What Has Become Of Rock N Roll

There is a place for songs about love and peace and falling in and out of love as it is a important issue as is songs about getting down and shaking your booty and the joys of drinking ,drugs and sex all great topics for songs , but where on earth are the songs about the general inept handling of the epidemic and the ineptness of the uk government . i have not heard one ,so i had to write and record one myself ,which is a shame as nobody ever hears my songs due to the fact they were recorded and performed by me and most people think not another song recorded by that old northern tosser on a discarded old kettle with a out of tune guitar .
Why are we not getting the anger from this nation put into song , is it because bands are actually doing so and not getting played heard and shared on social media ,maybe, or maybe artists are not capable of stringing together a cohesive sentence set to melody about anything else but love and heartache and shaking ones bum ,which i somehow doubt as there are many fine bands very capable of doing so and could well be doing so as i type .or is it because people no longer like politics brought  into music as it can cause upset when not agreeing with a band or even a band not recording a political song in case it upsets their fanbase or followers plus radio shows quite often shy away from playing political songs unless they are very vague in the message or written in the 60s or 70s ,but not about politics of today  or are people just so fucking bland that they burst into a rash when a nasty political ideal appears on the radio ,i really do not know the answers or the reasons , i am not a nostalgic chap but it does have me yearning for the Bob dylan’s , Elvis Costello’s ,the Billy Braggs when music mags used to write and interview artists with political points of view or just opinions even . nowadays you may get a that is boss or how they smashed it or how they want to be as big as Oasis but i have noticed over this lockdown just how much the music industry as dumbed itself down to such a extreme that it does not realise that it has , i know for a fact very few people will actually hear my new single as for all the reasons i have mentioned which is a shame .not for myself i may add but the general apathy and cowardness that the music industry has blanketed itself in,Oh what has become of Rock N roll .

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