Bordello and Clark -Atlantic Crossing

Yesterday i received the completed tracks from Ted for a joint lp we have recorded ,
Ted used to be in the wonderful rock n roll band 20th Century Tokyo Princess.
i wrote all the songs sang and played rhythm guitar and Ted did everything else he
played keyboards ,guitar . bass, percussion, xylophone drum machine ,. did all the production
all the mixing everything ..
it was recorded in a strange way as i recorded the songs on two tracks of my 4 track tape recorder
vocals on one track guitar on the other and then posted the cassettes over to Ted who lives in Ohio
in the USA i live in St helens in the Uk he then did his magic ,he also recorded on cassette and as he described it to me
From tape to digital to tape to digital to tape to digital (and even more sometimes).
The lp i think is very unusual sounding it has a wonderful lo-fi analogue quality to it
It is quite a dark fucked up gem of a lo=fi pop lp , .i am more than pleased with it.
My son and fellow Bordello Dan thinks it could be the best thing i have ever been involved
in and he could well be right the lp is going to be called Atlantic Crossing not to be confused with the Rod lp
and will see the light of day this year hopefully . i recorded my parts in between recording my solo lp
The Death of Brian so this could well be its slightly strange twisted cousin.
I will keep everyone informed when the lp is released as i want to live with it for a bit before
deciding what to do with it.. . but it is a gem ..

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