The Slow And Tragic Death Of New Music.

I don’t think there will come a time when i don’t write or record new songs as what i have learned over this enforced holiday is just how much i enjoy doing both ,it is a complete pleasure i enjoy writing songs i am lucky enough to be able to pick up a guitar and write a new song at the drop of a hat ,whether they are any good or not i leave up to the people who listen to them .but that brings me onto the reason i have this writing .is there really any point in releasing them as there seems to be less and less people willing to listen to new music .Online conversations with fellow musicians record labels over the past few weeks they have all said the same cd, vinyl .download ,sales have all dropped off .i thought with the lock down and not being able to go out people would have turned to new music .but seems not . i have seen and read about people saying how they are listening and rediscovering bands they have loved in the past and lps from their youth . but very rarely anyone going on about a new band they have discovered or a new lp they love.
The music blogs on the whole are full of write ups of old albums Monolith Cocktail,Yeah I Know That It Sucks being  rare exceptions  blogs filled with reviews of new music . How many times have i read about Ian Curtis in the last 24 hours i do not know and the ending is always the same the poor bloke hung himself we all know and i am sure everybody who is reading the blog knows so why go over and over it . next year it will be 41 years and he will still be dead . Why not write about a new band someone new who may be just as talented as Ian Curtis but nobody will ever find out because they are not given the opportunity to find out about the artist . Tim Burgess has been running a very popular listen together of a popular album on twitter which again shows people are willing to give up time for music .but old music . all these online gigs mostly by artists with acoustic guitars doing covers of Ed Sheeran and Oasis songs is Wonderwall the new Agadoo i think it might be ,do people not want to hear original new songs anymore ,for there is so much great and new music being released i have over the last week or so heard new music that has made me stop and wonder why is this artist not better known why are they putting this up for free on bandcamp why is there not a record label involved with this album or even why is this label struggling to keep its head above water when it is releasing such wonderful and original new music and then you go online and see another averagely performed cover of a much loved and abused song .
Original and talented new artists/bands are being pushed further and further into the underground further away from the mainstream  music is becoming a marginalised art form and it is being marginalised by the very people who profess to love it . .

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