Attack of the killer B sides pt 1- The Beatles – Rain

The Beatles – Rain – Who else but the Beatles would have hidden this away as a b side, it was the Bside of Papeback Writer and it is The sound of the Beatles inventing alternative guitar music inventing psych rock pushing ahead guitar music to such a point it has not moved on over 50 years later.
What is so great about this song .well Ringo’s drums ,whenever anyone says Ringo was not much of a drummer just point them to this and then tell them to get their act together . MCartney’s bass .still the finest pop bass player there has ever been in my mind the guitars of Harrison and Lennon ,i have already mentiond them moving guitar music on . and n ot forgetting the classic lenon vocal . 1966 was the year the Beatles became the greatest ever pop band there has ever been .. you can disagree if you like but you are wrong .


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