i think] and i was as ever dreading the oncoming hour or so of boredom of going to church ,but this song stopped me in my tracks it was just how brilliant the lyrics were and the nonchalant way Glen Tilbrook sang them the melody the great keyboard riff it was years later that i only realised that it did not have a chorus it was and is a work of pure pop genius this was the first song that got me into Squeeze who ended up being one of my fave bands of my early teenage years and in turn got me into the magic of great lyrics in songs .

Wings -Mull of Kintyre ,i have just found out this was released on the 11th of November 1977 ,which was my 11th birthday ,this was the first pop song i ever learnt how to play on guitar ,taught by a jnr school teacher Mr Curran and i was pretty excited at being taught a Paul Mcartney song ,because the Beatles was my favourite band at aged 11 and in fact still are and it made a change from the hymns i was taught so i could accompany the school choir as they murdered hymns to our saviour ,no wonder if god exists he is so cruel .. i always loved this song and not just because it only has a few guitar chords in it , i think the genius and arrogance of McCartney is highlighted in this track who else would write and release a Scottish folk song with a marching bagpipe band in the middle of the Punk and disco boom .. now to me that is true punk rock .

The Monkees – Theme from the Monkees – As i have already said i first got into pop music through the tv , and the Monkees was shown throughout the 70’s at various times normally when it was the Schools summer holidays , yes six weeks of freedom from boring school and the cane and the dull grey school uniform , yes six weeks of watching the perfect pop band do wacky things and manage to perform such great acts of pop magic at the same time. .alongside seeing Mud on Top Of The Pops and the Beatles cartoon .The Monkees are to blame why i am in a band and everytime i hear this song it takes me back to the magic of the summer holidays ,i do not know anyone who does not like the Monkees .

Nancy Sinatra -Lee Hazelwood – Jackson now then is a strange one , this one only just came to mind as i was writing this , this song was one my dad used to play as i have already mentioned he only ever really played country music and easy listening ,but this is one of the few tunes that made an impression at the time he used to play ,he used to tape loads of music from the radio and do his own mixtapes if you like and eveytime i hear this song i always expect to hear a dj’s voice to speak after it only to be cut off mid-sentence , i have always had a thing for man woman duets and this could well be the first one of those that made an impression ,i still long to record an album of male female duets to this day ,they are just a great pop thing  , 

Alvin Stardust – My Coo Ca Choo Alvin Stardust was the first pop star i wanted to be , and who would not want to be Alvin Stardust ,he wore all black leather had jet black hair wore leather gloves with huge gawdy rings on his fingers and would twist the mic lead around his hands and arms in such a way that could only be described as sexy . yes to a six-year-old Alvin Stardust was indeed sexy .there was something there that older people would not just understand ,even though looking back Alvin himself was no spring chicken ,he was of course releasing singles pre-Beatles days under the name Shane Fenton . but to a six or seven year old Alvin Stardust was rebellious i bet Alvin did not say excuse me after he burped.

here bordellos music from here .. on the bloody spotify

Excerpt from Tales from The Musical undergrowth

The lanky poet doused his face in a flannel of expectations ,HE needed something to keep  from falling into the deepest sleep of HIS life he was scared to sleep in case he dreamed it was the knowledge he was frightened of he was reliving  the time the time he undressed and caught the reflection of an unpeeled and nonappealing  former virgin flag waving card carrying member [member being the operative word] of the Oasis Fanclub .he too had acquired the Liam walk the i have just done jobbies in my big boy pants walk and he was making overtures to infiltrate the inner workings of his ex-girlfriends knickers , she still was beautiful ,she hated Oasis but seemed quite taken with the neanderthal  one .why had i let her come and stay the night round at my flat .why had i dropped all sense of good taste and let my once undying love for this girl persuade me that letting boggy stay the night he asked himself ,Boggy had even brought his guitar he was feeling suicidal or so she said ,he had tried to commit suicide by getting in the bath with his acoustic guitar .

Ex Girlfriend – should we put some music on 

Boggy- have you any Oasis 

Lanky Poet -no.but we have some music

Boggy looks confused and starts to strum his slightly wet acoustic whilst hum the intro to Don’t look back in Anger 

ex-girlfriend – maybe you can serenade me later

Lanky poet- or maybe you could go and sit in the bath and i will lend you my electric.

Boggy looks confused and carries on humming to himself .

Boggy – have you any Beatles then 

Lanky Poet -of course i have some Beatles ,do you think i am a twat

Ex Girlfriend and Boggy look at each other and smile 

Ex Girlfriend – now you really do not one me to answer that 

Boggy -put some Beatles on then , or some Lennon ,no Mcartney though , 

Lanky Poet puts on wings Greatest hits 

Boggy -this is shit ,Mcartney has no balls 

lanky Poet . who needs balls when you have wings

boggy looks confused ,