BabyBird – The King Of Nothing lp review

I always look forward to a new album by Babybird and let’s be honest i do not have to wait for long as they appear on what seems like a weekly basis ,i enjoy prolific artists ,but i never feel they quite get the acclaim they deserve maybe the too much of a good thing syndrome   ,Babybird certainly does  not get the acclaim he deserves album after album of beautifully written songs , songs full of darkness humour and despair  and i am pleased to say the latest release is no different songs that cover every aspect of everyday life like a kitchen sink drama in a musical form from the strange darkness of being in love and the passing of time expressed quite stunningly in  “Feel”  “when i look into the sun knowing that it is too bright and i’m blinded for a second but it feels like my whole life that is how you make me feel”  a quite wonderfully written song and just one amongst many ,he is such a great lyricist you can lose yourself in his words. But all is not dark there are signs of light appearing the “The Greatest Thing” and “Vacuous” being upbeat radio friendly melodious guitar pop songs and the beautiful “Three Little words” is almost 10cc like . There are just so many lyrical gems hidden away in wrap around melodies that this lp is a pop scholar’s dream “someone drilled my eyes tattooed a pretty sky” from the ballad “love Life ” is just one of many , “North Of England is almost Ray Davies like in its lyrical Brilliance a quite wonderful album ,but was we expecting it is Babybird after all , there will be another next week .

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