Adorations- 10 lps i adore -Dom Salemi

Dom Salemi is the founder , publisher. editor of the legendary underground American arts magazine Brutarian Quarterly and the spin off and equally legendary underground Washington record label Brutarian Records -some of their releases can be found here .
Dom also has a arts blog Excursions On A Wobbly Rail ,which can be found here
Dom also has a once weekly radio show on a Friday afternoon 3-5 [USA time]on WRML 107.9FM which can be found here

1. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks: Perhaps the greatest rock ‘n’ roll record ever made with the finest performance by a front man. It did change everything.
2. Ramones – Ramones: Or maybe this one did. Released when pomposity ruled the airwaves, this sounded like a revolution. Three chords, infantile lyrics, warp speed, catchy riffs, all checking in at around two minutes giving you no chance to get bored.
3. Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street: Sloppy, decadent, moving and infuriating all at once. The “world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” seemingly tossing off one brilliant song after the other while maintaining a languid hauteur. Bonus points for mixing Jagger’s vocals so low as to render the lyrics unintelligible.
4. Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power: The primer for punk. Controlled anarchy, confusion worse confounded. Every cut a punch in the gut. Raw is right, Iggy rips into everything like his life depended on it, as if he’s bleeding to death. Maybe it’s the guitars, which cut like a razor.
5. Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde: The finest rock and roll album made by a wanna-be poet. The inspired arrangements and playing provide a perfect match for the words as written.
6. Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music: No, I’ve never listened to this all the way through. I doubt Lou ever did. Lou’s auto da fe? A bold experimental break thru? A kiss off to rock ‘n’ roll? Whatever, it is, as Lester Bangs once opined, “So cold it’s durable.”
7. Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets: Absurdist pop songs tarted up with baroque arrangements. It’s sublime for all that, lyrically and musically. And in Baby’s on Fire we’re allowed to witness Robert Fripp totally unhinged.
8. New York Dolls – New York Dolls: Drunk, sloppy and unprofessional is not normally a recipe for success. The Dolls prove that this is no obstacle if you live and breathe rock and roll. Which every member of the Dolls did.
9. Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat: So incendiary it’s a wonder the record doesn’t melt when you try to play it. Here you have the glimmerings of all the possible directions rock could take: punk, metal, electronica, grunge, you name it. Just like Sister Ray said.
10.Elvis Presley – Sun Sessions: Because it’s Elvis “Goddamn” Presley. Rock was born right chere, right this minute. The greatest popular singer since Bing Crosby doing it the way he ought to: unfettered without record company interference. TIE WITH:
John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band: Yes, the level of pain is enormous. So much so as to be almost palpable. Has a public figure of such heightened popularity ever exposed himself so nakedly before. Maybe, Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris. And that, too, was a performance for the ages. It changed the face of an art form. This, perhaps, did as well.

NOTE: No Beatle albums were listed as it is IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention a sin, to even attempt to assemble an ordered list of them. You could make a Top Ten list of just Beatle LPs and not be considered an obsessive. If error was to be found in such a list it would only be because you left a Beatle disc off the list. Lennon and Company are sui generis, so unique, so revolutionary to the world of popular song, that they disinvite comparison. Like Beethoven, they bestrode the world like a colossus. And I’m not even a Beatles’ fan.

Apologies for including no jazz, nor a work by an African-American. Rock and its derivations rest on the work and innovations of jazz and black musicians. However, I grew
up in a white middle class world, and thus came late to the world of blues and jazz. Yes, of course, there were Cream, the Stones and Led Zep and the Yardbirds, et al., playing the blues of our forefathers. But who had time to do the research? We were being fed blues and jazz through these bands and it was enough to know that some older black guys were the original composers of these things.


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