Excerpt from Tales from The Musical undergrowth

The lanky poet doused his face in a flannel of expectations ,HE needed something to keep  from falling into the deepest sleep of HIS life he was scared to sleep in case he dreamed it was the knowledge he was frightened of he was reliving  the time the time he undressed and caught the reflection of an unpeeled and nonappealing  former virgin flag waving card carrying member [member being the operative word] of the Oasis Fanclub .he too had acquired the Liam walk the i have just done jobbies in my big boy pants walk and he was making overtures to infiltrate the inner workings of his ex-girlfriends knickers , she still was beautiful ,she hated Oasis but seemed quite taken with the neanderthal  one .why had i let her come and stay the night round at my flat .why had i dropped all sense of good taste and let my once undying love for this girl persuade me that letting boggy stay the night he asked himself ,Boggy had even brought his guitar he was feeling suicidal or so she said ,he had tried to commit suicide by getting in the bath with his acoustic guitar .

Ex Girlfriend – should we put some music on 

Boggy- have you any Oasis 

Lanky Poet -no.but we have some music

Boggy looks confused and starts to strum his slightly wet acoustic whilst hum the intro to Don’t look back in Anger 

ex-girlfriend – maybe you can serenade me later

Lanky poet- or maybe you could go and sit in the bath and i will lend you my electric.

Boggy looks confused and carries on humming to himself .

Boggy – have you any Beatles then 

Lanky Poet -of course i have some Beatles ,do you think i am a twat

Ex Girlfriend and Boggy look at each other and smile 

Ex Girlfriend – now you really do not one me to answer that 

Boggy -put some Beatles on then , or some Lennon ,no Mcartney though , 

Lanky Poet puts on wings Greatest hits 

Boggy -this is shit ,Mcartney has no balls 

lanky Poet . who needs balls when you have wings

boggy looks confused ,

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