Dream Society Records – Paragon Compilation

Paragon is a compilation album ,a sampler of what will be coming from the brand new label Dream Society records ,a label that hopes to bring some of the musical underground slightly more into view, a label that will deal with creatives who plough their own furrow through life, ignoring trends and flavour of the month sounds to make music they enjoy firstly and hope others will also if they get to hear it . As with most sampler albums the genre’s are scattered far and wide the album kicking off with the beautifully sublime “Flying Carpenters ” by Bloom De Wilde a song that is embraced by a spirititual melancholy ,a flowing grace that could melt the hardest of hearts, a love song to be held close by all life’s outsiders and the ideal way to kick off a album that celebrates this merry band of outsider’s creative musical outpourings. As i have already mentioned the music comes in all shapes sizes and styles from the moody mellow moody slight jazz synth pop influenced of Absolute State that reminds me of those days when Colin’s Vearncombe’s Black used to grace the charts to the quirky dub beats of “Milk” by Homosampliens & The Toxic chicken .Acoustic troubadours are supplied by myself with my lo-fi ode to a a mythical and mystical artistic soulmate”bloom Of The Wild” and the rather excellent Timo de la Mar with two songs of acoustic beauty “psychomind ” and is joined by Bloom de Wilde for the aptly named “Sparkle” a seven minute plus song that indeed sparkles and shines like a jewel encrusted moonbeam .we also have the sultry purr of constance and “You Can’t Handle This” and a song of Bjork like adventure by Polichinelle .  The remaining two tracks are fine example of experimental electronica with the adventurous and becoming chime of  4 Fists with the track “sweat & Bray and the wonderfully named The Snoppjes and the equally wonderfully named track “Polipo”This is indeed a rather fine compilation that does not include one duff track on it which is a rare affair when a comp explores so many different avenues taking one on a journey full of twists and turns through an awe inspiring musical wonderland and one that promises great things and great music from Dream Society Records.


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