The Bordellos From The Vaults vol 2

Here is the second volume of from the vaults six more tracks that have been on my laptop unreleased ,sometimes it is good to look back especially when there is not much left to look forward to , and as i am currently at a loose end ,i thought i would share the memories associated with these tracks ,all of course are free to download , so please feel free to do so 1/ Oscar This song is from 2014 i think recorded in the sessions for Ronco Revival sound album ,i think we recorded about 26 songs but only put 11 on the album , Ronco Revival sounds is my favourite Bordellos album ,i think it is sprinkled with magic and madness . and this song has a certain feel i like ,i like that it is short i like the lyrics that both poignant and hopeful, i like Dan played the lead guitar on his very cheap half sized guitar with only three strings and played drums on a plastic set of electronic drum pads .i like that after we had recorded it Ant turned up pissed handing out ,out of date sandwiches he had bought cheap from Asda then proceeded to add vodka to his coffee to help sober himself up.  that is both the beauty and tragedy of the bordellos and the tracks recorded in the Ronco Revival Sessions capture that.2/ Elephant InstrumentalThis track actually features no current members of the Bordellos ,it is an instrumental version of a song i added vocals to ,and quite beautiful it was to , but it no longer exists .i never had a copy and when Geoff and Vinny left the bordellos they wiped all the things we had recorded from their hard drives ,probably to make room for far less genius like music they went on to record, Crystal Gayle covers and such like and middle of the road indie , or maybe they wanted memories of my cuntery wiped away . which is a shame as we recorded some pretty great stuff as our Debut album Songs For Swinging Stalkers and Meet The Bordellos show and this track is also beautiful even in instrumental form and is included on here to show off their genius .Vinny being one of the most musical people i have ever met and worked with. probably recorded about 2003/20043/I Never Dreamed This is a cover of the old Cookies song written by Goffin and King and the original is one of the great singles from the 60’s and one of my and Dan’s fave ever tracks ,our version is of course not a patch on the original ,but how on earth could it . this track was actually released as a track on a ep released by Daddy Tank records of artists who had released music on Daddy Tank doing covers of some of their favourite songs . Also on this track i play lead guitar which indeed is a bit of a rarity as it is not my fave thing to do with a guitar .recorded 2015 .4/ Teenage High This song was recorded one evening i spent around Geoff Parr’s house before Geoff joined the Bordellos , recording some of my songs with just a acoustic guitar onto his mini disc player , i recorded about an albums worth of stuff .some i have put out on past Bordellos releases ,other i have not yet . recorded in 1998 i think . or even 1997 either way it was a long time ago . 5/Speeding Train recorded for a album called Nobody Wants to Shag the Bordellos , recorded to issue as a prize draw on our Myspace page .we only made 5 copies and it has never been released since .i wonder if the people who won a copy still have it . all hand drawn covers , i remember Mark Barton had a copy and an American guy who won a copy was playing at Carnagie Hall that night as he was a classical musician and he was really pleased to win a copy i cannot remember who else , i quite like this version but prefer the 4-track version we recorded in our Onion King Days . this version has a different melody and tune. recorded in 2010 6/For A Hit [rehearsal version recorded on ghetto blaster]recorded after Geoff and Vinny left the band and our drummer Mike was not long behind them in fact this could have been the last time, he played with us . this is a raw, rough and ready version at this time we had not yet decided on what direction we would take and before we got offered a deal by Bomp records and before we signed the deal with Brutarian Records ,in fact it all started to fall together when Mike left and not long after hit on the idea of Debt Sounds . recorded in 2006

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