Its like watching a crab with a limp pt 11 the Christmas Edition

Its Christmas  shouts Noddy to no-one in paticular , just to whoever is in the empty room at the time, the Christmas music tv channel flicks from old to new from Bowie and Bing to some x factor never was  . but it still makes the ex pop star smile she had her 5 minutes of fame all those years ago she had her time on christmas Top Of The Pops presented by Sir Jimmy Saville he gave her a Christmas kiss but turned down the chance of devouring his yuletide log he had younger turkeys to stuff anyway .
She gets through this loneliest time of the year by throwing crumbs to her social media sycophant followers who emerge from her vagina wrapped in her greying pubic hairs  like tinsel on the well worn seventies style fake plastic tree that stands in the corner that the now grown up children loved all those years ago. Ex pop star wonders i have all these likers on my facebook page but nobody buys my records anymore .she recently played to a half empty church hall in the middle of London no more than 30 people there to watch her perform her new lp and her hit from the good old days and what a hit it was ,a track that sprinkled fairydust over the old transister radio speakers one that the melody could make the coldest of hearts melt that is the pop star who her social media followers remember not the approaching pension age lady with so many memories and scars of 40 years in the biz who sings with the pain and beauty that is becoming of a lady of her age .
She flicks back to her facebook page and sees she is tagged by someone she has never met as being with and once again the gurning face of Sir Jimmy appears on her facebook wall as she dances and twirls as a twenty year old girl with her whole future ahead of her , damn fucking youtube its so fucking heartbreaking.

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