If Yoko Ono Had Joined The Beatles in 1969 instead of splitting up they could have made their best lp.

Imagine if in 1969 the Beatles did not split up .but instead Yoko Ono joined them to breath fresh live into the decaying corpse the Beatles were becoming ,and i say that as a huge Beatles fan i am not one of these people who say the Beatles are overaerated and not really very good ,i am from the camp the Beatles were the finest pop band ever that was both breathtakingly adventurous with their music and made wonderful sublime pop music. I say this after relistening to Yoko’s seventies output ,albums that are out there to say the least, music that is adventurous experimental exciting and covered in true rock n roll spirit and compared to the members of the Beatles 70’s solo lps only John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band lp ,George Harrisons . All Things Must Pass and McCartney’s Ram and maybe McCartney album can compare to the 4-genius solo lps Ono released in the 70’s .Her own Plastic Ono Band album easily comparing to John’s .imagine Mccartney bringing his melodies and musical skills to some of Yoko’s songs and Yoko bringing some of her true revolutionary life force to McCartney’s pop spirit and let’s be honest The Beatles were a great rock n roll band and Yoko was a hell of a fine rock n roll vocalist ,just listen to Catman [The Roses Are Coming} off the Approximately Infinite Universe lp or her pure soulful  screams  on why from her POB album There is just so much going on her seventy’s albums ,albums that take in the Avant Gard , funk. rock. jazz , folk .pop and mesh them all together and at times sounds like a cross of Captain Beefheart .Can and Public Image Ltd , and remember this is 10 years before post punk this was 10 years before John Lydon would unleash the music from his better band. If you replaced Yoko’s vocals with Mark E Smiths, you would basically be listening to the Fall .She was way ahead of her time ,so can you image the music the 70’s Beatles could have made with her input if they had allowed her to make the input her talent would deserve , i feel it is one of rock n rolls great missed opportunities .she could have pushed the Beatles to new heights in the 70’s and they could have carried on from where they left off with the White album , sorry i know they did both Abbey Road and let It Be , two good albums but they are not truly great ,to my mind The White album their last truly great album  ,Just listen to Ringo’s drumming on Yoko’s POB album and John Lennons inspired playing of his guitar ,had either sounded that inspired, hungry vital on the last two Beatle albums. I have heard some people say Clapton should have joined to breath in new life ,but that would have been like a wax work dummy giving a blow job to a corpse ,what the Beatles needed was someone not locked up in the glory days of rock n roll past who new a tasteful blues tuning but .someone who would bring something from another musical and artistic form another truly original mind and Yoko was that person.. like i said one of Rock n rolls great missed opportunities. . 

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