Songs i hate pt 1 – Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall

Anybody who knows me knows i hate Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett i even wrote a song about it called I hate Pink Floyd Without Syd Barrett which can downloaded for free from here i really do detest Sydless Pink Floyd with a passion ,the only problem i find with The Piper At The Gates of Dawn lp is that it is not a Syd Solo lp .
Another brick in the wall was the first song i ever heard by Pink Floyd as it was for a lot of people my age was .i was a 13 year old in second year of senior school when this reached number 1 in the uk single charts and even as a 13 year old i knew multi millionaires making lps with a concept was a bad idea i also knew getting a choir of school kids singing ” We don’t need know education” in a tough and threatening manner also was very feeble. Firstly as a child who absolutely hated school the five years from the age of 11 to 16 was the most miserable of my life i knew that you needed education or otherwise you would end up being a right numbskull and also as the next line so profoundly states “we don’t need no thought control” if you were uneducated surely it would be easier to have ones minds controlled .
Now lets get to the so called genius of Dave Gilmour and his guitar sound which of course is all over this like a very unpleasant and irritating rash a guitar sound that always reminds me of a trouser press without the excitement or use its the kind of guitar sound that one who wears slip on shoes might enjoy and even play after firstly polishing his instrument which he has no doubt named Jonty “Lets give Jonty a waxing he will probably say to himself as he opens the guitar case” and then proceeds to try and mirror the complexity and unadventurous nature of Dave Gilmour.
So this song was the first taste i had of Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett and for that reason alone i thought i would kick off my songs i hate with..


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