Occult Character – Chittering Noises

Here we have the brand new Occult Character lp . yes another one, this time a all acoustic guitar affair ,once again proving my previous claim correct that Occult is the most important songwriter in the USA today 13 songs in 15 minutes strumming through short songs dealing with the subjects of abortion ,having the shits, being nice to people,among many others all written and sang in Occults inimitable style.
What i love about Occult Character is his point on accuracy of his lyrics and his talent for finding the bizarreness of everyday living especially him contemplating and commentating on life in a Trump led America with a verve and shambolic dark humour all of his own.This album and the  sister piece lp to  this  “The Cult Of Ignorance” released on Metal Postcard Records earlier in the year should  be downloaded  by all American Schools and stored away and in ten years time played to the students as part of their American History lessons. This is another must have album of 2019 and may come to be seen as one of the most important and influential and considered a cult classic in the years to come .

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