Its Like Watching A Crab Limp 13

Its like watching a crab with a limp—-

So Captain Marvel tweets to his adoring public ,what do people think of artists using the n word in songs ,he knows it is wrong it is offensive to all well thinking human beings but he might as well put it out there as it is in the news at the moment and a bit of publicity does no-one any harm gets people clicking on his Karma Than Karma blog and after all he did invent equal rights for all Martin Luther King stole his act . The all-powerful dwarf clicks onto his social media whilst trying to get a good photo of the delight he is going to eat for his lunch real boss scran it is . He too has done a piece in his popular blog TIT [THIS IS TOP]
about the Black lives matter movement called Its Not Boss To Be A Racist ,in which he lists ten reasons it is not boss to be a racist and then gives ten tunes to listen to whist showing solidarity with his black brother from another mother , 1, Step Inside Love – Cilla Black , 2-Do The Congo -Black Lace , 3-Slave To The Rhythm – Grace Jones  4- Penny Lane -The Beatles 5-Ebony And Ivory -Paul Mcartney and Stevie Wonder 6- Disco Inferno -The Tramps 7- U Can’t Touch This -Mc Hammer 8-Simply The Best -Tina Turner 9-Black Girl -Lenny Kravitz 10 – Harlem Shuffle – Rolling Stones . that will get people talking and thinking while listening to some truly inspirational music with power and meaning .
Argos Wank fingers his organ with tears in his eyes how oh how can people accuse me of being a racist i only gave my point of view on facebook about the black lives matter movement all lives do matter not just those of Africans .,growing up as a child i always slept with a golliwog  i still have it somewhere maybe i should change my face book profile to it ,to show how much i love black folk and their culture, as a teenager in the 70s i use to love watching Love Thy Neighbour those were such innocent carefree days i wish we could return to them . Argos Wank presses record on his computer and starts to play the melody line to the Rolling Stones classic Brown Sugar ,he plans to release a lp of instrumental covers of songs that will unite all cultures all creeds of the world and call it All Lives Matter he has already done China Girl and Turning Japanese ,for the cover he plans to black up and if he can afford it maybe even have a fold out poster with the cd and vinyl version ,this could be the hit his Sticky Keyboard record label is looking for ,he will make those fools who accuse him of being a racist eat their words .

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