Weight Watcher Beatles

I love the guitar ,i have enough of them to say nothing else , it is my instrument of choice ,i love playing them be it my Epiphone Casino or my 1962 Gretsch double anniversary or one of my other vintage or Un vintage guitars but i do not toss myself off into the f holes of them humming the Harmonica solo from Love Me Do  , i ,love the Beatles they are my favourite ever band to me they are as good as if not better than people say they are . and i can understand why people are influenced by them .but cannot quite grasp why they try so hard to sound like them . i have been hearing lots of Beatles wannabe’s at the moment all of them nothing but let’s not beat around the bush with a vintage or Un vintage guitar they sound shit . The Beatles were fine lyricists so how come so many of these bands who so want to sound like the fab four write puerile shite, lifting lines from Yellow Submarine does not make one a classic songwriter it does not elevate you to the topper most of the popper most, it just shows not your talent but that you want to be liked and accepted into a Facebook power pop forum group . How come none of these bands ever want to sound like the experimental Beatles do they i wonder ever play Revolution 9 off the White Album ,do they always skip that one ,did they cry when they first heard it shedding tears into the mop top encrusted hanky and blame Yoko .I have found that a lot of the people in these Weight Watcher Beatles bands are actually quite unpleasant and want their lack of talent praised to high heaven ,they think their stolen melodies far superior to  most and cannot grasp that they are not on the cover of Mojo six times a year the other six being given over to one or more of the Beatles .The only thing these charlatans thrive at are being passive aggressive and spreading Chinese whispers about far more talented and adventourous  bands . The more talented the artist the nicer they are ,that is a saying i am beginning to think true also the old saying the worst thing about the Beatles are their fans ,for on the whole i have found them quite a joyless and unedventurous lot with their outlook on life and taste in music ,which is quite funny that they are the complete opposite to their favourite ever band  who were joyful and adventurous with their music.

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