Memories from the bordellos – The Making of The True Meaning Of Record Store Day Ep


the making of the true meaning of record store day

well it all started with myself getting a little fed up of going on social media and seeing oooh this is going to be released on record store day ,a ltd edition ep of bruce springsteens greatest hits with denim plad cover or the greatest hits of emi that comes signed by all four beatles even the dead ones..all for £89.50p…whatever happened to the little labels releases i said to myself with a stern expression ..which is my normal expression anyway but thats just the way things fall ..well my face anyway.. and what about the smaller record stores who get left behind with the scale out of the releases and have to make do with half a copy each shared between them.. and also a lot of the customers themselves who wil buy the precious artifact and not dare to play it in case it will devalue in price .. well that to me is like buying a great peice of art and not dare to look at it incase the flutter of you eyelashes somehow fade the painting.. so i said to dan iwe are going to bring out a ep for record store day a free download only that will not devalue in price as it is free and also because nobody will play it anyway..

so the making of the first track the true meaning of record store day , i wrote the lyrics and myself and dan came up with the tune , i played guitar [my epiphone casino] and sang ..dan played just about everything else and also supplied the harmony and backing vocals , Ant suppiled the tea and coffee and sulked because we mention Bruce springsteen in the lyrics and not in glowing terms .. he feels loads and loads of bruce springsteen lps is indeed a good thing.. in fact Ant does’nt like the track ..which is about 50/50 with all bordellos songs anyway.. ..

track 2 bomb psychedelia .. well i wrote this one as a attack on the current trend of calling all indie bands psychedelic and the bands who are not just influenced by the brianjonestown massacre but want to become them .. wearing beads around your neck and calling people man has indeed become a fashion accessory as has the sudden upserge of psych festivals there the liverpool one the manchester one the one hat will soon being held in the holiday camp near you soon .. whatever next the scunthorpe psych fest with free brass band soundbites … anyway i sing it and play my latest guitar a old echo ranger 12 string acoustic.. which i also wrote it on.. dan plays bass , keyboards, and percussion, , Ant actually played bongo drum on this and joined in with the vocals on the catnap part.. Ant also likes this one.. which is nice..

the third track never earn was written and sang by Dan and quite beautifully too it must be said , Dan knows how to write and sing a ballad as anyone who has heard our past output will no doubt agree with it. it is up there with temperature drop and running back to you.. which of course are two other great dan ballads that can be found in our back catalogue.. anyway on this Dan plays his old bontempi chord organ and as i mentioned sings lead vocals , i play the bass very badly it must be said and Ant play harmonica pretty badly as well.. i tried to play some guitar on it but it did’nt work out and just sounded pointless to add or to some ears take away from the track ..myself and dan added vocal white noise to the track ..a bit like the flying pickets if they where to do a remake of the jesus and marychains first lp might do.. Dan then added the whirring and bleeps with his hand held whirring and bleep machine [i know all the names and musical terms and instruments] and the track was completed .

as was the ep .. actually there was to be a fourth trck which we started it was called the slits a tribute to the great band itself.. but never got to finnish as Ant is currently radio active [this is true] he has to carry a letter around with him to show shop keepers in case he sets off there alarms when he goes into the shops .. in the middle of recording the track Ant walked in from the hospital and the 8 track failed to work.. but worked fine when out of his proximity.. so that track will now be finished for a future release..

anyway anyone wanting the ep please just go to the bordellos bandcamp and download it for free..

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