One mans Joy Division is another mans Wombles

Do we take other people’s opinions on music to seriously ,is there a point in making lists of the greatest albums ever for it is all just opinions? the new greatest 500 albums list in Rolling Stone is just an example ,people getting uppity because Sgt Pepper is not number one or that there are not enough Doors albums in the list or that Hairy Stys is in there at all . People all have different taste i much prefer the Wombles to Joy Division for instance, but that like i said is personal taste , Kraftwerk leave me cold to me is has the aural appeal of standing at traffic lights on a wet day or sunny day even, they just bore me rigid , i am not saying they are not a great band as i am sure they are but not just for me , i know people who honestly do not like the Beatles and they are my favourite ever band ,but i can understand why they do not like them ,maybe for the same reason as i don’t like Oasis and post Syd Barrett Pink Floyd because i think they are shit. It is all down to personal taste .The Clash another good band but are they really that great to me they are just like Showaddywaddy but without the colourful jackets and brothel creeper shoes ,which again is no insult as i like Showaddywaddy they are a fun time pop band and The Clash are just the same just painted by banksy and not Rolf Harris they are both influenced by 50.s rock n roll after all.That is what is so magical about music it moves people in different ways songs that can move me tears can make my wife want to move to another room , my latest album in the space of 10 minutes one person told me it was a raw and beautiful another told me it should have been called The King Of Crap as it is seriously terrible and do you know what both people were completely right as that is there opinions ,do we really need people telling us what is good as what is not , have we not got ears and minds of our own to decide what we like and what we do not like. do we need people to tell us that one was not as good as such and such?  and who on earth has the right to say that if you like something you are wrong to like it ,does it matter that i think New Order are at times laughably bad and that at times Shakin Stevens is laughably genius like ,it does not matter at all ..just use your ears hearts and minds and like what you like there should not be a phrase guilty secrets as you should never feel guilty about liking what you like.

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