Oasis – Don’t Stop , more please don’t start .

Oh Oasis really am i writing about them once again i do feel a little like king Canutei admit .why oh why i hear my three readers utter to themselves . i will tell you why in this lock down Great Britain we currently reside the only time i have found new music trending on twitter is when that dullard Noel the thinking mans potato decided to release a unreleased and never heard before track . It is called “Don’t Stop” which really should have been named “Don’t Start” a track that did not disappoint in its overall bland mediocrity bad lyrics poorly sang backed by a bunch of blokes peddling mediocre songs to a audience who really are old enough to know better the sort of people who only buy music by white men playing guitars with a slightly over produced sheen who thinks that  being edgy and punk rock is farting in a enclosed space and saying suck that up whilst gigiling in a unbecoming manner.
Is this what rock n roll has become it is this how it has turned out  did Buddy Holly die in vain are we left with the mediocre championing  old music by a vastly overrated band that does not [thankfully] exist anymore ,is this all that left to get certain blog writers excited at the thought of selling a bit more advertising space on their clickbait blogs the Radio x producers actually having another track they can add to there playlist . There is so much new and exciting music released every day that goes by totally ignored by the radio ,music blogs and the general public i really think in this day and age people should at least try and widen there outlook ,music is a dying art it is being pushed further and further underground ,so instead of downloading the new piece of aural shittery from Oasis why not go and visit bandcamp and if guitar music is your thing why not give a band you have never heard a go , for there is plenty of bands who write and record songs with spirit invention and verve ,i know if you are a Oasis fan you will not probably recognise any of the affore mentioned but it may just change your life .There  are loads of small record labels struggling to stay afloat in these trying times so why not try something new, for Oasis really are the enemy. They are the enemy of music as being seen as a art form as music being something to make you feel to be taken seriously .Oasis and there league of understudy plastic paint by numbers rock [take a bow Kasabian] was all right when you were 15 but it might be time you took your Liam poster off your wall and start to walk like a grown up as you are probably now in your 40’s and walking like you have shat yourself is not a good look .

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