Atlantic crossing – Your New Favourite Album

I have not really done this album justice promotion wise i have been busy with real-time daily work since it was released at the end of September working 50 hours plus a week running a charity shop mostly single handed and in the spare time i have not been asleep i have been writing reviews for others music for the Monolith Cocktail . So, the hours i normally spend sending tracks and the album to djs and blogs/mags has not really happened and i feel more than a little guilty about it as Think Like A Key /Dippy records have spent money on the pressing and creating the beautiful looking and sounding cd ,in fact it is indeed a work of art . A work of art filled with beautiful sometimes dark songs of love ,life and regrets it includes i feel some of my best songs Dreams Of Rock n roll Stars , Sunshine Rain girl ,16 , being three of my personal favourites and people who have heard and bought the album have complimented me and Ted Clark with some lovely messages ,some saying they never really here music like this anymore and sounds completely different to anything else , which i feel may be the problem ,it is not an album that will jump out at you it is an album that will creep up and get under your skin and an album that one day you will fall in love with , Bordello And Clark are two middle aged men who have just made one of the most beautiful albums of radio unfriendly pop music you are likely to hear or not hear as the case may be, we are not Wet Leg who are this year’s middle aged  man’s blog writers wet dream ,so i know what we are up against we are not as predictable sounding as them and certainly not as pretty although we both are quite dashingly handsome in our own way . but these days making beautiful underground works of lo-fi art pop does not really float radio programmers’ boats , so all i am asking for is give it a listen and then once you have give it a listen give it another one as it is an album you will grow attached to i promise you to quote the lovely Dandelion Radio Jeff Grainger who made it one of his albums of the year . “There is some kind of magic going on”. it is indeed an album that casts a spell .. available to buy from or if you have some post Christmas Amazon vouchers you are at a loss what to get with them or if the evil Spotify is your thing

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