i am growing bored of writing about rock n roll ,i have lost my spot in life ,or lost the plot ,maybe rock n roll is no longer what it was or maybe i have just grown too old to appreciate what it has become , mostly just a shiny facsimile of what it was , maybe i have grown tired of saying it sounds like Byrds the Beatles ,joy Division The fall ,maybe i do not come across the delightfully off kilter enough ,or the strange thing that is a wonderfully written song ,There are so many unbelievably bad lyricists out there it is unreal ,loads of adequate musicians who know there way around their instrument and have enough tech knowledge to get a nice shiny smooth around the edges modern sound for it to sound alright Plesant enough to get played on the radio and to tap your foot to but one could never fuck to it or drink yourself insensitive to it or help mend a broken heart or hurt yourself to. it So much of it lacks soul or in fact real life and reality it is a Hollywood version of a song a cover of somebody else’s idea .Arrogance is a good thing in music but only when it is backed up by talent ,maybe there is just so much music now a lot of the great stuff is washed away by the tide of mediocre  ,anybody can now release their music which is a good and bad thing anybody can write about music call themselves a record label . it is just so easy which is probably why there are so many bad blogs ,bad music and badly run record labels out there . Maybe that is why there are so many people saying there is no good music any more when there is ,just we are not getting to hear it because of the sheer amount of it and because it sounds so professionally done it still makes it to the radio and the badly written blogs who spend more time putting up a meme or a photo of some shiny wannabe rock stars borrowed expression  than asking any questions ,writing without any heart or knowledge or emotion .we are now coming to the end of the year when the blogs will do their best of end of year polls/lists and the same big releases will make all of them not because of the quality but because they had the financial backing eg a big or known record label behind it or already by an established artist ,for readers do not want to see a end of year list by bands/artists they have never heard of  unless you are the Quietus and the readers will be disappointed if they have heard of any of them . It is indeed a fascinating scene the music scene so much more fascinating than 80% of the music we are getting to hear and released.


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