The Moth Poets -Doll – lp review

The Moth Poets – Doll – The latest release from the wonderful Bearsuit records finds The Moth Poets entering the realms of off the cuff musical magic with a sublime lp, the lp kicking off in fine style with the wonderful title track Doll a track worthy of Luke Haines at his most out there
that track is followed by Someone to put a timebomb in my submarine once more a fine guitar driven piece of slacker rock funk which chimes with twin guitar not heard since the glory days of Thin Lizzy . which is joined by squalling synths and feedback and one of those rare tracks at over 5 minutes that could be longer .
Any lp with a song title called The Shabby Gentlemen cannot be anything other than one of the lps of the year and this lp is indeed one of those along side the also Bearsuit released Bunny And The Invalid Singers Fear Of The Horizon lp . both lps share a
refreshing experimental nature without forgetting that music is to be also enjoyed and i can imagine both fans of Abba and Sigur Ros would enjoy this lp in equal measure . great stuff indeed it from here .. you will not be disappointed.


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