Its like watching a crab limp pt 15

Its like watching a crab limp …

I slashed the indifference of yesterday’s sequel, dye tied and separated from the truth , the god of irresistibility wrings his hands with glee, is it not time that the worlds never ignored music like sage the poetic prophet they call Anal McVie the Scottish  midget like character who is legendary for all the wrong reasons does his yearly Karma Than karma interview by Zoom of course and then uploaded onto you tube if we are lucky, yes he is adored by granite jawed Captain Marvel and men of that ilk ,yes superhero music journalists who cannot write but talk a good deal  , he is one of the few people Captain Marvel claims not to have discovered ,instead he bows in reverence as once again Anal Mcvie tells how he discovered all the bands that Captain Marvel has not laid claim too . and how once again he is starting a new label whose name, he hopes will show that it is a label that overflows with music he loves and captures the spirit he has named it “Anal Spillage “.
Captain Marvel loves to interview Anal it gives his blog the gravitas the touched by the hand of genius feel  it gives it more than that it gives it paper napkin like subtlety that only a nun with a coke habit could not enjoy and masturbate into which Captain Marvel does as he talks to Anal in a quite disconcerting way  ,luckily it’s a long interview ,for Captain Marvel does not just likes to talk he also loves to wank and it is not just music journalism he has super powers it always takes him along time to shoot his seed, to sow his oats ,it is no 45rpm single to soundtrack his lovemaking it is the complete fall box set on repeat ,his girlfriend sometimes nips from underneath him gets her coat and shoes on drives down to Asda to see what buy one get one free offers they have on drives back calling for a quick natter to her friend Julie  driving on back home restocking her fridge getting back undressed again and sliding back under the Great Captain [which is also what he calls his penis] before he notices she has gone ,luckily they have mirrored walls and he never takes his eyes off his performance or the angular  granite  jaw line the world so much adores, by the time the event is completed she is well settled back in and he knows not a jot .The interview with Anal is going well he is waxing lyrically about his new discovery the art goth trio Nureyev ,who he plans to release their debut single called Solstice in either Winter or Summer depending on how quick the pressing plant is at getting it pressed up ,he describes the song as dark and throbbing  and dangerous ,which is also how the Captain would describe his dick at the moment ,how he loves to listen to Anal speak his not so soft Glasgow brogue sending him into extended flights of ecstasy his words of wisdom both smoothing and exciting sending Captain into superhero wrist action mode  how the captain will manage to play bass tonight with his band Dodgy Cartlidge is anyone’s guess the friction burns alone to the palm of his right hands  would floor a lesser mortal .as the interview with Anal reaches its climax so does Captain Marvel  …”the eagle has landed ” he screams . they think it is all over it is now ….. all over the pc the webcam and youtube

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