And now The End Is Near..

I enjoy writing and i enjoy making and releasing music but i am currently wondering am i spreading myself a little thin as much as i enjoy making music  i also enjoy people listening to it as one does not make music for it not to be listened to , like people who write ,do not write so it cannot be read and the thing with releasing music is you need to be able to promote it so people know that it is out there and currently not being able to afford a pr or music plugger and releasing it through the excellent Metal Postcard Records who also cannot afford a pr or record plugger i have to rely on myself to spread the word and get in contact with radio stations and djs and such and me spending my free time writing about other people’s music is as i am finding out is detrimentally affecting publicity for my/our own releases. Writing about how great the new so and so album is , is not really leading anyone to my own music and the Bordellos and my solo work and the forthcoming Bordello and Clark lp will indeed need some promoting as excellent as it is and take my word for it it is excellent it is also quite a difficult listen at times ,but with the right amount of promotion it will do very well especially as it will be being released on a physical format and is costing the record label quite an outlay so is only fair that i concentrate fully on promoting the release and make sure it sells out . So i think my days of pontificating about new music may soon have to end as much as i love doing so i think putting my own music first may soon be the order of the day .

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