Beaulieu Porch i first came across in the Dave Thompson Book A Seance With Syd which of course also featured the bordellos .and why he[it is a one man band] is not better known is anyone’s guess but this is a strange time for music when the average are lauded and the truly talented are ignored but this is yet another gem from 2018 a lp that at times reminds me of the Plastic Ono band covering songs off a unreleased lp by Syd Barretts Pink Floyd There is darkness that runs among the bright psychedelia but it is in no-way a hard lp to listen to for Beaulieu Porch writes such fine pop melodies anyone who remembers the glory days of 70s pop will fall in love with this lp .sometimes listening takes me back to my days of preteen wonder with my tiny transistor radio pressed to my ear soaking the lovely sounds of magic that that era produced . But it is not all candy floss and fairytails IS has moments Billy Childish would gratefully take in off the street and adopt as his own offspring ,the track Burn especially is worthy of mid sixties Who ,there are tracks that are as good as the Brianjonestown Massacre thinks it is and why a medium to large record label has not picked this up and releasEd it is a mystery for this is a lp the Mojo magazine would buy cream cakes for and maybe even consider not having the Beatles on the cover for a month.

This fine lp is available on cd and download from here


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