Its Like Watching A Crab With A Limp pt 10

its like watching a crab limp – it was a slim birched tongue witness that delighted in the beauty of her second song, all unwrapped kisses and forgotten fairytails wrapped in the bubblegum wrapper of mystic flake bliss . She was there to entertain to sing the songs that make her life worth living to bring the curtain down on all the saddness in  her life . Her memories both haunt and taunt her  twist her so badly that she has trouble sleeping at night . how she wishes she could ask him one last time what was it like what was it like to being love with the prettiest girl the girl one day he would marry or thought he would marry ,but she put paid to that falling for the rock n roll rebel part James Dean part Sid Vicious , he played bass in the Lost Rats the then up and coming psychobilly goth outfit from The Pool Of Life but that was so long ago now he has not been part of her life since he ran off with Plane Jane the girl with bingo wings .how she hated the both of them .and how she regretted treating the lanky cult poet the way she did ,he was such a beautiful soul with the talent to both amuse and delight she has never stopped loving him but she fell in love with someone else who she thought was a better bet someone who could offer her all the rock n roll excitement a girl could want, all lanky cult poet could offer was the shy smile and inner warmth only a man who worshipped the ground she walked on could offer ,what a fool she was . she still occasionally sees him and when she does she misses those late teen years of being in love with the most handsome man she ever set eyes on , and how she hoped she caught all the wayward feelings of torture and bliss in her second song  “oh  You Sexy Cunt you “

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