The Death Of Brian

My first solo lp is nearly two weeks old , recorded over a few sessions in my son’s old bedroom on just one track of a old tascam 4 track mini studio , basically just recorded by myself singing into a condensor mic ,with my acoustic guitar ,the guitar not plugged in just picking up what i played as i sang,
I wanted to make the most fragile intimate soul baring lp i could as the more i listen to modern music the more i fret that the true beauty of music is being forgotten , There are some brilliant records being made but how many do you truly believe , there has been the odd exception this year Julian Copes Skellington 3 lp is a wonderful lp capturing the sound of a sixty year old man celebrating his past in a low key way ,and the wonderful new Schizo Fun Addict lp captures the nostalgic beauty of Summers gone .
I wanted to make a lp that sounded like the person making it meant it ,to make people get the same feeling i have whenever i hear a bootleg John Lennon home demo from the 70’s like this ,
My Death Of Brian lp is a lp full of love songs to people and places i have loved and some i still do love .love songs to the power and life saving magic that music does posses and love songs to the artists that make it ,songs of heartbreaking beauty and beauty in the sadness of heartbreak .
whether i achieved it or not i will let you decide i would like to thank Sean at Metal Postcard records for encouraging me to make it , he told me to record it send it to him and he had so much faith in me he would not even listen to it first ,he would release whatever i sent him . which in this day and age is virtually unheard of .
The lp can be downloaded from the normal download sites including the metal postcard Bandcamp page.
and also can be listened to on spotify

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