Graham Domain – Fragments Of Light

Graham Domain is a acquired  taste i suppose, why i do not know as everyone needs some dark weird music in their drab lives a ideal cross taste cannon submerge of Tom  Waits, Bela Lugosi and Brian Cant naked massaging the tears out of a neglected and abused cabbage patch doll. stray keyboard drifts beautifully over simple programmed drum machines whilst duetting with the memory of a long lost lover memories of tasting your alcohol on her lips and tongue , the ghost of her naked form haunting the side of the bed that once belonged to her .
This mini lp as has been the other two Graham Domain releases this year are really must be heard lps that sadly are not being heard why i really do not know maybe they are just too strange or just too emotional or simply people are not getting to know or hear about  them .so if you are reading this review . give it a listen and tell your friends .

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